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Richard L

11:59AM | 06/29/03
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I am about to complete a re-roofing effort. I have about 6 roof vent pipes sticking out of the roof - I would like to get rid of them - if that is possible. Someone told me about Studor inline vents that can be placed in the attic, I would cut each vertical pipe in the attic near the roof and attach one of these inline vents per pipe. Once completed there would be no pipes sticking out of the roof.


- Is this a good idea?
- Will I get noxious or smelly gases in the house?
- If this can be done, can a 1 1/2 inch Studor vent be placed on a 2 inch pipe?

Thank you in advance for your help.


erik peterson

04:27AM | 07/01/03
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These are not code in my area...if your trying to hide the vents, offset them out of sight. erik

plumber Tom

02:07PM | 07/02/03
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I don't recommend cheater vents. Plumbing systems produce methane gas,and I'm sure you don't want that floating around in your attic. Also VTR (vent thru roof) piping requires fresh air to get into the system. You may be breaking code like Erik said.

Richard L

04:27PM | 07/02/03
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Thank you all for your replies. Besides your feedback, I did some more online investigation and the consensus is overwhelming that there is no substitute for the direct fresh air vents. Also as mentioned nasty gases can be realeased indoors.

This whole matter has come up as we are putting up an addition, including a totally new space for the kitchen. The new roofline over the kitchen sink is very visible from the back yard. I became very concerned when the vent pipe was put in, and made the new roof look horrible. The plumber put in a studor vent for the new kitchen sink only. I wanted to take it further and eliminate all vents prior to the new roof going on, also part of the work.

I will simply leave the vents alone, and go with that single one, which should be OK.

I have the vent at 88 inches off the floor, and will be putting an access panel in the upper shelf on the back of the cabinet that will be mounted on that wall. Hopefully it will not be an odor problem from up there, and I can access the unit in case of malfunction.

Thanks again...



01:48PM | 09/07/03
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I looked at the Studor web site and they claim that their product will not allow for methane gas or sewer gas to escape. Look at


04:41PM | 09/07/03
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A studor vent does not let gas out. That is is whole purpose. It lets needed air into the system but not gases out. I still would not recommend them except where there is no other choice like a kitchen island.

erik peterson

09:07AM | 09/08/03
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Check your local codes as these plastic check valve vents are not legal in most for an "island-sink" Id install a loop vent. erik


03:13PM | 09/08/03
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OK, I'm not a plumber. Can someone please explain why the Studor AAV is not allowed by code? Is it because the product may fail? I read their site and the product seems so simple and useful. Also according to their information, their product is fail safe. (I know that they have to have a sales pitch). Has anyone ever had a problem with a AAV?


07:05PM | 02/24/06
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Studor vents are not against the codes, in the code book it is up to the plumbing inspector weather you can use the studor vents are not. I've been using them for years and never had a problem with them. They have really come in handy. I put a $2.00 studor vent in about 13 years ago and it has never been a problem. If you do start having a problem with it, all you have to do is unscrew it and replace it with a new one. Alot of plumbing inspector's, have old habits that are hard to break. The only problem is that you have to have space, where you can get to it, if you need to replace it, you don't want to put it inside a wall. I had a customer that a plumber did not vent his kitchen properly and his washing machine was sucking his kitchen p-trap dry, I put a studor vent under the sink, no more problems. Little bit late, but I was checking out the web-site.

erik peterson

06:47AM | 02/25/06
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Always check local codes before installing these vents....inspectors are more likely to approve these units in a remodel or retrofit when there is NO alternative. Im amazed when I see them installed in new contruction. erik


09:44AM | 10/11/13
Like most, those not familiar or understanding atmospheric pressure or venting systems immediately think that all products made and installed are Studor vents. There are several vendor on the market that make poor quality and tested components that of course give this vendor a bad name.

We have designed and installed these systems for several years in major chain hotels, civic cents, office buildings, clinics, schools, churches, universities, GSA, DoD, etc. Most of the failures we experience in our projects nationwide are usually a result on improperly installed devices or contractors mounting vents during construction phase in lieu of installation at fixture placement.

