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11:03AM | 06/23/10
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I'm in the same boat with all of you. I purchased and installed Timbertech XLM in june of 2009 and 1 year later 50% of the deck is as white as snow. We all agree that we wouldn't have purchased this advertised "no maintenance" product if we knew this would be happening. On the other hand, It didn't stop Timbertech from selling this product, knowing of the defects that would occur. Therefore, I fully support a class action lawsuit. It seems that Timbertech is only replacing those decks that have owners with leverage. So, here is our opportunity to obtain leverage against Timbertech. If deckmax cleaner really does work but requires a yearly application, then Timbertech should pay for it. I don't believe they need to replace all of our decks if the deckmax cleaner really works, but I believe 100% that they should pay for the yearly application of it until the 25 year warranty expires. Whoever agrees with me and is willing to do something about it, then please email your name and contact information to Please post this add on other forums that you are apart of. The sale of this product has been deceitful and misleading and we have all been taken advantage of. So, again please email your name and contact info to If and when we have enough people committed then we can proceed, but hopefully when Timbertech sees the amount of people that have been affected by their decision to still sell a product that they know is defective then maybe and hopefully we will all get what we deserve.


06:52PM | 06/28/10
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My deck was installed last spring also. Same white haze as described (as well as black stains cropping up in random places). I'm interested in class action. We totally purchased the TimberTech product for low maintenance and do not want to have to stain every 2 to 3 years. Fed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has anyone in Ohio contacted the Attorney General or BBB?


10:25PM | 09/01/10
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I just installed my timbertech xlm about a year ago and in no time, and under mild weather conditions it has turned frosty white with areas of black mold. I am frostrated. what action have you taken, and what timbertech has done to correct this?
1957 check pictures of ti


09:07AM | 09/04/10
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I purchased "Desert Bronze" Timbertech this summer and immediately experienced white hazing that NOTHING will remove, not even Deck Mate. I purchased this deck obviously because it looked great and I expected no maintenance. In fact the Company's name I bought the materials from is called "NO MAINTENANCE DECKS"- This deck is a major headache. I have wasted the entire summer trying to remove these white hazing stains. I called the Company and was told to try Deck- Mate. They sent me a sample. It only took out 1 out of 5 stains. They even told me to try a heat gun. This I have not tried nor do I want to attempt. I obtained a manufacturer's warranty application from Timbertech and hope to get a manufacturer's rep to my house.. Let's figure out how to resolve this issue.

Michael R


04:28AM | 09/07/10
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Hello, I’m a Customer Response Specialist with TimberTech. I understand that you installed your XLM deck about a year ago and you are having issues. We care about our customers and we are concerned abut any issues you are having with our product. Please call our Customer Response Line at 877-562-7929 so we can learn more about your particular situation.


05:50AM | 09/07/10
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I had my deck installed last July (2009) The deck started turning white less than a year after it was installed. I did put in a claim with Timbertech and they send me the Deck Max Enhanced, which I applied yesterday. I am anxious to see how long it lasts. But I do agree with other posts suggesting that Timbertech provide its customers with the restoration product every year, if that's what it takes to maintain the "maintenance free" deck.


07:13PM | 09/07/10
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I had desert bronze installed at the end of July 2010. 2 weeks later the white spots started to show up. I wish I never chose this product. I am all for a class action suit. Something that was suppose to be maintenance free is worst than the rotting wood that I had.


03:34PM | 09/23/10
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There might be hope for you yet. We purchased desert bronze xlm plank too,but last august. Just this May, we noticed the white chalky marks. I put in a claim and sentin my chalky pictures.Just a tip, you have to follow up on it in about two weeks. I did and within a day, i had a Deck Mate rep cleaning and applying the "green" solution. RIght now,it's like day one..Gorgeous..Lets see how long it lasts. My suggestion.. Do not apply yourself,let them do it. its worth a try. Now i feel i can have company again in my backyard. Before, it was an embarrassment.. Good Luck


07:09PM | 05/02/11
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I had the same problem with the white streaks and fading. Two days after filing a claim, the Timber Tech people called me and promptly sent out the Deck Max enhanced. They even offered to have some one apply it for me, however it's so simple to apply I did it myself.

The deck instantly looks better than new, and now I'm curious to see how long it will maintain this appearance.

What happened with your deck after using the Deck Max ?

