09:44AM | 09/16/01
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Hello, we are looking for suggestions on how to solve a problem with a terrible sewer smell coming from all 3 upstairs sinks, only when we run water. This problem began after we unplugged an upstairs toilet with a Power Plumber compressed gas tool. The downstairs sinks are fine. We've checked the top of the vents on the roof and there are no obvious problems. Thanks for your help!

Jay J

04:21PM | 09/16/01
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Hi dbrutke,

Well, I'm not there so please be patient.

If you've run water and after waiting a few minutes, you stick your nose in the sink drain and smell 'stinkies', you've got me stumped! P-traps and S-traps are designed to use water as a 'blocker' in preventing sewer gas from making its way into the bathroom. The only time I've seen this 'rule' broken is when the water in the trap has evaporated, especially after a long vacation.

So I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the smell isn't coming from the sinks. Instead, it's possible that the wax ring has lost its seal on the toilet. If the wax is soft and got ****ed in a little by the power plumber, then you'll get a gas smell in the bathroom.

Also, you said you checked the vents on the roof. 'No obvious problems' is subjective. Did you use a flashlight to look inside the stack to see if a bird built a nest? Did you check the stack in the attic to see if there is any smell in there?

If there are other ideas on finding the source of your gas leak, I'll leave it to others. If, at some point, you finally fix the problem, PLEASE come back and tell us what you had done. It would be interesting to know.

My best to ya and hope this helps.

Jay J -Moderator

PS: God bless America!


03:32AM | 11/05/01
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sometimes it's the overflow in the sink.. pour simple green or cleaner down the overflow hole and try to scrub down there with a brush this is one area that smells like rotten eggs when water is turned on..


04:33AM | 11/05/01
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Try pouring a little bleach down every sink and toilet in the house.


07:16AM | 07/31/08
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Oh my! this is so my problem and I have tried everything, same as you. did you ever find the problem. Please help!!!


09:34AM | 07/31/08
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i sure hope so.


07:43AM | 08/03/08
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Me office1
Most people are lax when it comes to saying "thank you" as they feel the world owes them and many after the problem is solved will never post anything positive about the FREE advice given by volunteers.

We are now a nation of entitlements and give me and G-D forbid they would say thanks it worked.

On thanksgiving I received a call from a lady she sounded desperate saying she is having 22 people over and her garbage disposal is broken.

She said please come over and ILL pay you even double your normal rate.

I told her try resetting the disposal either with the Allen wrench or pressing the reset button.

I heard the machine come to life and she was yelling it works it works how can I ever thank you enough.

I said my normal fee would be $175 per hr (service call) how about sending a check to Saint Jude's hospital for children with cancer in any amount you feel is fair.

I heard the phone go click


07:05AM | 07/22/13
I work in Retail and i know how some people are as far as feeling entitled, I know the people with a lot of money always ask me to give them a discount and the people with little money would never even think of asking for a discount ( I am in the later catagory)


07:45PM | 08/16/13
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Me office1
Jay for your information

" S-traps are designed to use water as a 'blocker' in preventing sewer gas from making its way into the bathroom."

An S trap is not allowed in a civilized plumbing code as it can self siphon which will cause a loss of the trap seal

I would think before you give plumbing advice you may want to know what part of the planet the people are from as giving advice contrary to good plumbing practices will only complicate their problems

Sewer fumes are not just from trap seal loss there could be a broken vent or waste line inside the walls in which case an oil of peppermint test may hel pin point where the problem exists
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