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09:17AM | 09/13/04
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Does anybody know the formula for figuring out how many gallons of water in area x square foot by X inches deep. For example, if I have a 500 square foot area covered by 4 inches of water, how many gallons of water are present?

Thanks for any help.


10:31AM | 09/13/04
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Well if you have 500 sq. ft. that is 4 inches deep in water, you have 500 sq feet time .33333 to give you cubic feet of water. and 1 cubic foot of water equals 7.48 gallons of water , the equations would go something like this.

500 x .33333 = 166.66665 cubic feet of water

166.66665 x 7.48 = 1246.6665 gallons of water.

Hope this was helpful.




10:31AM | 09/13/04
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Well if you have 500 sq. ft. that is 4 inches deep in water, you have 500 sq feet time .33333 to give you cubic feet of water. and 1 cubic foot of water equals 7.48 gallons of water , the equations would go something like this.

500 x .33333 = 166.66665 cubic feet of water

166.66665 x 7.48 = 1246.6665 gallons of water.

Hope this was helpful.




10:32AM | 09/13/04
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Sorry for the double post.

I am stupid today I guess1!!!!



10:34AM | 09/13/04
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I forgot to say, the .3333 is the factor of 4 inches in relation to a foot (12 inches) or 1/3.

That gives you the multiplier to convert square feet with a given depth to cubic feet to establish the volume of a give area.




04:18AM | 09/16/04
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Pretty good! I love it when I have got to pump out a basement, and they ask how much water is in it. I whip out my calculator punch in the figures, then look at the expressions on their faces when it's gonna take a little longer than 10 minutes to get a couple thousand plus gallons of water out of it. Math is fun!! C.


04:39PM | 04/17/15
I am looking to convert one gallon to square feet (area), not cubic foot. How is this done?



07:02AM | 04/18/15


11:26PM | 04/22/15
He just did that for you based on your number of 4 inches. 1 cubic foot 4 inches deep is 1X1X.33X7.48= 2.468 gallons for one square foot 4 inches deep. :)


07:11PM | 04/24/15
S.Tieger plumbing

Fro some reason I cant log in If you need more information just E mail me

L x W x H if in inches you times it by 231 as there is 231 inches in a gallons and it in feet times it by 7.48 (cubic foot)


12:01PM | 06/19/16
Hi I need to figure out how many gallons in area 15x15square meters 1/2 meter deep? Email Rodney.arias@


08:34PM | 08/13/16
my tub is
34" by48" by 7"
At one end, 34" end is slanted 45* out
Please help to figure out how many gallons I will need
Thanks Bill


04:17PM | 09/04/16
I live on a 5,000 acre lake and they are talking about taking out 23 million gallons of water a day to sell for drinking water. How many inches (or feet) would the lake go down each day if they did that? Assuming no water coming in.


04:37PM | 09/05/16
To BV012774,

OK. 1 inch of water over a 5000 acre area equals 135,771,500 gallons.
So if they drain 23 million gal. per day, it would take just short of 6 days to lower the level by 1 inch, assuming no rain falls over that time period. Obviously an inch of rain would even things up.
The drop in lake level also assumes a regular cube shape. No such lake exists in the real world. The sides slope inward at some point, so the drop in the level would become greater as the lake shape narrows.


04:53PM | 09/05/16
To BV012538 "Bill",

I'm not certain I'm understanding the slope thing exactly right, but a 36" x 48" tub, 7" deep needs almost 53.5 gallons to fill it to the top.
Allowing for the slope, let's just say probably 50-53 gallons


04:57PM | 09/05/16
To BV011996 "Rodney"

29,719.35 gallons


08:40AM | 09/07/16
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Hi, I have a question of how to determine equivalence of inches in rain if neighbor drains 8000 gal of water covering approx 500 ft area what is the equivalent to inches of rain? I'm taking neighbor to small claims court for damage to landscape but need a a way to explain the super saturation in common terms the judge will understand. thanks.


03:22PM | 10/11/16

You don't clarify if you mean a 500' square which would equal 25,000 sq.ft.,.....OR.....say a 20'x 25' area which would equal 500 sq.ft.
So here's both answers...

Over 500sq.ft, 8,000 gallons of water would cover the area about 25.5 feet deep, so draining 8,000 gal. would take 25.5 feet of water out of that area.

Over 25,000 sq ft., it takes about 15,600 gal. to drain 1 inch of water from the area. So 8,000 gal. per day would drain off about a half-inch of water from the area.


05:00PM | 10/26/16
I have a tank that is 17x6 and I have added 1/2" of water to it. Can anyone please tell me how to figure out the amount of water I have added to the tank? Thank you in advance.


09:12PM | 05/14/18
If I have 32sq.ft at 1/2 inch,how many gallons would that be?


