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03:08AM | 11/11/10
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We have also had a terrible experience with the lying, cheating Correct Deck crooks. We had a large deck and two wide stairways installed using CorrectDeck cedar planks. The workmanship was excellent, but the material is horribly defective. MOLD/MILDEW appeared within weeks on the planks. We have cleaned the surfaces many times with Moldex DECK!TM Protector following CorrectDeck’s instructions, but MOLD/MILDEW quickly reappears in EXACTLY the same pattern on EXACTLY the same planks every time. There is no other MOLD/MILDEW the area, which receives full sun from sunrise to sundown every day.

We notified Correct Deck. We took photos showing the recurring pattern of MOLD/MILDEW, which was highly visible, but only on their CorrectDeck planks. A representative came to the house, took more photographs, and shortly thereafter the company sold their assets, changed their corporate structure, and thought they were home free. In fact, the same individuals are still involved with the company. This is a clear fraud on creditors.

Correct/Deck owner(s) are as dirty and moldy as their product. They knew the first version of CorrectDeck was severely defective so they created CorrectDeck-CX, the second, mildew resistant version. However, with full knowledge that the original version of Correct Deck product was grossly defective, they kept it on the market and continued to sell it to customers.

We purchased the costly CorrectDeck believing that our decks would be beautiful and low maintenance for years. I wish we had stayed with wood, which can simply be cleaned yearly and coated with Thompsons. CorrectDeck is hideous and the MOLD/MILDEW problem cannot be fixed. Why? Because the MOLD/MILDEW was inside the planks before they were delivered to our home. The patterns that reoccur are identical. CorrectDeck not only sold us a composite product, they sold us pre- existing MOLD/MILDEW within that product.

We will happily participate in a class action suit against these disreputable con artists. They should all be in prison!

Kathleen M. Moore


09:05PM | 03/05/11
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Our CorrectDeck looks like new after 3 years. All types of decking can get mold problems.


03:29PM | 04/05/12
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Consumer-rights law firm Hagens Berman filed a lawsuit on behalf of owners of Portico composite decking alleging that it the decking is defective and prone to mold and fungal growth that results in large black spots. The lawsuit claims that manufacturer Fiberon refuses to live up to its warranty obligations to replace or repair the decking. Consumers can learn more about the lawsuit here:


12:09PM | 05/21/13
We installed CorrectDeck 3 1/2 years ago. It still looks like new and we get loads of compliments on the beauty of it. I wouldn't hesitate to install it in a different home and I would highly recommend CorrectDeck. We live in Colorado where mold and mildew aren't a problem in our dry climate.


12:36PM | 05/26/13
We are having a horrific problem with this faulty product. It is spotted beyond belief after having used deck wash as directed by company. This is so very frustrating and embarrassing for us to have anyone see this catastrofe of a shabby product. Unfortunately, we have to look at it everyday.

Is there any recourse.


08:39PM | 06/23/13
I have the early version I think? Goes back to 2003. Over ten years. Did not one thing to it for the last 3 years. Just washed it and it looks new! My 90 lbs dog 3 kid and 3 grand kids, looks like a good product to me!


03:32PM | 09/16/13
We bought a home that has Correct Deck. We did not know what it was called, but after many, many compliments, I finally found the file the former owner left in the garage. Now I know what it is, and we just love it. Haven't done a thing to it, and I am glad because I am not a handy man.


02:05PM | 04/17/14
We have a different problem with CorrectDeck....the surface is actually deteriorating. Total age of the deck, six years. Lifetime guarantee, not so much. It began with the CorrectDeck railing system a few years ago, cracking and splitting. We now actually have cracks in the railing over a quarter inch wide. Now a couple of years later the deck surface is going. Of interest, we bought the new higher priced anti-mold version. The anti mold part actually seems to work, however we are now left with 2 large decks at a materials cost of approximately $10,000 which are an embarrassment.


09:08PM | 05/20/14
I have been reading many complaints of customers who purchased correct decking, we to purchased correct deck in 2008 and our deck boards are splitting , chipping and the railing is splitting and yes we also have the black mold. can any one tell me that is involved in this class action law suit, has anything been done so far. I am going to contact the atty who is handling all these cases, I want on the list. Just wondered if anyone has any info wether anything has been done so far about this case.


11:00PM | 06/05/14
mould mould mould
thats what mine looks like


05:20PM | 06/15/14
I pd over $17,000 for a deck with 2 stairways.(we have exposed basement, so a 2nd story deck)in 2006. After only 1 year the deck was faded. 2nd yr it got mildew & a green moss or algae type growth. It gets plenty of sun so I don't know why it would get mold/algae. It's got a rough texture & is so faded now. I was just talking with my husband about cleaning & putting a clear sealer on it. The whole purpose of composite deck was to have maintainence free. I am not happy to have to maintain it! I am afraid that once I seal it, I will have to every year!


