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08:32AM | 02/17/04
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We bought a 50+ yr old Cape Cod that's actually what's considered a 1 1/2 Cape - the downstairs ceiling are 8' but the upstairs ceilings are only 6' tall. We have gutted the upstairs 6x7 bathroom to the studs and would like to replace the small tub with a shower stall to give us some additional space. Is there a minimum size requirement for adding a shower - the base would only be about 2.5' wide with 6' ceiling. The length is 5'. Is there a plumbing code or something that prohibits a small shower? Also, we have a double-hung window smack in the middle to where the existing tub is now - any suggestions??

plumber Tom

12:59PM | 02/17/04
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If the base would be tiled (wet bed) you can create any size you want. However that width of 2.5' sounds very small. The main measurements you should be concerned about are height, width and depth. if your trying to bypass the window, I really don't know what to tell you. Maybe a small claw-foot cast-iron tub with a shower riser and chrome or polished brass faucets? Just a suggestion, Good Luck.

erik peterson

02:55PM | 02/17/04
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Be aware there is minimum size for showers, usually comprised of square inches (check your local building authority). Can be any configuration as long as the floor equals the minimum required. erik


07:38AM | 02/19/04
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Is this a second tub? I heard one time that most buyers like at least one tub in the house. Not having a tub could be a turn off when you sell your house down the road. As far as the window, a cheap fix would be an opaque window covering. Hardware sell it. It's a film that adheres to the window. It doesn't leave a sticky mess or anything. They come in tinted, opaque or solar. $15 would cover the window I would think.



01:47PM | 02/20/04
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Yes, this is second tub in the house-the one we want to take out is upstair and has never been plumbed out to be a shower - it's just strictly a bathtub so converting it to a shower would actually help us out as we have all been using the downstairs tub/shower. I was incorrect on the width - it's 30" wide & 5' long so that should give us enough room to have a shower put in. Do you recommend a tile base or a pre-formed base? What's more worry free??

plumber Tom

06:23PM | 02/26/04
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You must follow the plumbing code in your area. Normally bathtub drains by code are 1-1/2" in diameter. Proper size for a shower drain is 2 inches. Keep this in mind for code compliance and most importantly, proper drainage.


07:34PM | 03/01/07
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Can you still convert a bathtub drain into a shower drain even though the standard is 2"? Would it make that big of a difference?We tore out a shower and a tub that were right next to each other so we have access to both drains. The problem is that we are wanting the shower where the bath tub was and we were trying to figure out how to reduce the 2" shower pan drain to the 1 1/2" bath drain as that would be less work than tearing out part of the concrete foundation to move the drain where it would need to be. Do you have any suggestions on how to do this the correct way? Help!!! I have no bathroom and our plan is not going very smoothly.


05:08PM | 03/01/14
I also want to put new tile on my floor, do I have to have the tile what is down taken up first an
D how hard would that be? Also, my tub measures I length 59" is that ok for a shower stall that has a seat molded in it?

Patricia Alexander

Thank you for your help.

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