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09:46PM | 01/25/05
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I recently bought a 5 year old home. The pressure in the master bath shower is very low. I have tried changing showerheads to no avail. I take the showerhead off periodically to check for hardwater buildup but nothing is there. Any suggestions?? This is driving me up the wall! Could I have a blockage somewhere? Any and all suggestions will be appreciated. The other bath has no problems, excellent pressure there.

Jim D

12:07AM | 01/26/05
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Rojamz - hi, I'm not a plumber but I've had the same problem before. First - how's the water pressure when the shower head is off? Running the water with it off will also help clear debris out of the water line if any's in there. Then, how's the pressure elsewhere in that bathroom - does the sink have good pressure? What about the rest of the house?

If the water pressure is still low when the shower head is off, and the pressure in the rest of the house is good, it's probably a problem in the water controls for that shower. The fix would depend on the water control itself, e.g., is it a single-handle fixture, or a 2-handle (separate hot and cold water handles) fixture? If you can post back with that info, LonnythePlumber or another one of the regular professionals can give you great help. (In my case, I simply had to replace the old valve stem assemblies with new ones. I also replaced the washer seats at the same time. I had a bad hot water control in one bathroom and a bad cold water control in the other bathroom.)

I hope this helps some - good luck! Jim D/West Point, VA


09:19AM | 01/26/05
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Thanks for the response Jim.....the water pressure is low even with the shower head off. I've tried running it with the shower head off, didnt help. The pressure in the rest of the bathroom is fine. Sink has good pressure as does the rest of the house. This shower is the only problem. It is a single-handle fixture. Any suggestions on what I can do to alleviate this problem?


04:29PM | 01/26/05
I support Jim's advise. It is most likely in your valve. See if you can identify the brand name and check their website for disassembly. You most likely have a pressure balance valve and just a little debri can goof them up. Some of them have openings half the size of a toothpick.

There are also some valves that have screwdriver shut offs in the wall behind the escutcheon and a strainer screen that can get clogged. The strainer is to catch the debri so it doesn't get to the valve. But only about 10% or less have the strainer.


11:38PM | 01/28/05
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Thanks Lonny for your response also. Another question....When the shower is on cold only, I get a stronger stream of water, hence more pressure. The more I turn to hot, pressure gets lower. Does this sound like a hot water valve you think? I have the single-handle fixture and it is a MIXET brand. If you think this is the problem, what is the simplest way to fix it?


03:10AM | 01/29/05
The hot pressure is weaker than cold in many homes. This is often due to the piping into and out of the water heater. It seems to be more noticable at tub/shower valves than at the faucets. Possible locations include the valve into the water heater. If you don't have a ball valve then you have have restrictions. If your heater is older it may have build-up into or out of the heater. Backflow nipples at the heater can be a restriction. Steel pipes or flex connectors can also contribute.

Mixit faucets are not well thought of but seem to be in wide use in other parts of the country. I've not worked on one.


12:08PM | 08/27/06
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I live in Maine and have a well. My water pressure has always been bad. My wife and my children have always complained that they can not rinse the soap off their skin or the shampoo out of their hair. I think that I bought and tried every shower head that I could ever find in every home center and hardware store in New England. They were all junk!!! Finally I found the solution at a small home show in Portland. A company was there that specializes in shower heads for low water pressure. Their name was Water Management in Boston, MA, and their website address is TAKEASHOWER.COM. They sold me a shower head that worked so well with my low water pressure that it almost felt like we had drilled another well. IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Unlike all the other shower heads we bought this one actually worked. If you are suffering from low water pressure you MUST visit this website. I only wish that I had found this company 10 years ago when I first moved to Maine because I would have eliminated a decade of suffering in the shower for me, my wife and my family.


07:38AM | 08/31/06
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We have a similar issue in our house. Our hot water pressure is much lower than the cold in all fixtures.

I believe our problem is that the water heater and it's connections are on their last legs. The owners of the house before me put in a piece of junk 6yr warranty unit. It doesn't have an Anode to replace. The pipes are probably all scaling up.

In my case, there is no point in trouble shooting my pipes until I have replace the water heater and coupling lines.

of course, if it is just the shower affected and not the sink + other faucets, your valve may have a scald setting. I have rented apartments that had a plastic guard on the valve to keep you from opening it too far and releaseing 100% hot water. It is a safety device for children. I had to use an allen wrench or Torx bit to remove the valve handle and turn the plastic guard a little to get enough hot water for a comfortable shower.


02:20PM | 07/25/07
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Thank you for your post shannonhamilton! I am so glad you saved me from buying every shower head made. There are so many, I didn't know which one to buy and when I saw your post, it sounded like you knew what you were talking about. I love the shower head. And I love the guy on the phone when I ordered it. I was ready to buy the most expensive one, but he asked me questions about my water pressure and said I didn't need it. I would highly recommend

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