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09:21AM | 03/13/06
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I live in a 10 year-old house. Just in the past week, my faucet in the master bath has a sour, metallic smell for the initial 3-5 seconds of turning it on. It's a "one-knob" faucet. It only occurs from this faucet. My wife's faucet (3 feet away) is actually connected to the same water lines as my faucet, but she gets no odor. Any ideas about the cause?



11:38AM | 03/15/06
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There are three things you can do to try and remove the smell:

Remove the areator clean and bleach it.

Remove the faucet soak in Iron Out for 24 hours and reinstall.

Last, if the above does not work replace the faucet.

Safe plumbing brings life and health giving water into our homes, business, hospitals and takes away death and disease causing waste.


10:32AM | 03/16/06
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I saw this possibility in a previous post, so I tried covering the overflow hole.....same smell. I tried plugging the drain.....same smell. I even tried catching the initial water in a cup and taking it in another room before smelling.....same smell.

I'll try the recommendations from the other reply and see if that works.



07:28AM | 03/17/06
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Is it only the hot water or also the cold water? And does it go away after a few sections. Are you on a well.

Under certain circumstances with iron in the water and a harmless bacteria hot water can produce a sulfer smell.

From reading different complaints like yours it APPEARS that in some cases it will only produce a very small amount and that only collects at one place do to how the plumbing is aranged.


07:01AM | 05/11/17
What it is is that the under sink feed line made in China is designed for chlorinated water. They assume everyone has city water. I have a well, no chlorine so after a while the feed line harbors bacteria. Box stores only sell these crappy lines so I have to replace them about once a year. This started when I replaced my bathroom vanity to a double sink. The rest of the house has older lines and no problems.


10:32AM | 08/02/17
I have the same problem. We have well water (that is filtered) and it comes out odorless from every other outlet except the one faucet.

The pipes are all PVC, we don't have any water heaters and the smell is consistent: it lasts for about a minute when the faucet is opened after several hours (a day?) of non-use - and then it's fine for several hours (a day?) afterwards.

So what could be causing this build-up that gets cleared up after running the water for a minute? And how to fix it?

Any ideas gratefully received... :)


11:19AM | 09/17/17
We have the same issue, but we do not have well water.


04:14AM | 01/04/18
Have same issue too, one faucet with metallic odor at first after a little while of no use. I replaced the faucet and problem remains so it must be the line to the faucet :(


05:47PM | 07/28/18
I have this same issue. 2 yr old house. It’s always been just our master bath faucets.
The other 3 faucets I. The house are fine.


11:33PM | 08/07/18
I have the same problem with smell in one recently remodeled bathroom in my house. I am also on a well and am only getting the smell in the new bathroom. I am trying to understand if the problem is isolated to Moen products. As I understand they have put a plastic coating on the inside of their faucet products that apparently is not compatible with well water. Moen has replaced both my bathroom sink faucets side-by-side in the same bathroom under warranty. The problem has returned with the second set and they agreed to a full refund. (Unhappy Moen customer)


11:25AM | 08/19/18
I have it in one sink, and it’s a relatively new faucet (2yrs old). It’s definitely from the faucet - and I’m not blaming Moen, as I have the exact faucet in a powder room, too, with no issues there. I’ve cleaned the drains, the supply lines were all replaced with the faucet install, and I have chlorinated water. So weird.


06:09PM | 09/02/18
Same problem here except mine is coming from washing machine only. City water. It also isn't constant, it's sporadic but too often.


10:36PM | 10/04/18
I have the same issue. Smell is coming from bathroom faucet only. I just checked it and it's a Moen.


08:35AM | 10/11/18
what do you do for this problem?


06:36AM | 11/08/18
I have the same issue only in one sink in my master bath on the second floor and only the cold water. It is a MOEN and I have the same MOEN fixture on the other side of my bathroom on the other sink with no smell there. Under my sink there is a metal t shaped pipe that both hot and cold water pipes come out of that has a little plastic cap on the top that is only on the smelly sink.


06:28PM | 11/25/18
I'm having the same problem with a newly installed Delta faucet in the bathroom. We are on city water that is chlorinated. There is a sulphur odor from the hot water and it lasts for about 30 seconds when the water is run first thing in the morning. This was not a problem with the old faucet nor is it a problem with any other faucet in the house. The faucet was installed by a plumber last week. Suggestions?


01:42PM | 07/07/19
One both of my feed lines has a metal spring inside them. As you can see, one is completely rusted as the other one isn't. I have well water and these Detla parts may not have been made to withstand well water. BTW, the rust odor/sulfur smell is terrible. I'm looking for a new solution to swap these out for plastic only. I'm guessing the spring is there to prevent line collapse.


03:55PM | 07/24/19
On a well. Just replaced all the iron pipes with copper. Well has been shocked twice and removed the odor in the bathroom sink, but came back within a few weeks. Just this one faucet smells. We let the water run for a while and it goes away. Two year old faucet. just replaced the aerator. No change? Could it be the metals in the faucet?


