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09:45AM | 09/23/05
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Can someone please give me some imformation?

I bought a house 5 months ago. I am having some work done and today when the workers went into the basement, they discovered that everything we are flushing down the toilet is coming back up the drain onto the basement floor(explains the nasty smell I couldn't figure out!).

I had a plumber come roto-rooter it($270), he came up and said about 25 feet into the pipe it is blocked. it looks like the old pipes are broken and the pieces are blocking it. He said to fix it it would be about $3400. (This sounds really high to me?)

My husband said maybe we could fix it our self--I don't know if this is really a bad idea or not. It would involve tearing up the floor, putting new pipe in, replacing cement floor.

Is this a resonable price? Wouldn't 25 feet into the pipe no longer be under my house? Any opinions?

By the way, I live in Ohio,would it be legal to do it ourselves? also, could we go back on the previous owners, even though it has been 5 months?


11:49AM | 09/23/05
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While it if is 25 from where they put in the cleaning cable you will will have to figure which way the sewer line is running and then measuring it to see if it is under the house, out in the yard, might even be in the street.

I would get an inspection with a TV camera that will show you details of what the problem is and and maybe show if there is more problem area that need to be fixed.

If runs under the floor of the basement then the line is propably 6 ft deep, as a minimum, and might be much more. That requires LOT OF DIGGING and special details to keep the walls caving in on the workers.

It can be a DIY job if you know how to run backholes and shore up walls. The plumbing fix is not that hard, but you have to know what you are doing with the digging. It can be very dangerous.

As to going back on the sellers you will need to prove that this was a KNOWN PROBLEM and that they did not disclose it.


02:15PM | 09/23/05
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It sounds like the lateral from your house to the sewer main is collapsed. This requires excavation and replacement, and can require repair to sidewalks and street curbs. This is not a DIY project in my book. You can call plumbers that also excavate for estimates and accept the best estimate. You have one bid so far, now you need to contact a couple more to see where you are at.

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