I'm not sure why everyone is so angry with Timber Tech and so anxious to sue. They have been very responsive and easy to get in touch with. If all it take/s is an application of Deck Max annually to maintain the XLM it's no big deal. Is there really any consumer product out there that is totally "maintenance free"?? Compared to the up keep of a real wood deck or even a Trex deck the annual application of Deck Max is Xtra Low Maintenance


02:11PM | 06/07/11
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I have the same problem, my brown color deck is turning white less than a year after installation. Called TimberTech several months ago and am still waiting for a remedy. They sent me a check for about $250 with no letter, no explanation of what it is for. My deck costed me about $10000 and it looks looks like it's 20 years old with all the fading and whitening streaks on it. Almost one third of the planks are now turning white and the rest are brown so it looks really bad. I didn't pay $10000 to have a deck like that. They said they will send someone to apply something on it but so far no remedy. The company should really stop selling this brown color material or they will have a clall action lawsuit on their hand.


02:14PM | 06/07/11
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I agree that the company should be responsible for this yearly remedy if it is the only way or to pay for replacing the deck with materials that do not fade. I will see what they will do and let you know.

yvonne amato

09:00AM | 07/05/11
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I also had Timbertech XLM installed 2 years ago and it is definitely turning a chaulky white color and with black spots. (I also had it initially installed in 2009, and they reimbursed me after it started turning so quickly). They said the early lots were defected....So, I trusted their word and had it reinstalled (they reimbursed), however, I'm having the same issues!!! They clearly must have known about these defects. I FULLY support a class action lawsuit against Timbertech. We should not have to pay for reinstallation/labor and materials!!
Folks, reply to the email thread directly below and let's pursue this. Regardless, I intend on pursuing this legally if they don't reimburse for all.


12:43AM | 07/24/11
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Add me to the list. I had Timbertech XLM (Desert Bronze)installed two years ago and most of it is white. I am very unhappy and would like to know the best route to take to remedy this. I paid a contractor big $$ to build this for me. Thanks.


10:52AM | 07/25/11
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We are having the SAME problems with TimberTech Desert Bronze. Installed March 2010. Now turning white! Our contractor company is now out of business - but fellow who actually did the work is available. Supply company said they have heard of the problem too and to contact TimberTech. I did, & filled out all the claim papers and supplied invoices etc. and pictures. Called the Claims Administrator - who acts 'surprised' to hear of the problem - but then says ' well yes ' - they are surprised it is happening - because they test all products so carefully!!! (Huh, I see blogs discussing that it happened on OTHER colors as well.) They haven't done anything yet - but she said they have been sending some sort of liquid (dye?) product that can 'restore' the color?? I said - 'it's PLASTIC' - you can't dye it - and besides, this was a 'grooved multi-tone product' - a dye will make it one shade, probably not even coloring - and WE have to keep doing this and buy the material - for a WARRANTIED NO MAINTENANCE deck! I have been searching for others. I see a 'class action' site you mentioned - and tried to get there - but it just brings you to - NOT the classaction link you typed in. Any suggestions? Their parent company is Crane Group, who in 2007 put an Umbrella Company called Crane Bldg. Products over TimberTech. Would have to name all of them in any suite. Please reply ? ALB PA


11:35AM | 07/25/11
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Above is my post. I cannot find the class action site you posted at Your link doesn't take you there - and Yahoo search doesn't show anything either. Do you know if a Class Action suite was started? Thanks for a reply.


12:44PM | 07/25/11
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We are experiencing the same problems with the Desert Bronze installed during the summer of 2009.
A friend began to have the same problems last year and this spring treated the deck with a cleaner that TT sent. Now their deck is black. Our deck is primarily shaded with a partial roof, but some areas experience direct sun exposure and have started to chalk.
Given the history of problems with this material, it appears that TT knowingly sold a defective product.
I called TT and initiated a claim and request for an onsite inspection of one large multi-level deck and a smaller deck and a balcony. The service rep did ask about the condition of the Radiance rail system. So far, it's not bad, but it does show a little fading. We'll see what kind of response I receive.


