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12:58PM | 08/01/04
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plumber Tom-- Well, I made a fool of myself on the telephone and in person at most every plumbing supply and hardware store here in Brainerd since I went looking for a "smart dumbell" to help me remove my bathtub drain. I'm not sure which offended me more. Them acting like I was an idiot to start with or them laughing as I walked out the door and them referring to me as "just another woman who hasn't a clue what she's looking for". I did know what I was looking for because I had acually heard of a smart dumbell before you mentioned it. Got any other suggestions on how I can remove the drain without hiring a plumber to do it. Thanks ahead of time. Martee

Margaret Doty

plumber Tom

02:38PM | 08/01/04
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I can't believe they sterotyped you just because your a woman. What asses they were! Ok did u get the tool? In any case i'll do my best to help you out. The dumbell is more useful installing new strainers then the actual removal process. Tub strainers are infamous for "freezing" up, making the removal process very difficult. What you have to do is get in that tight spot with a sawzall with a metal blade. it's a very tough angle (you have to lie down and it puts stress on your neck and shoulder's) Cut the shoe from the bottom, between the rubber washer and the tub. Be careful not to cut into the tub. if you have never used a swazall before, you are probably just better off hiring someone to cut it out for you. A sawzall is a very dangerous tool if not used properly. The shoe of the sawzall has to be held firmly up against the work and you let the blade do the work for you. you never force any power tool period. Once the shoe and strainer are removed, the waste and overflow will come out fairly easy. post back if you need step-by step instructions on installaing a new waste and overflow drain.


06:38PM | 08/01/04
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No, I didn't get the tool. I ran the entire gambit from "are you sure you have the name right" to "I've never heard of it, are you sure?" As for using the tool you mentioned, the only way that would be possible is if I take a hammer to the tub starting at the end away from the floor(of tub) and work toward the drain a piece at a time. Most everyone I've talked to is under the impression that I am trying to remove the overflow drain on the end of the tub. NOT!!! How much damage do you estimate I could do to the pipe under the floor doing it my way? I'm open to any and all suggestions. Thanks. Martee Doty

Margaret Doty

doug seibert

10:01AM | 08/02/04
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Perhaps if you Print-out the page and show the "boys" they'll be able to find one.....

You can usually find it on the shelf at the H o m e D e p o t

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