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06:00AM | 11/15/00
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When did the 3.5 gallon toilet production stop. I have built a Carriage House with a half bath and a contractor neighbor gave me a toilet that he believed to be a 1.6 gallon. It does not have the 1.6 logo on it and my feeling is that it maybe a 3.5 gal. The date stamped on the tank is 1990. Since I have a final plumbing inspection still to go, I may have to switch it out to pass. (although, the sewr line is close to 100 feet, where it then joins with the main house sewer to the street. I have felt all alon g that a little extra water pushing the system might do it some good)


07:02AM | 11/15/00
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My house was built in 1993 and has the larger toilets.

I think the year Congress mandated 1.6 gpp was 1995.


07:12AM | 11/15/00
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If you're not sure of it's capacity, why not try filling the tank to see how much it holds. You'll have to put something in the holes, but that shouldn't be difficult. Then, just use a gallon milk jug or something similar to see how many gallons it takes to fill the tank about 3/4 full.


08:02AM | 11/15/00
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Just on the topic of low flow toilets:

I recently renovated one of my bathrooms and didn't really want to give up the more powerful 1940's toilet for the newer low flow types. All the ones I've used in other houses just didn't work right(had to be flushed multiple times anyway and used even more water).

Anyway, I talked to a contractor friend and he recently installed some fancy $400 one piece toilet that was supposed to work well. I think it was one of those pressure charging types. Well, in less than a month he ripped it out and smashed it with sledgehammer(I wish I was there to see that), he hated it so much. He then installed a Kohler Wellworth model and said he was pretty happy with it.

I decided to get one too, and it is working pretty good so far, and my opinion has been reversed on the possibility of getting a decent toilet with these low flow rules.

A White one will cost $99 at the home depot.
Other colors are about $130.

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