08:43PM | 02/05/12
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I fully support a class action suit against Timbertech. There is no excuse for a failure of such an extent for their product. I definitely think you have a legitimate case against them, and they should be made to pay for the damages or restoration of the floors. That is the minimum that the company should do.
Best Regards,
Mark Richards


08:22PM | 03/20/12
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I called TimberTech BEFORE I had my contractor purchase XLM in Desert Bronze for my deck because prior to installation in 2010, I read about problems with fading/white haze. I was told by TimberTech representative that fading was no longer an issue, as there were only some problems with previous materials that were manufactured, and the problem had been corrected. The rep assured me that if I bought it I would not have that problem. I was also told not to have anything plastic directly on the boards (furniture, etc) because that could cause spotting (white marks). So, after speaking to their rep, I did purchase their product. We enclosed the area from bottom of deck to ground with timber tech, installed their top of the line railing system, and also installed a roof over the deck. Now - just under two years after it was installed - the perimeter of the deck floor boards are faded, the steps are faded, and a good bit of the area enclosing the deck is faded. The part of the deck/porch that is protected from the sun by the roof looks great - but any of the material exposed to the sun is faded to a chalk white haze! I'm not happy about this, but just noticed it today, and will have to contact TimberTech tomorrow to address the issue with them. Depending on the outcome - I may be posting here again.


10:41AM | 07/30/12
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I have been trying to get timbertech to stand behind there product for the past year. 70-80% of my deck has turned white. Hey sent me decimated product and said someone would contact me to apply the product. Never heard from anyone. Still waiting. When I try calling timbertech representative I find his voicemail is full. I Sissy I had stayed with wood. At least discoloration had a simple fix. I am looking to join a class action lawsuit. I've had enough already.


10:43AM | 07/30/12
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Should say deck mate product
And I wish I had stayed with wood.



02:17PM | 02/06/13
I too had the same problem with my desert bronze xlm..
I contacted the company and submitted a warranty claim. A company rep came out and looked at and said no problem they will replace all decking.
A showed them the invoice of material and they sent out the exact amount including the hidden fasteners.They also cut me a good faith check for the labor to replace the decking. They said that the Desert bronze xlm was made with a bad batch of resin and that they have changed the formula.
It took me all summer to replace it but looks great. Keeping fingers crossed that the new decking will last.


01:19PM | 02/23/13
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I purchased a TimberTech deck (XLM Desert Bronze) in the summer o%f 2009. It is turning white. I called my contractor/installer and he took pictures and sent them into TimberTech. TimberTech will replace my deck with another color (Rustic Bark) as Desert Bronze is no longer being sold. My installer will not replace my 2 decks because of the TimberTech warrenty. Even though TimberTech will replace my decks, but according to my installer I used, the price quoted from TimberTech $1150 will not cover all my installation (30 to 35%)


01:24PM | 02/23/13
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continued from above
TimberTech sent me a contract to sign and want it signed within 14 days. I do not feel I should pay again for installation. Will the Rustic Bark color have the same problems--- discoloration, mold and mildew? What should I do?


07:12AM | 02/27/13
Bob, anyone
Does this issue exibit itself only to XLM, to only XLM and bronze, or has there been issues with their other products such as their earthwood evolutions Pacific Walnut which is a capped composite?




06:47PM | 04/07/13
As a contractor I have installed many Timbertech decks. I am very familiar with what has happened with the Desert Bronze and Mountain Cedar xlm decking. Timbertech has stood by their product and has replaced it for all of my customers and many others at no cost to the customer. Sure no one wants to have to go through that but that is why we buy a product with a warranty right. Be sure to contact the claims department and discuss the issue with them. Also please note that "maintenance free" is not a timbertech warranty, but rather it is "low maintenance". Plan on taking care of your deck like you would anything else you use.


01:26PM | 04/15/13
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Just spoke with a timbertech phone person and was told that we need to clean the deck with Corte clean and then wash it periodically with soap and water to keep the mold from coming back. Didn't have to do this much with the old wooden deck and was told this product was "maintenance free". After spending over $20,000 we are very upset with the extra work that we didn't think we have!!!


11:26AM | 04/28/13
My. Deck also turned white after replacing the ent.ire deck the new material is. Starting to turn white. I paid four thousand for just the decking boards. I thought I was getting a superior product,now I wish I would have used pressure treated wood. I tried to get on the class action web site but it does not exist.


05:06PM | 05/03/13
We're having the same problem. We had our deck installed in June 2006. Every spring we scrub and scrub but it never helps much. I thought it was suppose to be "maintance free". Last week I called Timbertech and asked if they recommended anything. We ended up ordering Corte Clean off the Internet. We've spent all day applying it and scrubbing. It has taken the moss and most of the mold off but when it dried it is still faded. The corte clean and sprayer we needed to apply it cost us $60.00. Someone help us.

