08:26PM | 10/10/13
I bought tree also back in 2004 and replaced a 48 ft x 22 ft wood deck with TREX because of their claims of how good it was. Within 1 yr. it started to stain (even with just plain water) and it was getting mildew . I did the cleaning per TREX instructions. Labor intense and then it starts all over again. As to the flaking issues. I sent pictures to TREX but told them it wasn't flaking I was noticing but staining/fading and mildew. They told me they would pay for new material (of course only $330 for labor). Hello! I have a big deck with steps and on the side of a hill. Who made money on that class action suite? And did it really benefit any of us that installed this terrible product. SO afraid to replace the whole deck and end up problems, I did only part of deck, and that new portion is staining too. AND now the old deck which wasn't really flaking at all back then is disinergating right before my eyes with grey powder getting air born and on everything. Is this going to be another health and safety issue like "asbestos " was? And what about my health?? I am coughing more and have this lump like feeling in my throats. Yet when I call TREX and tell them my concerns their answer is "we gave you new material so that case is closed. "Spend your money consumers and hope for the best". Good old capitalism and good old attorneys who are there for who?


08:35PM | 10/10/13
IS THERE NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT THIS ISSUE SO MANY OF US ARE HAVING. The labor alone for the deck my size (48 ft x 22 ft) is over $3,000 alone. DO we have an recourse any more as consumers? And has anyone looked at Health and Safety issue of this product??


12:52PM | 10/23/13
Wow I'd like to know if my grandchild is safe playing on it? We to spent a lot more money to ensure we wouldn't have to fuss over the deck. My husband Jim has MS so guess who has to upkeep the deck? I would love to enjoy my decks without being reminded they need another cleaning ,or wow how all flu they look. I want the enjoyment trex offered and my deck to be better than new. Has any out there been able to get trex to do this?


03:57PM | 11/06/13
Great! I sure wish I had read this before I replaced my deck with Trex a little over a year ago. I do not yet have the mold problem so that's something to look forward to. I have some boards which have faded to almost gray from the saddle color so here and there I have a really light board. It looks terrible. Trex told me I qualify for their class action law suit which could get me a minimum of $20 to a maximum of $150! Seriously? I spent thousands on that deck. How are they still in business?


05:17PM | 01/16/14
This is my parent's Trex deck, after about 7 years. The entire thing will need to be taken down before this summer, as it is now probably not even safe. It started "crumbling" after about 1 year.


08:41PM | 05/06/14
My Trex deck is less than 2 yrs old. It is spotty from mold issues and the color has faded tremendously. The warranty of 25 years is not worth the paper it is written on. Since, there is a class action lawsuit going on, in which I didn't know about until a week ago, I do not have the option to opt out. Trex is offering practically nothing for compensation. This is the second class action lawsuit since 1992. How can this company continue to sell defective products and get away with not abiding by their warranty and continue to false advertize.


12:42PM | 05/08/14
We moved into our house nine years ago with new Trex. We are now on our second installation. Trex provided us with materials since it was flaking and was no longer the saddle color. Of course, we had to pay for installation AGAIN. The people are rude from Trex, the Rich Doss Trucking company that they provided could not come up with stock after making an appointment after five weeks. PLEASE, PLEASE do yourself a favor and do not buy Trex. It is only good old nature made wood for me!


04:51PM | 07/22/14
I tried this stuff and it worked pretty well, Spray and Clean Deck Cleaner


01:04AM | 08/07/14
I have built 70 homes in Arizona with Trex the oldest was built in 2006 we have not had one dime of problems with anyone of them
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