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06:15AM | 04/21/05
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When i flush the toilet, the water bubbles up and it affects the impact of the flush...What could it be. All three washrooms do that in the house



07:59AM | 04/22/05
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the air isn't traveling up the vent stack, instead "bubbling" into your toliet bowl. It also could be a partially clogged toliet, but since you mention it is happening in all three toliets, sounds like a vent clog, or obstruction at the roof side, like a birds nest, debris or a bee/wasp nest are frequent findings this time of year.


02:00PM | 04/22/05
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Thanks for your reply....where would i find the vent stack...Its a newer home only 10 years old and its been bubbling ever since it was built....

Would a plumber be able to snake and find the clog? or would i have to hire someone else.../

Thanks again



05:19AM | 04/23/05
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The vent stack is typically found on the roof of the house. You want to look for a pipe that is about 3" in diameter. In the winter birds like to sit by the pipe to keep warm. So they often build nests in the pipe in the summer. Another thing that can happen, especially on newer homes, is a test cap is left on the pipe so there is no air flow. You might want to go up on the roof, carefully or have a professional do it, and look down into the pipe with a flash light. Another thing you can do is to have a fiber optic camera be fed down into the pipe to see if there is anything in there. If there is, then you can see how to break it up, or to retrieve it. But make sure you are safe. If the roof is steep, you may want to have someone do it from a plumbing company.

Good Luck

Raymond VinZant Plumbing Prof

Raymond VinZant Plumbing Prof.


12:05PM | 11/30/18
i used a plunge it seems to be working im keeping my fingers crossed


07:15AM | 03/24/19
only one toilet bubbles (small bubbles) in my house and company says they smell sewer gas or (methane) when they ealk in the back door.


02:57PM | 03/24/19
Could be snakes in the drains.

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