When all else fails ready the installation directions, place and size in proper location, assure single exterior vent to outside per system manual and do NOT use cheaper products.


03:54PM | 09/13/14
Studor vents are utilized when a drain line/ Vent is not connected to toilets. Methane comes up the sewer line on all drain lines but vents to outside air,to keep any pressure building in pipe. Like pouring gas out of a gas tank it needs air to replace liquid while pouring. The Studor vent allows that air to be sucked in the pipe during water flow but also does not allow sewer gas to escape out. Code is what determines pipe size and water flow. Hence no large studor vents are allowed to toilets because more air is needed to keep water flow going with additional "waste" "added" in toilet. Use Studor to replace sink only air vents. Like I stated size is the restriction because of pipe size by code. Some sinks are connencted on the same air vent pipe as toilet.


03:58PM | 02/17/16
Just how many deaths a year do sewer gasses cause?


04:20PM | 02/21/16
Tieger plumbing

Hard to tell "how many deaths per year" as the sewer gases are cancer causing and it can take years to find out


06:06PM | 02/15/18
Wow. It's amazing how childish people can be when rationalizing themselves. I'm not in the construction trade. I'm here looking for answers. When constructing anything that will come in contact with life on a day to day basis, I would think anyone with a conscience, would NOT opt to install anything that could harm anyone. Sure, you could save time and money by NOT doing what you should do, but what does that say about YOU. It says, you should consider doing something else for a living.

I am dealing with a situation where pennies were pinched, and corners were cut. Whoever did the plumbing work obviously did not do it right. We should not be smelling sewer gas in our store. Corporate penny pinchers are still unwilling to hire a TRUE professional, so several employees are suffering. My point is this - think about who COULD be put at risk each and every time you install or repair equipment. IT DOES NOT MATTER "how many people have died" from sewer gas - if even ONE person has, that is too many.


03:29PM | 12/14/18
I put a Studor valve in my rental cottage and am going to install them in a couple others. I did the work with a permit and it was inspected by the city. They are safe, meet code and work great! No more ugly pipes sticking through my roofs! If code in where I live in California says it is safe, I trust them.


03:32PM | 12/14/18
The only requirement was they have to installed with access to them. I am putting them in boxes with access doors sunk in the wall under the sinks


10:08PM | 12/18/19
Methane is cancer producing?
please compare to the outgassing from particle board
what about having a gas stove in your kitchen.
where do you think their exhaust goes?
how much of the exhaust from an old gas hot water heater is carbon monoxide?
lets think rationally about this topic
the old time plumber here is town calls venting
"the plumbers full employment clause"


11:57AM | 01/24/20
Can't those 6 pipes be connected in the attic so only one vent goes through the roof?


11:17AM | 01/25/20
When driving past a house how often do you notice pipes sticking out of the roof? Never?


01:41PM | 06/01/20
Having been a manufacturing engineer, general contractor, roofing contractor and electrician, I would tell you that any time one can eliminate roof penetrations they are doing the right thing. Any roof penetration is a LEAK POINT by design. This includes chimneys, vent stacks, and even sky lights.
I say that you install the Studor vent and have a scheduled replacement at 10 years. They unscrew easily and are rated at 500,000 cycles, that is over 20 years on average.


09:46AM | 01/27/21
In response to BV022577 Roof Penetrations. A plumbing stack has to be vented oustide by national code as it supplies fresh air to the entire system not just the structure it's on.


11:22AM | 02/21/21
Ok. So, use the vent if needed or wanted. Except for toilets. Everything should b fine.


08:57AM | 05/18/21
How about can I use a 3 inch studor vent on the outside of my vent stack to prevent smell on my front porch ?


01:16PM | 05/09/22
The use of studar vents shows that a person for one, if not all, is cheap, lazy, and a lacks integrity. Sure the codes allow it. Does it make it right? Who writes the codes? Are there any experienced ethical plumbers out there that still care about the health and safety of their customers and do they really care? Building is getting expensive because the industry lacks thinkers. There are a lot of people constructing with only one thing on there agenda... money. That is the purpose for most but no reason for careless and thoughtless designs. I've been in many houses that smell like a dead rat and the owners have no idea.

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