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10:34AM | 03/23/05
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My showers are cold!! My sinks all get hot water, but the showers don't. this all of a sudden started happening, 3 days ago. I let the shower heat up but still nothing. The water isn't ice cold...but it deffinately is not even luke warm either!

Please Help!!!


10:21AM | 04/23/05
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Well, I would think its something to do with the cartridges inside the faucets. Most new faucets are pressure balanced. If the pressure balanced faucet gets a little debris in it from the water supply system, it will quit functioning. If there is a change in pressure between the hot water system and the cold water system, you won't get any hot water out of the faucet. Its designed to keep you from getting scalded by someone flushing the toilet. You might have to replace the cartridges or rebuild them if you have the skill.

If that isn't the problem, then you will probably have to have a plumber take a look at the real problem. It may require some diagnostics.

Good Luck

Raymond VinZant Plumbing Prof.


12:14PM | 04/23/05
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it could be an anti-scald device that the temperature cool cycle hasn't released the pin. (device gone bad). There are also anti-scald devices that can be screwed on the shower between the pipe from the wall and the shower head - and this could be your culprit. Do you get hot water from the tub spout okay, only lacking hot water when you divert to the shower head?


12:20PM | 04/23/05
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Some of these anti-scald devices are set to go "off" at 110, 115, and 120 degrees. I believe there are even some out there at 105.

You mentioned that you let the shower "heat up first", this is why I was thinking perhaps you are getting hot water to the tub spout, and then later it goes cool.

If your water heater is set at or above 125 degrees and you have a shower mounted anti-scald in-line device or one behind the "mixer" with the pressure balancing method Ray mentioned, this could be triggering the very protection its designed to -- save you from a scald.

Such devices are being required in newer construction and have been required in some areas for multi-family dwellings (like condos, apartments and the like) for quite some time in certain areas. They are also common in residential units designed for handi-capped individuals and senior citizens.

Just some thoughts to ponder, not knowing for sure if you are getting warmer water at one point that then grows cool, or if you have a valve in a "stuck" position.


03:28PM | 04/23/05
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I'm thinking your first response after a cold shower in shower number 1, was to head straight down to the water heater and turn it UP. Then you stated the problem was in ALL the showers, and it started at the same time, just three days ago, and that it only is a problem for the SHOWER portion of your plumbing (no mention of tub spout temps). This is why I'm fairly confident that its an anti-scald situation, and that most likely its the type that has been installed in-line with the shower-head, or one of those available five years ago that the shower head had an anti-scald function built-in.


07:05PM | 12/29/17
If you have a tankless water heater they have a min flow value for the heat to turn on , if your fixture is heavily areated or mixed with cold you may not be flowing enough hot water for the tankless to turn on.


02:01PM | 08/27/18
What could be the problem?


09:24PM | 03/08/20
I am having the same problem, well kind of. We just purchased a brand new home. New everything. My sinks and dishwasher all have hot hot water and my shower does not. The faucet will be hot but the moment I turn the shower on it goes cold, not ice cold but cold and I live in New England and it’s the winter and I need a hot shower. Wth is the problem?!

Leo Alfie

05:19AM | 03/09/20
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With a few inexpensive parts from a plumbing supply store, any DIYer can get the job done fast.
you replace it and still have the issue, there may be a problem in the plumbing behind the walls.


06:48AM | 03/10/20

I had a problem with hot water. But it wasn't in the whole house. As there was a problem with the boiler, although it showed a normal temperature. If you need anyone, I can recommend plumbers from if you are from LA


07:23PM | 02/18/21
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