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11:41AM | 08/27/04
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I have tried to see the messages and responses on regarding SEIZED FAUCET HANDLE from December 2003, but cannot pull up all the messages.

I have bathtub handles installed about 40 years ago that started leaking. The handle has a bonnet ,and the bonnet part slips over a round housing over the stem . I removed the screw but could not pull off the handle. Purchased a faucet handle puller, used it till I bent the middle screw part, have sprayed under the bonnet and in screw hole with WD-40, Liquid Wrench and Lime Away. Also have hammered with a rubber mallet. Both handles are stuck and I have tried all the above several times over the last 15 months . One of the answers I could see regarding seized handles mentioned if WD-40 failed, break out the torch. Is anyone familiar with using a torch to loosen faucet handles?

I would appreciate any other hints also.


08:44PM | 08/27/04
A torch will work if you have brass handles. Heat expands. So if you apply heat to the handle stem that directly attaches to the brass stem you may be able to get the handle off.

However, most handles are pot metal and I'm not sure if heat will work on them. I cut them off with a hacksaw. I cut at a slant and stop before scoring the stem. Then take a flat blade screwdriver and pry the notch apart. You will have to take the stem to a parts storm to get replacement handles. Do not get universal adapter replacement handles.


07:03PM | 08/30/04
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I think if it were up to me I would replace the faucet. It can be accessed from the backside. There are two unions inside the wall through the access pannel. All faucets (of the two handle type) will fit back into the same holes as a standard 2 handle shower type. The measurement is 8 inch spread. Most of the manufacturers are still producing faucets that will fit in the same location. Delta, Moen and Kohler are all producing these type faucets. You may find the cost of all of the parts, the stems and handles will be as much as a new faucet from Delta that is washerless.

Good Luck

Raymond VinZant Plumbing Prof.

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