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12:34AM | 12/03/02
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I'm currently having problems with what I assume is the hot water cylinder, 6 months ago we used to get a full bath of hot water, this has diminished so we are now getting anywhere between a fifth to a third of a bath full of hot water. The water just stops flowing from the tap, you can hear the cylinder refilling and we have to continue filling the bath at 10 minute intervals. Any advice greatly appreciated.

doug seibert

10:01AM | 12/03/02
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United Kingdom......hmmmm........What kind of water supply do you have..........

In the United States we have water supplied at pressure..............


11:46PM | 12/03/02
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I live in a part of the UK known as the "Lake district", our mains water is 22mm gravity fed terminating in a domestic 15mm supply. Our heating system consists of a gas boiler supplying our water fed 8mm microbore central heating system supplying 8 radiators, our hot bathing water also comes via the same gas boiler. I have just had the central heating/hot water diverter valve changed and the central heating motor thinking this would aleviate the problem, but to no avail.
Thankyou for taking the time to reply Doug.


09:10AM | 12/17/02
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It sounds like there is a problem with the feed to the storage tank. Either there is a clog in the line, or calcium deposits have built up and are preventing the hot water from getting to the tank. You may have to have some one come out and look at the piping going to the tank. If no one has touched the tank, in some time, then the valves are probably still in the on position. If some one has turned something, the valves may be in the partially closed position. I would check it out before I spent alot of money. But if the valves are on, then scale or debris could be blocking the inlet supply pipe. Since the tank grades to the tub by natural pressure, the street pressure would have to fill the tank.
Good Luck
Plumbing Prof

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