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05:48AM | 01/18/04
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can anyone posibly give me a ballpark figure
for copper house is only 1400 sq
ft . the pipes are totally excessable under the house in a fairly roomy crawl space(you can stay on all fours). i have only 5 connections ,kitchen sink,2bathroom sinks,shower and outside washer hook-up.i have one quote for $3500 but i know the parts
cant cost $500 and he can do this in one day which works out to almost $400 an hr.i know this hard work but seem excessive. thanks for any feedback especially plumbers

plumber Tom

02:17PM | 01/18/04
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Where do you live Bill? It's not in your profile. Do the risers (supply pipes feeding the 2nd floor) need replacing too? You need to give more information. Are you getting a new water service from the city main to your water meter?


04:14PM | 01/18/04
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sorry, single story home .the plumber is only replacing the pipes(cold and hot) and fitings in the locations previos stated.he will connect from shut off valve in front of house(no main line to street)east los angeles
county ,calif.

plumber Tom

04:45PM | 01/18/04
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Sounds way to High! get a 2nd and 3rd estimate.

erik peterson

05:24AM | 01/19/04
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That price is right on for L.A. Make sure your plumber pulls a permit and also uses "type L" copper or better. erik


05:07PM | 01/19/04
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09:43AM | 12/29/04
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It's almost a year-old posting, but I live in Eagle Rock and have to re-pipe my house. Would love to know who you used, BillR!

Can you please post here or e-mail me at


04:58PM | 03/17/09
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Hi Bill, I was wondering if you could give me the name of the guy (or gal :) you used for your coper piping. I know it has been some time now since you posted on the matter, but I thought I would give it a shot.



04:08PM | 11/16/09
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I live in the San Diego area and am attempting to get estimates for copper repiping of my 1400 square foot manufactured home. So far, I received a quote of $5,900 which sounds way too high. I was wondering what the going rate is for copper repiping of a manufactured home. Can anyone help? Thanks.


04:28AM | 02/01/13
any one thinking of doing a repipe on your house, feel free to contact me for a free stimate. I am a licensed plumber (ca lic #967089) i can do the job at an affordable price. This price is for a two bathroom house, one storage or two storage, no difference( approx $3800 incluiding material, type L copper ) Price incluides main from meter all the way into your house. All wall branches etc etc. PRICE DOES NOT incluide shower valves, kitchen faucets, lavatory faucets in the case you want to change them.
Price on a water heater installation $200 ( labor only) I am located in the city of bellflower, ca. My contact number is (562)453-8002. I also do and repair gas lines, waste and vent, etc. So, any questions (562)453-8002 thanks


03:56PM | 03/12/13
I used these guys who are out of Santa Ana but probably have contractors everywhere, if your like me and hate talking on the phone you could always just shoot them an email on a contact us form like this one, Tell them the info you gave us here and see if you get the same ball park figure for reling-
While relining can also be pricey you should see if it outweighs the cost of tearing down walls, etc. but definitely call around and do some research.


09:19PM | 04/01/13
While Sylvan's approach may have come off a bit gruff, I have to agree. The going rate of quality plumbing done correctly (and with a guarantee) is higher than most DIY and "deal-seekers" would care to look at.

Overhead costs are higher than ever, and copper is going up in cost at a steady pace. The other costs such as multiple types of insurance, licensure as a plumber, business license, fuel, supplies like thread sealant, solder, flux, torch gas, etc. are not easily divided out per job. That figures into overhead. The permit and inspection process protects YOU from shoddy work! So-called handy men and fly-by-night unlicensed plumbers may disappear, leaving you holding the bag. That means hiring someone else to fix what you already paid for!

Professionals spend time in education and doing things the right way. They are not immune to problems, but will make it right to their customers when problems do arise.

Remember, anyone can be a plumber.... until the house floods...


07:35AM | 07/18/13
what can be used instead of copper to repipe existing copper in florida.


03:12AM | 09/05/14
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I stopped contracting about 15 years ago. When I left, it seemed the regulations, and restrictions were amping up. I have started looking around the contracting business, products, and new laws. Some of The materials I used to use are illegal now....California.... I can't do anything to an old house without the overblown lead paint scare, and following new regulations, and costs. It really seems like the split between quality legal work, and fly by night, or illegal alien work is much larger. As the regulations tighten, insurance goes up etc, the temptation of cheaper "lets hope it works" work becomes stronger. I have to hire work sometimes as I have rental units. I am glad I can do most of the work myself these days.......well, except the one I live in....just ask my wife....

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