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05:27AM | 11/27/99
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I have grey toilet rings in my toilets. I have used CLR, bleach, Zud, and Comet to try and remove the stains but I can't get them completely clean. I do not want to replace because replacement would mean using low flow toilets which currently have problems of there own. Any suggestions?

Also is there ever a need to replace the wax ring and should the base of the toilet where it meets the ceramic tile be caulked?

Also can the handle be replaced? The handle is somewhat pitted and the metal comes off onto my hands whenever I flush.



07:11AM | 11/27/99
Hi WomanOnAMission, sounds like you've tried just about everything for the rings so they might be permanent, however, there is one thing (that I can think of) left to try go to the hardware store and buy some "0000" steel wool and gently buff the stained areas. The 0000 steel wool will have very minimal effect on the ceramic, but might remove the stain. Question #2, the only time that you need to replace the wax ring is whenever you've removed the toilet for any reason, or have noticed a leak coming from underneath the toilet (which would facilitate removing the toilet). As for caulking around the base, it's entirely up to you, if you do caulk then you'll never notice if a leak develops in the wax ring because you'll have trapped all of the water under the toilet which will speed up deterioation of the subfloor. Next question, SURE the handle can be replaced, simply lift the cover off and you'll see a nut securing the handle. Go to the hardware store and you'll find LOTS of replacement handles. Hope this helps, good luck!


04:10PM | 11/27/99
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It never occurred to me to use the steel wool...Checking out the handles tomorrow.

Thanks for your help.


08:54AM | 12/15/99
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I am having the same exact problem. Please let me know if the wool works for you.




07:23AM | 04/09/00
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womanonamission - did the 0000 steel wool work on your toilet stains? Did it scratch the bowl?


08:26AM | 05/25/00
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You need a pumice stone. Get it at your hardware store. I'd have sworn it would scratch the porcelain, but it does not.


08:28AM | 05/25/00
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Be aware, the nut holding the handle may have left-hand threads. Remove it carefully and install the new one the same way, as they are often plastic.

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