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12:45PM | 11/08/05
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I hope someone can give me some direction.


I have a typical 2 story New England colonial with a septic system. I have 2 baths upstairs and 1 bath on the first floor. The master bath and the first floor bath are located in northwest corner of the house. I believe they tie in to the main drain pipe in that corner of the house. Also in the first floor bath is the washing machine. The main drain goes straight down into the basement and then exits the northeast corner of the house to the septic system in the front yard (east side of the house).

The problem:

I keep finding water around the base of the first floor toilet.

Attempted fix:

The toilet tank and water line is not leaking. I decided then to replace the toilet wax ring. When the problem re-occurred, I took a look and saw that the toilet wax ring was not very well attached to the toilet horn. I then cleaned off the old wax ring and bought a new "wax-free" toilet ring. This is a device that glues with a rubber cement like glue to the toilet horn and then get pressed into drain as you mount the toilet. I am confident that there is a good connection between the new ring and the toilet.

While I was fixing the toilet, I noticed that water started to come up from the drain when someone flushed the toilet upstairs. In the past, I also noticed water filling up the toilet when the upstairs bath was draining and someone also flushed the toilet upstairs. I suspect what I am seeing is water that is coming up from the drain getting out around the first floor toilet ring and then flowing out from under the toilet.

Does this sound reasonable? If yes, what may be causing this? We have our septic pumped once per year.




06:15AM | 11/08/19
Inside the septic tank where the pipe enters is a baffle to direct the sewage downwards! You can pump out your septic tank daily but if you don’t clear the baffle sewage will back up. Take off
The septic lid and have someone flush a toilet, you should get a good woosh of water if the baffle is clear! Some septic tanks have a small cover over the baffle where the pipe enters the tank. If not you can bend a piece of 1/2 copper pipe in such a way to stick it in the baffle to clear it out! You’ll just have to get creative!

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