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06:16AM | 12/10/04
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We are installing a toilet in our new bathroom. The drains were already roughed in when we bought the house.

The drain seems to work fine, and the toilet on its own seems to flush, but when the toilet is properly installed over the drain with a wax seal, it does not flush properly. When we flush the toilet the water empties from the bowl very slowly and doesn't have the proper cyclonic action. We tried running a hose down the toilet drain with the toilet removed and it went down fine. We threw a bucket of water down the drain and it went down fine. We threw a bucket of water into the toilet bowl and the toilet flushed the water down fine. We put the toilet in the shower and flushed it with the tank full of water and it flushed fine. What is going on here?????


11:59AM | 12/10/04
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sounds like there is no vent installed for the toilet sewer pipe




06:58PM | 12/10/04
I'm going to guess a tank adjustment or as partial clog in the drain line. A partial clog in the line can allow a back resistance in the drain line that a vent would usually relieve. A hose doesn't put out enough water at a time to check the drain and it takes about three five-gallon buckets one right after the other to insure the drain is open.

You're saying it flushes normally when sitting in a shower without a tight drain connection. At that time did it get the vortex going right away? What kind of toilet is this? Getting things just right in the tanks on some of these 1.6 gpf is frustrating.

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