Irene M.

09:59PM | 05/04/13
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WELL, It seems like there are many of us with the same exact problem! I too spent $10,000 in the spring of 2009 for the desert bronze timbertech around the one side of my semi-inground pool. OMG, in one year it had faded to nothing in certain areas and black stains would not come out in other areas (I have no idea what the stains were from) I took pictures and complained and the same deal, they sent me the DeckMax. It was some job to do every RUNG and RAILING, not to mention the deck itself. The reason I found this website was because I went online to order more DeckMax! I have had to constantly redo large areas and then the rest of it looks like hell. I'm going straight to the website and signing up for the class action suit. Thank you for making me feel like I'm not the only consumer who got royally screwed with this product.


09:09PM | 05/05/13
I wish I had found this website earlier, but I was one of the first "early adopters" of the TimberTech product. When it turned hazy white I too was connected with TimberTech (not the retailer who sold me the product) and was sent DeckMAX. Today I applied my 2nd DeckMAX one year later, and it is loosing it's power. I have white hazing as well as green and black in different areas of the deck. I too paid a premium price for a maintenance free deck. I got online to figure out my next step. Please include me in any class action. Meanwhile I'll fight the battle on my own as well and see where I get.

Barbara Sibley
11815 SW Wildwood St.
Tigard, OR 97224


08:26PM | 05/07/13
I am having a problem with whiting of my xlm desert bronze timbertech deck. In fact, when they first put it in not only does it scratch very easily, it turns white in spots for no reason. I applied a second Deck Max coat and it fixed the problem but this year I re applied the Deck Max enhanced again after washing the deck and for no reason whatsoever after I treated the deck a large area of it turned white. I am frustrated with this company and don't understand why they won't just pay to replace the deck with wood, because wood is less expensive. I really wish there was a way to get satisfaction I am outraged at this decking material and the problems I have been having with this low maintenance deck.


09:10AM | 05/20/13
I guess I won't be buying TimberTech decking......


03:25PM | 05/20/13
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Definitely do not purchase this decking. I am having the same problem as everyone here. After a year my deck has white marks on almost every other board. I reached out to a TimberTech east coast rep. He indicated to me that the uneven oxidation of the decking is completely normal for their product, EVEN after only 12 months. It is all depending on the exposure to sun, climate, etc. When I indicated that while I completely understand that no product should be expected to look new forever, I felt that the fact that some are white and some look new indicates that there may be defective product to blame. He indicated that also was to be expected. That is NOT expected in a product that doesn't advertise this much maintenance. If I knew I had to cover my deck in Deck Max this frequently and uneven "oxidation" was going to occur I would of definitely NOT purchased this product. I'm extremely dissatisfied with Timber Tech and their ability to rectify the situation. DO NOT BUY TIMBER TECH.


10:04PM | 06/08/13
I didn't realize how many people have this same problem. Ours didn't turn white but faded horrible. Now it is cracking! I have 7500.00 in this product and I am very upset!!


09:22PM | 06/09/13
I am looking at purchasing Timber Tech deck materials to re-deck around our house. I was going to use two shades of gray (pardon the pun). Has Timber Tech resolved the white/chalky look of the boards so a 2013 buyer will be satisfied? Just wondering.


06:49PM | 06/11/13
I have a second deck that is turning white first one turned black and white they replaced it with the XML less than two years later it is turning white I am so upset have a brand new house on the lake it is very upsetting


11:23AM | 07/01/13
What ever happened with this?


11:39AM | 07/01/13
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DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT - I have been through this two times, once in 2011 with the XML, which was replaced in 2012, then with the new replacement material that is now doing the same thing after one year (looking for the name of the new product which they said would not turn - replaced the desert bronze XML) - WHAT A MESS - I am into these guys for over 25K - may be getting my own attorney - would like to know if anything happened with the class action law suit?

