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09:30AM | 01/23/06
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I am currently having my master bathroom remodeled, and I have a 6ft whirlpool tub and a new spa shower with multiple shower heads and body jets.

Now what I am wondering is...I currently have a 40 gallon water heater that is only a few years old, and my plumber is recommending that I install a new 50 gallon tank to just the new tub, and leave the 40gal for the rest of the house....would that make sence? or would it be better to plumb them in series? It just seems like the extra capacity of running them in series would make more sence...but I am not a please help me figure this out....thank you


06:33AM | 01/24/06
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Just my opinion here. I think to put them in "series" is not a good idea. Too many problems associated with that. If you think that a dedicated 50gal water heater for the tub/shower wouldn't be big enough, you could go bigger. Some of the new high efficiency water heaters (Marathon for example) will keep the water hot in the tank for a very long time without running constantly. A friend shut off his water heater for two weeks while on vacation, came home and still had hot water before he turned it back on. Your old 40 gallon would be plenty for the rest of the house. If there isn't a big list of reasons not to install a dedicated water heater for the master bath, then I don't see what it would hurt, unless it is your budget. But you would have to have another wiring circuit added, if you are using electric, plus the associated plumbing. Or you might want to just weigh the difference in cost of replacing your 40 gal with a much bigger high efficiency water heater.....


03:44AM | 01/25/06
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Another option to consider, especially if you use natural gas, is a tankless water heater. The newer units, even stocked by Home Depot/Lowes, are very efficient and will easily handle your master bath needs.

You won't need the space for a large tank. More initial expense, but you won't be paying to keep 40-50 gallons of hot water hot, whether you are ready to use or not.

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