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07:44PM | 01/14/04
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Our old fiberglass shower base cracked. We removed it as well as all the surrounding tile and glass enclosure. My spouse wants to intall a tile floor base. I do not think a tile floor in a shower will be easy to keep clean. Is there a shower base made of porcline material similar to a tub? Or are they all made from acrylic fiberglass?

plumber Tom

05:03AM | 01/15/04
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You can check at your local plumbing supply for options. The good plumbing supply houses will have showrooms. They will give you a better idea what they look like. Tiled floors require a vinyl pan that you buy in a sheet and fold up the corners yourself. Then cement gets mixed and laid on top of the pan. This is called a wet bed. The tile is then installed over the wet bed.


06:03PM | 01/15/04
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Do you know the lifespan of the wet bed? Will the vinyl pan crack later on?


04:10AM | 01/16/04
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When we redid our bathroom last summer I hated the idea of a fiberglass shower base because of keeping it clean, but more importantly the 'cheap' feel. The old base that came out was original 1963 precast concrete with epoxy paint. It was not the easiest to keep clean, but it was very solid. We decided on a base by Jacuzzi that is either porcelain or at least very similar. It was about triple the cost of a fiberglass base, but well worth the money IMO....

erik peterson

04:13AM | 01/16/04
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check out the pre-formed concrete or terrazo bases....they work well and come pre-formed with the drains installed. only draw back is that one is limited by the dimensions the companies offer. once the base is installed its an easy matter to install tiles in the surrond. erik


08:19AM | 01/16/04
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Thanks for some ideas. I will be heading to a plumbing supply store which has a display room to take a look at your suggestions. I hope they have them.


06:37AM | 01/19/04
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I don't know how to install the base, but as far as cleaning it, it's a breeze. I spent 8 years in the US Marine Corps and every Friday we had to clean our room to standards which most houses don't see. Ever!! The secret the older Marines taught the younger ones was to use steel wool on a dry shower. This removes all soap scum then you can come in with a disinfectant or whatever else you want to use.

Now I know you say that will scratch it. These tiles were not glossy at all. This method of cleaning never left a mark. I did this for 4 years while I lived in the barracks and I'm sure it had been done for years before and after me.

So I guess what I'm saying is use this at your own risk and maybe buy one tile and steel wool it to death and see if you can scratch it.

Good luck,


06:24PM | 01/21/04
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My husband keeps telling me that the schools used to have tile in their showers. There was no slipping on the tile floor problem and they were relatively clean. Should I consider using the small one inch tile or the standard 4 inch? I think I am leaning towards using the larger 6 or 8 inch tile on the two walls.


08:25AM | 01/22/04
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If you don't mind spending a little more, check into cultured marble. It can be used for the base as well as the shower walls.

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