Michael Miller

10:01AM | 07/06/13
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We had our TimberTech decking installed March 22, 2012 - Rustic Bark in color with a Walnut colored border and center plank. Approximately three mos. after it was installed, we noticed a greyish blotching on the Rustic Bark color. We contacted the installer and the supplier and neither one had seen anything like this. We were getting the same excuses - it could be from the glider on the deck, leaves, or bird droppings. The area affected was under the glider but not where individuals would be sitting. We had not had leaves on the deck and bird droppings had been cleaned off. We were told by the supplier to clean the area with Dawn Dish Detergent - no luck. Then they recommended that we purchase a deck cleaner - no luck. TimberTech finally contacted us and we were told to use a heat gun. That did take care of the greyish discoloration - however, it reappeared in 2013. Deck Max was sent to us in October 2012 (no charge) - definitely too late for us to use in Wisconsin when you need a deck temperature of 70+ degrees. This year - 2013 - we experienced the entire deck having the greyish color. Over the July 4 holiday, I applied the Deck Max (by hand since we only received one container and we have a huge deck - wanted to have enough solution for the entire deck) and it looks great but who knows for how long. I have friends who have purchased low maintenance decking material from Menards, Lowes, etc. at a fraction of the cost of TimberTech and have not experienced these problems. We will not be recommending TimberTech decking to anyone until it is proven that individuals are not experiencing these problems. I agree with others - why should we have to pay for this solution if we have to apply yearly. I will be joining others in signing up on the class action site.


12:47PM | 07/09/13
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Hi everyone,

I have XLM Walnut Grove and my deck is only 2 weeks old. I already start seeing these white stains showing up. First I thought it was mud, but no matter what I do they won't get cleaned. When deck is wet they are gone, but as soon as it dries out they are back to haunt me!

Can anyone update me about the lawsuit?

Does DeckMax really work? I haven't tried it yet as I live in Canada and I can't find the product over here.

Please any update is welcome. After reading all these posting here I feel that the "free maintenance" will be my worst nightmare!!!

Michael Miller

04:25PM | 07/16/13
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To the individual who has the Walnut Grove Timbertech decking in Canada - I would recommend that before you use anything on your deck that you take a picture of your deck, contact Don Hoover at Timbertech - 937-655-5256 and talk to him. We also have the walnut decking. When I talked to Don on July 12, he denied having any problems with this color decking, only the Desert Bronze. Timbertech sent us a container of DeckMax last year. My regret is that I wish we had taken a picture of the deck this spring (since it was much worse this year) before I used the DeckMax (results after using this were terrific but who knows how long it will last). Mr. Hoover will assign you a case number - keep this number and any time you call and complain, that number will be on file.


10:50PM | 07/28/13
I purchased two products by Timbertech last year, XLM and Twinface, cedar. The XLM so far seems to be holding up, however the Twinface is fading, cracking and full of mold spots. Our yard faces south and there are no trees shading it. I called the company and got the same reply as many others, "Apply Corte Clean and power wash". We purchased their products because they made the claim of low or no maintenance. They sent us a claim packet which I will fill out and return.


11:19AM | 08/19/13
i am having the exact same problem. we bought the walnut timbertech decking and it has massive white greyish blotches everywhere, cleaned it three times in a row and it does not go away. This is very upsetting because we paid a lot of money and I am not happy at all.


06:23PM | 08/20/13
My TimberTech deck has white stains after just one year. Tried to remove with a host of cleaners.

Company tells me this is normal wear and tear and is not considered a product or performance warranty issue.

They are sending me enough DeckMax to clean the deck and tell me this should be considered annual maintenance.

Does DeckMax remove the white stains/haze??

Any other suggestions on how to proceed with the company?


11:09AM | 08/30/13
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I have had the same issue. after one year of installation of timbertech, my entire deck is a chalk white. I am now looking at stains made by behr to "cover" the white. So much for a maintenance free deck. The functionality is still great but looks bad. What can I do. I have had my deck for three years now with no resolution.


11:33PM | 09/17/13
Mold on another Timbertech product. They have one individual to deal with all of these claims, If he gets around to your piece of paper on the volumes he has on his desk you might get lucky and get a response. Be persistent, companies don't want to deal with all these headaches so make it hard for you. Go to your retailer and COMPLAIN loudly and publicly until they send a rep to your house ! If not expect nothing to happen, you are one of thousands with these issues. And remember only gene in claims to deal. Give em Hell. They are living like Kings , believe me.
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06:02PM | 10/22/13


05:42PM | 03/15/14
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Deck put on in 2012 and got white spots on it then a milky white haze. Timber Tech said it was from bug spray. After numerous letters and phone calls. 1 year latter they sent someone to clean it with deck max. It took off the white, but spots still appear. This is not a low maintance product at all. I cringe every time someone moves a chair without lifting it because it makes lines. I would go back to a wood deck in a heart beat next time.

