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01:29AM | 10/21/05
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We moved into a house that has a septic system. A few months ago we dug a hole in the field behind our house, (about 30 yards away fom the septic tank and to the right of it) in doing so we severed a small (about 1-1/2") black PVC pipe. Ever since then when we do laundry we get a septic smell in our house, this also happens on occasion when we use the one bathroom (shower). The ground is wet and smells like a "swamp" were the hole was. Last night we got a substantial amount of rain and the smell in the house is VERY strong. We have had other rain storms before that did not produce this smell. My question is: Does a spetic system have a drain pipe?

Jim D

01:59AM | 10/24/05
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SALLYNOTOES - hi, it sounds like you damaged part of the septic system. If you Google "sepctic sewer system" you'll get lots of hits and can research what the entire system should look like. Chances are you may have cut through a pipe going from the house to the septic tank or from the tank to the drainfield. (Waste water flows from the house to the tank and eventually out to the drainfield.) The wet, swampy spot in the yard probably gets worse right after doing a load of laundry or after the shower's used...if you're not seeing soap residue at the wet spot, then I'm thinking it's the pipe connecting the tank to the drainfield. However, I'm not a plumber.

Fixing the pipe break shouldn't be difficult but you may need to determine which pipe it is. I'd suggest having a septic installer come out to inspect your system. He can educate you as to where your system's actually placed on your property and should be able to estimate repair costs.

I hope this helps some - good luck! Jim D/West Point, VA


01:43PM | 10/24/05
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Actually, I did locate info on how stuff works and realized that we damaged one of the pipes that goes to the drainage field. We were able to repair it with PVC and boots. This seems to have solved my problem. Nasty job though.

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