09:00PM | 06/16/15
Deck was installed in 2001 and now it leaves a chalky powder on your hands when you touch it and the light grey color is black with mold. Only power washing takes off the mold but it returns year after year. I see all the boards disintegrating, they look nothing like the sample piece that I saved when the deck was first built. Correct Deck filed chapter 11, so no one to sue?


03:45PM | 07/28/15
Porch deck and screened in porch all have CorrectDeck planking. Originated in 2007, mold had to be removed after the second and third winters, but never returned. Decking has retained its original condition. I could not be more pleased.


03:14PM | 07/08/16
There is CorrectDeck and CorrectDock which spans 24". Has anyone had experience or knowledge of CorrectDock? I'm considering buying it because my joists are 24" on center.


12:26PM | 02/12/17
There labor thing is off to, 18 people crew during the 12 hour 1st shift 2 machines running, 2 people at night, 1 doing all the running while the other stands arms crossed watching the 1 machine running and me like a slave master not letting me get off my feet, running, running, running, you have to do that, you have to do this, go do that, over here, get that taken care of... 1 morning I asked why I worked alone and they had so many people on day shift, I was told only 1 machine running, I was doing great keeping up, good buy, have a good day, see you this evening


10:45AM | 07/10/17
I installed the Correct Deck CX in 2007 or so and while I haven't had any mold issues I quickly saw that I had color variation in the decking boards. Some boards darker, some boards lighter. I am also getting severe chipping of the "capped color coating" and I don't know if there is anything I can do to prevent it from further deterioration. Can I simply apply something like Thompsons waterseal to protect the areas exposed by the chipping? Any suggestions would be welcome. I've had it 10+ years so I guess I can't complain much, but I thought it was supposed to last longer than this.


09:10AM | 07/12/18
Our deck is 9 years old and is deteriorating rapidly! Many many soft spots, broken spots where moss is growing and curling of the ends of the planks where they meet! Horrible product, I feel cheated that this maintenance free deck that was supposed to last a lifetime now has to be replaced. Very angry!


10:56PM | 05/27/19
I TO HAVE HAD VERY UNSIGHTLY MOLD PROBLEMS! Ihave two decks on my house in NH. How do I get on the class action?

Regards Dan


02:52PM | 07/26/19
I need help! Our correct deck is a mess and I don't even know where to begin to get it resolved. It has discolored, split, warped, expanded so it doesn't drain rain water. It is embarrassing when you take such good care of your home and then you have this eye sore when guests come over. Anyone have any advice?


08:23PM | 05/07/20
In 2006 I purchased the material through my contractor and picked up the material from their Arbuckle distribution center. I installed it myself and, after 14 years since the installation, I have yet to see any problems whatsoever. I should add that the decking is covered under our roofline and we have a considerably dryer climate here in the MotherLode. I love this product!!!


08:41PM | 09/09/20
Yes I’m in


01:19PM | 10/31/20
I have this awe full correct deck is there a lawsuit I can get on the list?
2 kjnielsen@


06:39PM | 12/13/20
Hit with bleach/water solution tri-annually from a pump sprayer... keeps it looking good. Won’t break down the surface like a pressure washer will, just spray and walk away. But it will be habitual to keep it looking good.


11:56AM | 07/12/21
I have a problem with a sections that are soft and deteriorating. I also a section break through when someone walked on it. Black mold on the surface is also a major problem also problems with cut joints swelling making it a hazard for someone tripping. Overall very disappointed.


12:47PM | 02/01/22
I installed a deck using Correct Deck in 2005. I picked it over a competitor(Trex- which has had its own lawsuit problems)because the warranty seems better(25 yrs VS 10). After about 5 years the railings started warping and are NO good, when I went to see about getting compensation, I saw the company had folded. I'd still like to know if there is a class action suit.


02:11PM | 04/25/22
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I would also like to know if there is anything we can do. We have a large 3 level deck with CorrectDeck; put in because at the time it was supposed to be the or one of the best out there. It is crumbling in spots and my husbands foot just went completely through a section this past weekend!! I know the company folded, but is there ANYTHING we can do now? It is going to be costly to replace it all!! NOT fair at all!!


09:12PM | 05/07/22
does anyone know how we can file claims for correct deck? my email
thank you


01:07PM | 05/12/22
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the finish is gone on my deck. and this deck harbors green moss. I just got done applying Arborcoat wood sealer, 3 coats. I had to do the same a few years ago. mine is a sizable deck that took 4 gallons of stain. lifetime? I think not!


01:08PM | 05/12/22
Member Since: 05/12/22
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the finish is gone on my deck. and this deck harbors green moss. I just got done applying Arborcoat wood sealer, 3 coats. I had to do the same a few years ago. mine is a sizable deck that took 4 gallons of stain. lifetime? I think not!

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