I agree with the person that said Timber Tech should pay for the product to clean the deck on a yearly basis because that's what it needs and they certainly have been aware of this.


04:48PM | 05/07/14
I bought what I thought was my last deck, maintence free, lasts forever, 25 yr warranty. An absolutely beautiful deck,,,, for about four months " milky white " it looks terrible , how disappointing. It now appears that TimberTech new full well the ongoing problem and yet continued to market and sell a problem.
Count me in on legal action.



02:08PM | 07/29/14
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I am a single mother who purchased a home last Sept. This home came with a beautiful Timbertech deck. Unfortunately the deck has a solid white film all over the surface. While I was reaching the proper way to care for the deck I came across Bob's site. I am so disappointed that this company has not done anything for this problem and is not supporting those customers who have supported them. I am interested in the class action and would be looking to have Timbertech manage this problem or replace my deck. Please contact me at Thank you for bringing this awareness.


02:42PM | 08/29/14
The only product that REALLY works on TimberTeck is "Spray and Clean Composite Deck Cleaner" sold by Wash Safe Industries in Cape Cod.


03:55PM | 07/25/18
We installed a TimberTech deck in 2012 we are now experiencing peeling over areas of the deck. I have sent a warranty claim and the requested information required. The only response I have had was a request for more pictures asking me to,use painters tape to isolate problem areas. I sent more pictures as requested and have heard nothing so I sent another email asking if they received the picture I have had no response!! I have called and left messages with no response. Even if they are still reviewing just a reply that they have all the info they need would be appreciated but from all I have read here I don’t hold out much hope!! Has anyone just replaced some of their planks and not the entire deck? Wandering how that works with hidden fasteners.....I’m thinking the entire deck.....20x20 will have to be disassembled.


12:06PM | 05/25/19
Same problem here. Decking in the shade looks good still but the part in the elements looks faded and stained. Sent a letter to Timbertech and they said if I felt it was a warranty issue to follow up or buy the cleaner and rejuvenator myself. Very expensive deck and only about 3 yrs old. I am alittle disappointed. Stan in Seattle.


08:42PM | 05/12/20
Derek Eskew
28682 Margaret ln
New Boston mi

Our deck has white finish now us 900 sq ft and looks terrible. Haven’t tried deckmax cleaner but will. Include us in class action suit


04:49PM | 05/24/20
Same here, but only 4 years old. Does anyone have a solution? We chose Timbertech because the deck store said Trex would oxidize.


03:40PM | 10/09/20
I have also been trying to deal with TimberTech and they asked me to purchase the cleaner which I did and followed the instructions and sent them before/during and after photos and the cleaner did not do anything. They now are telling me that I need to buy another brush and use it on a dry deck. I had one deck installed in 2012 and another deck installed in 2013. Both decks are getting white spots including the privacy fence behind the hot tub which are vertical walls. Any news on a class action?


12:52PM | 10/24/20
We have the same thing happening. White spots everywhere.


09:13PM | 12/03/20
Does anyone have any leftover timbertech xlm in walnut grove. I only need a few pieces.


10:09PM | 04/26/21
Did anyone file a lawsuit? We have a very white Azek deck that the company says they have no idea why it turned white. I’d like to join the class action lawsuit.

Carrie Best


02:43PM | 05/29/21
I have a similar problem to this. My Timber Tech planks have a constant white haze but the bigger problem is a white mark wherever a board clamp is but only on the portion of my deck that gets a lot of sun. If I wanted to put this much maintenance into my deck I would've bought wood and saved a lot of money. This product is pure crap. I would be happy to join in a class action lawsuit.


08:46PM | 06/02/21
My Timber Tech deck was installed 8 years ago but this spring I noticed some areas of white haze. I live in Seattle and we had an unusual heavy snowfall this past winter and I blamed the snow. I would be happy to join this class action suit. I’ve loved my deck until now.


04:47PM | 07/29/21
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3 years old and all dark colored boards turning white. cant clean with anything at all.


01:10PM | 03/14/22
I have had white spots on my trek wood since last yr when installed. Is there a sight I can go to for help

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