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11:56PM | 06/15/05
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I have a sink in the master bath upstairs that fills up by itself without having any water on in any part of the house. Evidentally it puts pressure on the pipes below because it is leaking under the sink too. I have to keep a wastebasket under it. What could be the cause of this water which is flooding my bathroom. I awoke at 2 am this morning and the sink was full of water, the countertop was full, and two of the top drawers under neath were full of water too?. Help!

Jim D

12:22AM | 06/16/05
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JAN4PAT - hi, it sounds like the washers/seals in the faucet have failed. Have you tried cutting off the water supply to that sink to see if it at least stops filling the sink? It may still leak under the sink because that's where the cutoff valves should be located. The leaks under the sink also sound like the hoses/pipes that connect the faucet to the house water supply have failed as well.

If you can cut off the water supply to the sink and post back with the results (e.g., sink doesn't fill any more), that'll help the experts (I'm not one of them) diagnose possible problems. Also, if you can post the brand name/manufacturer of the faucet, how many handles (1 or 2) the faucet has, and anything else that seems funny or was recently done to your plumbing, that'll help. Regards! Jim D/West Point, VA


04:44AM | 06/16/05
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Even if the faucets where leaking the drain should carry it away.

Are there any plumbing fixtures above this level?

Is there AC in the attic?

If so it is possible that they feed the condensation line into the vent or down to the drain under the sink and the drain is clogged.

Get a good flashlight under the sink and describe what all you see.


06:10AM | 06/16/05
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All the water to the sink area is turned off. There is a stool right next to the sink and a jacuzzi tub next to the stool. However, the jacuzzi tub is very seldom used and the stool is only used at night. There is another room on the same floor with a complete bath. It is used in the am for showers and then not used the rest of the day. There is a hot water heater on this floor too but the water is not warm. There are only two of us.

No, there is not another floor above--just attic crawl space. That is why this is so puzzling. Liquid drain uncloggers have been used in the past and that works for a few days. Could it have anything to do with the vent on the roof being clogged?

Underneath the sink is the usual drain pipes, etc. nothing extra. The drip underneath the sink comes from this drain pipe.

What is also so surprising is that the water comes up--it appears to be clean--even when none of the appliances are going downstairs.

Thanks for any and all suggestions and responses.

doug seibert

07:08AM | 06/16/05
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It's obvious the drain lines need to be snaked........maybe the vent lines also......

But Check that poorly operating water heater ........maybe a failed T&P valve overflow improperly piped into the DWV lines providing clean waste water to a clogged system......


07:08AM | 06/16/05
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"June 16th, 2005 10:23 AMWe too have the sewer smell in the shower...however, it is a little different than the May post. When we flush the stool, it can be heard gurgling in the shower. After several flushes we start to get the gas smell. It goes away for another period of time by running the shower for several minutes. From previous discussion, it sounds like the trap is not shutting properly, does this sound right to you and how do you solve this problem"

In another thread you posted this message.

I am sure that the problems are related. You have problem with the venting. When the toilet is flushed there is a slug of water released. That pushes air out infront it it and will pull a vaccum behind it. It needs to "breath" via the vent system to equalize the pressures. Otherwise it will can either bubble water out the other drains or suck them dry.

"No, there is not another floor above--just attic crawl space. That is why this is so puzzling. Liquid drain uncloggers have been used in the past and that works for a few days. Could it have anything to do with the vent on the roof being clogged?"

Yes, the problem(S) could be caused by clogges in the drain system and/or roof vents are places in between.

Now I don't understand what is causing the water to backup in the sink, as it is the highest fixture in the system. But possibly a toilet flush could push it up.

But if you have been having rains the water will come into the roof vent and you have an obstruction below the area where the sink connects in then that rain water will come out the sink.

Also you did not say if there was or was not an AC in the attic. The condensate drain might be tapped into the vent pipe.


02:57PM | 06/16/05
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Don't most Central Air run in the attic? I imagine ours does too; hopefully a plumber will be able to check that--thanks.


05:03PM | 06/16/05
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I am not talking about the duct work.

Common air conditioning systems are called split systems with the compressor/condensor coil on the outside.

On the inside you have the blower (air handler), furance (unless you have a heat pump or other type of heating system) and the evaporator coil.

Water condenses on the evaporator coil and has to be gotten rid of.

Now all house don't have AC system mounted in the attic. There are a lot of variables depending on the climate, type of construction, and size of the house. But many house do have AC systems mounted in the attic.

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