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10:03AM | 04/07/03
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This is an odd question but a plumber recently replaced the refill valve in my toilet. The toilet now fills up very fast because the tube seems bigger than the old one. It is done filling in less than 10 seconds. In fact I noticed he didn't even open the shutoff valve all the way when he was done. Not only is the toilet noisier when it is refilling but it doesn't seem to flush as well. Are there diffrent sizes for these things? Can I just close the shutoff valve a little more to reduce the water pressure?. I guess this is not a major problem but I am curious. Thanks


10:19AM | 04/07/03
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I think the easiest thing to do would be to give a twist to the shut off valve on the wall behind the tank. If you close it down a bit it should reduce the pressure and fill slower.


11:32PM | 04/10/03
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Closing the shut-off valve a bit will reduce the speed in which the tank refills, which could reduce the noise or increase it by adding a "whistle" in the shut-off valve, if you know what I mean. There are also "low-noise" refill valves for more money: he probably just used an inexpensive one to keep costs down.

As for the quality of the flush, the shut-off valve is irrelevant. That is determined by the flushing mechanism in the tank and the design of the toilet.


08:15AM | 04/11/03
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Thanks. Tried closing the shutoff a little but you were right about the whistle Lawrence. Sounds like the plummer maybe went a little cheap with the replacement part.


12:24PM | 04/12/03
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The angle valve is not designed to be used as a flow reducer.If you leave the valve in a mid posistion, you may develop a leak at the stem, causing more of a headache than a whistle.
Filling fast is not a problem but the reduced flush maybe, check the flapper when you flush and make sure its path is not obstructed when it lifts.

erik peterson

12:38PM | 06/25/03
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Shutting the angle-stop a bit will not impact the pressure at all (common misconception) what it does is restrict the flow making the toilet quieter...It sounds to me like you might have a high-pressure situation in the house. Perhaps your regulator has gone bad or if there is none you need to consider installing one. Uniform plumbing code requires a regulator if your pressure exceeds 80# (in house) erik

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