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09:52AM | 07/20/04
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When we try to flush the toilet in our master bathroom it sticks badly.

You can get it to work but you usually have to use two hands and I'm worried about breaking the handle.

When I take the lid off the tank and look at it while I flush, it looks like the valve at the bottom of the tank is sticking. Does anyone have any ideas?


11:26AM | 07/20/04
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Lets try something simple first. The flapper is connected to a lever on the handle with a pull chain. The chain needs to be adjusted to where it is tight enough to lift the valve with a minimum of movement, and loose enough to allow the valve to drop back into place. I am guessing the chain is loose and is requiring you to turn the handle so far that the lever that lifts the chain, strikes the toilet tank lid.

Take a look and post back with your findings.


06:06AM | 07/21/04
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I went home last night to try what you suggested but, unfortunately, our toilet doesn't use a chain. It only has a plastic arm that can't be adjusted. It's a Mansfield Plumbing Products two-piece model. Any other ideas? Thanks again.

plumber Tom

03:23PM | 07/21/04
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First shut the water supply off at the valve. Next lift off the tank lid and remove (CCW) the stop at the top of the valve (the stop is round, about the size of a quarter and is a threaded plastic piece) Then remove the long plastic piece that has a rubber seat at the base. You will need to go to a plumbing supply retailer to get a new seat. Take the old one with you and make sure you say it's a Mansfield. There is another part that the seat rests on and that part is also replaceable. Before you install the new one , turn on the water and flush away the seating area to remove hidden particles or debris.

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