12:38AM | 08/02/19
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We have a sulfur smell coming from a faucet in only one bathroom also. It happens when the water is first turned on and goes away in a minute. We are on a well and have had a whole house filter installed which did not help. Had a Plumber come over and was told the linings of the braided water supply lines from the valve to the faucet break down and take on the smell. Had both hot and cold lines replaced with Pex 1/4" SDR9 plastic line. It has been two weeks thus far and no smell. We'll see how this goes.


10:05AM | 09/16/19
We have the same problem with a newly installed Delta faucet. We have well water and use a whole house system and have had a service call twice to address the problem. While our system did need servicing the first time, the second call showed no system issues and the service man suggested that it is the SHAPE of our faucet that is causing the problem by trapping water; the faucet is tall with about 7 inches tall and slightly U-shaped. He suggested removing the aerator to allow water to drain, but that causes the water to 'spit' as it comes out. He also noted that a stainless steel faucet would likely solve the problem. Has anyone else heard this / tried a stainless steel faucet to correct the problem?


10:10AM | 09/16/19
Correction to above ~ it is a Kohler faucet with Ultra Glide Valve technology, not a Delta faucet.


04:14PM | 10/03/19
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My faucet with the bad smell is in my master bath. It is a Moen faucet and that is the only faucet that give the smell. I guess that I will have to replace that faucet. However, I did read in one post that they replaced their faucet and it was better for a while but the smell returned.


09:01AM | 10/30/19
If you study the plumbing in your house, which may not really be possible if you didn't see it being built, you will find that the sink with the odor is the farthest, highest terminating point in your plumbing system from the supply line into the home.

Whether you have bad smell or not, you will probably notice that this sink always "foams" for a few seconds before solid water runs, especially if you haven't used it in a while, like being on vacation. That's because every microscopic bubble of air collects there, and is looking for an exit.

I am not an expert, nor do I truly know the answer to this question. But I can see lots of wild guessing going on here.

The brand of faucet you have will never be the cause of this problem, that's for certain.

My best guess is that not all of the "air" in your water is "air". A portion of it could be gases that can be corrosive or foul smelling. Chlorine gas would be a prime example. These gases collect at the terminal point of your plumbing system and that's where you smell or taste them. That's also going to be what's causing any corrosion damage to the lines.

So far, the most revealing evidence is the BV19705 who said he found the support spring inside his feed line corroded. I don't believe any water line should have exposed metal in it (other than copper or iron pipe). That would certainly put a foul taste in the water!

I am going to check my lines and see.

City water, 2-year old home, in Woodstock GA.


01:07AM | 02/24/20
HELP ! Same issue - only in one bathroom!

Brand new replacement well - fabulous report of water quality from our county. Brand new faucet - maybe 3 months old - very frustrating!


08:47AM | 03/05/20
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We have a Kohler kitchen sink faucet which was new 11/13/2019. The water started tasting bad late December. Other faucets in the house are fine. I talked to Kohler and they sent me a replacement hose which I installed (BTW Kohler: your instructions in the video are wrong). After installing the new hose water quality was back to normal. So that pretty much confirms that it was the flexible hose

Now on 3/5/2020 the water is bad again with a distinctly nasty chemical/metallic taste. Water from our bar sink, 15 ft away on the same line, is fine.

Our water is from a well and our water coming out of the well is acidic which then goes through a deacidifier and is pretty neutral after that, although somewhat "hard".


08:08AM | 04/07/20
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Same issue.

Built new house a year ago.

Had sulfur smell in the water from our kitchen and bathroom sink cold side which would only last for a few seconds. The system was shocked and the well company added a carbon filter.

That lasted a month till it came back. The well company shocked the system again and increased the frequency as to which the carbon filter regenerated.

That also lasted a month, so I did some research and replaced the feed lines. That fixed the problem, but only for around a month. That seems to be the magic number here.

Now we have a chlorination system. The smell has came back to our kitchen sink, cold side only, which has been the most problematic fixture.

I'm figuring that replacing the feed line will fix it again, but how/why? My wife is going to freak out due to the money we have invested in this smell. Is there another kind of feed line I can use?

Please help us with this problem.


09:28AM | 04/15/20
We had this same problem. The smell was only coming from our kitchen sink, and only for a few seconds after the water was turned on. No other faucet in the house had smelly water, so I was quite certain it wasn’t from water heater issues. We tried draining some water from the water heater just in case, but no sediment came out and no smell. Since the smell only lasted a few seconds at the faucet, I figured the smell had to be building up somewhere between the water heater and the offending sink.

