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07:47PM | 02/29/04
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I am trying to install a small pedestal sink in our downstairs bathroom. I have tried three times, but each time I am having the same problem. Water keeps leaking from around the rubber gasket that fits around the bottom of the sink (where the pipe comes out of the sink to go into the P-trap. Each time, I have tightened the locknut around rubber gasket as tight as i can, but no luck. My suspicion is that the gasket is perfectly round, but the ceramic opening it is fitting into is not. If I tighten any more, i am afrain i will crack some ceramic part. Is there any sealant I can put around the gasket from outside to block this water leak? thanks.


04:19AM | 03/01/04
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Whoa user001,

I hope you're not as mad as that little red face! Are you using plumber's putty? If you don't know what it is it's putty that you'll roll into a thin line. About the size of a pencil. Wrap that around the pipe just below the flange that will rest on the ceramic sink and then drop the pipe into the hole in the sink. Use the rubber gasket the same way you are right now. Tighten the locknut. You should get a little of the putty squirting into the sink. Just wipe that away.

Now PlumberTom will come on and check my work because I'm not a plumber. Just a frustrated homeowner. Obviously if PlumberTom says I'm crazy please do not disagree with him.

Good luck,


plumber Tom

12:28PM | 03/01/04
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LOL Just kidding. What I understand from the post is: The tailpiece Nut and washer are leaking. Some things to check are: See if the top of the tailpiece is threaded (it will screw into the pop-up drain assembly.) If it is, remove it and dope up the male threads. When you re-install it try a new slip-joint nut and washer.


02:15PM | 03/01/04
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thank you thank you (both). I shall try out both your recommendations. cheers.

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