07:14PM | 07/10/18
Did you subtract all the particles that are weighing in the water.We must be talking about pure water.Where can I get some.Of you boil it your still going to have so particles in it.So this is really a round about figure.


07:17AM | 01/27/19
Can someone explain how we can find an area of a settling tank by diving the flow (8000 gpd) by the hydraulic loading rate (800 gpd/ft^2). I assumed it would be a simple 8000/800=10 but it's not. Any ideas?


12:52PM | 03/13/19
I think this will work: Calculate the cubic space the water takes up - that is, multiply the length x width of the space by the depth of the water. The result is the cubic feet of water in the space. Then divide the result by 7.48, which is the number of gallons of water in a cubic foot.

For example, for a 10 x 15 foot space with water a quarter of an inch deep, you would multiply 10 (width) x 15 (length) x .25 (depth). That's 37.5 cubic feet. Now divide that by 7.48, the number of gallons in a cubic foot of water, and that's 5.01 gallons of water.


01:31PM | 05/26/19
How many square feet are in a pool that is 300 gallons and 2 feet deep?


03:31PM | 06/05/19
Please help me math! Ok so my backyard fills with water. Approximately L 100 feet w 70 feet d is 2 feet at the deepest. Which is 14000. Divide by 2 to account for the grade. 7,000. Now i need to figure out what kind of whole i need to dig to put that water in instead of it spilling into my neighbors yards and damaging there property. I was thinking a l 30 by 8 feet width by 3 feet deep would help cover about half the watet and therefor not get into there yards???


06:27PM | 06/10/19
100 square feet
one inch of water

how many gallons ?

Thank you


04:12PM | 06/13/19
62 gallons for 1" on 100 sq ft


10:40AM | 07/13/19
16x9x5 ft pool how much water will it take to fill


02:45PM | 11/13/19
I have 62.5 ft.² how many gallons of water is that


05:12PM | 11/19/19
I am majoring in Environmental Science, and I am working on a rainfall project. I was wondering how many Gallons of water would be in 669 square miles if it were 5 ft deep. I have worked a few different formulas, but I am unsure if I am correct. Thank you for any help you can provide.


07:43PM | 04/08/20
11ft x 7’ x 34” deep pond has how much water in it.


01:37AM | 04/18/20


08:03PM | 05/14/20
Help I have a pond that is 10 feet x 4 feet x 2.5 feet deep how many gallons of water do I have ?


11:56AM | 05/16/20
I have a 368 sq ft of garden bed with drip irrigation. A 29 min run of drip zone uses 117 gal of water.
How many inches of water have u applied?


11:57AM | 05/16/20
Typo corrections. 20 min and I applied.


02:05PM | 05/18/20
How many gallons of water would it take to have a inch of water on a 10x10 sq foot area


04:47PM | 08/10/20
I have a tank that is 78”x4”x36” how many gallons will it hold of water


05:19PM | 10/12/20
100 ft² times 3" deep as how many gallons


07:08PM | 03/11/21
If I need 4500 sq in - I inch thick— how many gallons


09:57AM | 03/12/21
How much water do I need to refill a pool if the diameter is 5ft and the height is 3 ft? If there are 7.5 gallon in a cubic feet then how many gallons do I need to fill the pool


02:47PM | 03/20/21
Hi i have a thing i want to fill its 29inches by 39inches by 4 inches deep how many gallons will i need to fill it


04:03PM | 04/30/21
I have a 50 gallon rain barrel. How many sqfeet of water is this?


03:05PM | 05/16/21
I have a Room 10 See when inch by 9' 9" . 7' ceiling. How many gallons of water would it take to fill that area. Please


03:09PM | 05/16/21
10' 1 inch by 9' 9 inch.
With 8 ft ceiling
How many gallons of water would it take to fill. The room please. Thank you


03:41PM | 05/16/21
Dose anyone answer these questions?


05:52PM | 05/17/21
If I have a 30' round container and I add 6000 gallons of water, how deep would that be?


08:00PM | 05/17/21
Where I live they charge a flat rate regardless of size of home or people which I call bs. I have a 1600 sf manufacturer home on .23 acre lot, 2 adults one works 60 hours a week, the other is retired and we buy bottle water. We are charged 92. 00 a Flat rate for sewer and water. Supposedly we're allowed up to 20.000 gallons of water per house and get charge if we use more but no credit if we use less! I calll bs for living out in the country aka city of Butte falls!, Or? Can someone explain this math to me. Mu neighbor has a 2300 sf home and we pay they same . I am ready to speak up to city hall about there flat rate! Am I in the wrong?


10:01AM | 06/06/21
1246.6665 gal


04:15PM | 08/24/21
160 feet times 2 in.²


01:57PM | 09/19/21
I have 900 sq feet to fill with water. How many gallons will that take? Thanks


11:49PM | 09/26/21
A 12 “ line is 1100 ft long. How many gallons does the pipe hold ?

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