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09:01PM | 06/23/05
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I have sound of water running coming from the shower wall. I have a single handle on/off valve for hot/cold water... I pulled the face plate cover off and found no signs of water/moisture as well as I removed the access pannel and found not signs of water/moisture. I chek the main water valve at the street and did see the smallest dial on the meter moving very slowly. I would guess about a gallon every ten minutes or so. Anyone have an idea where the water sound/leak maybe coming from. I even checked a outside faucet and that was ok as well. The sound seems like it is coming right from the handle/ valve itself.

doug seibert

06:04AM | 06/24/05
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What's the construction?.....and Water supply pipes ?

Concrete slab on grade?.....Copper ?

Can you compare water bill.......monthly usage for the past couple months......?


05:23PM | 06/24/05
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Concrete block construction, Copper pipe through out house not sure on the supply pipes. Slabe is concrete with terazzo on top. Sound just started so I do not have a bill to compare.



05:31AM | 06/30/05
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You have a broken pipe below the floor someplace. Copper often breaks below the floor in slab on grade construction. You will have to get someone out with a sounding device that can locate the exact spot of the leak. Otherwise you will be breaking up the whole floor. There are companies, that will come out and tunnel under the floor from the outside to repair the leak, if the leak is not in the concrete itself. If it is, you may have to break the concrete at the location of the break and repair the tile and floor after the repair.

Good Luck

Raymond VinZant Plumbing Prof.


07:30PM | 09/19/07
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I have a similar problem discovered



-sound of running water in wall

-access port to these pipes (in wall)

reveals that they are dry

-water meter does not show any water

use (???)

-but when water supply to the house is

turned off the noise goes away (???)

- also, if I turn off the cold water

supply pipe to the hot water the

noise goes away.

This is slab construction with copper

pipe that is 35 yrs old.

About 18months ago I had a slab leak

that was repaired by bypassing the line with the leak = using PVS pipe and running it up through the attic.

Not the best solution in Florida because in the summer my cold water becomes hot and has to be run several

minutes till it becomes cold.

Instead of re-piping, this time I

am looking into a company called

AceDuroFlo. They have a 3 step process

in which they apply an epoxy coating

that adheres to the inside of your pipe to seal even pin holes and thus avoid the need to re-pipe.

Any comments on this solution would

be appreciated.


09:08PM | 03/01/20
If the sound is coming from the valve then the valve itself has probably failed and cold water is flowing into the hot water. The valve will need to be replaced.


10:39PM | 02/02/21
Came here looking for answers... my outside faucet was on. I'm such a donut.


04:58PM | 03/27/21
I have the sound of running water in the copper pies in my bathroom but no where else in my house and no signs of water in the walls or floor. I replaced the values in the bathroom and turn everything off an still have the sound of running water.

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