What I eventually noticed was that the braided pipes leading to the hot and cold had subtle horizontal “S” curves in them where smelly gas could get trapped, like how a toilet is shaped so sewer gas doesn’t come back up. I figured that when the water hadn’t been run in awhile, the gas would build up in the upper curve. Then the water would push the gas out when it was turned on. So I replaced the braided pipes with shorter ones that didn’t crate that “S” curve. We have been smell free ever since.


06:31PM | 04/24/20
Interesting how many of you are going at this problem...and even ALMOST solving it but then giving up!

General background:
IF this is a rotten egg smell, it is almost certainly from SRBs (Sulphate Reducing Bacteria). When SRBs attack metal, they create hydrogen Sulphide (rotten egg smell).
The SRBs can live DEEP inside not only your well but in the formation that feeds the well.

Well water people"
Some of you chlorinated but it only lasted a few weeks. Then you re-chlorinated, getting the same amount of time. This means , yes, it worked, but there were still LIVE SRBs in the well...probably 5-15 feet away from the well in the aquifer that feeds it. when shock treated, you need to get the chlorine mixture into that whole zone. (otherwise, they are still living there.) Give it a Much larger treatment (more volume, pushing the chlorine furthur into the formation). if you now get 1 month and it returns..go for another, even larger treatment. (you get the idea)

Unfortunately, these SRBs can live in your water lines also. If this is the problem, check your toilet tanks and see if you are getting a black smudge there (looks almost like dirty engine oil). If it is, you need to flush your entire system (at high rates) with a biocide which will have detergents that strip the oil layers away (that are protecting the SRBs in your pipes).

City water people:

The cities chlorinate...but that should Not give you much comfort if you have this problem. If you are at the end of a long main and you are one of the last users, the chlorine that the city put in may be long gone by the time it gets to your house. Chlorine degrades in a few days..a 1 or 2 ppm residual is gone by the time it gets to your house if there are not enough active users on the line. If this is the case, call your municiple treatment center and discuss.

Oh yes!
New metal (taps, hoses, etc) causing a problem? These are NOT root causes..quit changing your taps...they are just fresh material for the SRBs to attack. fix the problem upstream and this will go away!

I hope this helps!

Bob G (Calgary)


12:48PM | 06/02/20
RESOLVED. Not saying you are having the exact same issue but mine was rotten egg smell coming from ONLY cold water, ONLY from one sink...we have well water. Cold water flex line under sink was turning a dark green after a few months of use which apparently was causing smell. If I let water run for a minute smell would almost lessen. But after taking out hose and running hydrogen peroxide through it, smell and dark color totally disappeared. BUT after a few both returned. Ended up getting a metallic water line and problem has not returned after one year. Unfortuately we had second bathroom redone and new sink has a "quick-connect" water line set-up and I'm having same issue. Not sure if they make metallic hoses for these...anyone?


02:49PM | 06/12/20
BV022584, I have looked for metallic replacement to 'quick connect' water lines for widespread bathroom sink faucets to no avail. I know that cleaning out these flex lines get rid of the problem (as you already know, it's yucky, but for others, I'm posting a pic), but obviously I want a permanent solution. Given that I have not been able to find a metallic replacement, I will be replacing the faucet with PEX inlet. I think copper is best (, but also heard that PEX works. Will try out Delta model 3538-MPU-DST which uses PEX throughout (and there's no flex lines in there), and will revert back with findings (in several months). I've been trying to resolve this for, on and off, 3 years...


10:44PM | 07/15/20
I have a Delta kitchen touch 2.0 faucet. Every morning the first water that comes out smells like oil, or metallic, or something non-organic. Definitely not Sulphur. It goes away in a few seconds, but if you get your hands in there those few seconds, they will smell for hours without soaping them down a lot. I have had Delta send a replacement hose and it seemed to be less, but it is back. I am on a well, but I don't have this problem with any other faucet in the house, nor with the previous kitchen faucet - just this Delta.


10:38PM | 08/10/20
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We have a strong continuous odor when running any hot water. We are on well water and do not have a water softener. We brought up a sample of well water directly from the well and no smell. When we run the cold water, no smell. My husband flushed the water heater from the lower drain and the water was clear with no smell but when he drained from the upper water overfill valve, the water was muddy looking and smelled exactly the same. Is this caused by sediment buildup in the water heater? The water heater year says 2008 but it might not have been installed until 2009 or 2010.


10:49PM | 08/10/20
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We have a strong continuous odor when running any hot water. We are on well water and do not have a water softener. We brought up a sample of well water directly from the well and no smell. When we run the cold water, no smell. My husband flushed the water heater from the lower drain and the water was clear with no smell but when he drained from the upper water overfill valve, the water was muddy looking and smelled exactly the same. Is this caused by sediment buildup in the water heater? The water heater year says 2008 but it might not have been installed until 2009 or 2010.


05:16PM | 09/20/20
Resolved for me

Mine was coming from hot water and not at all from cold. (I have well water, filtered, softened, and UV sterilized.) I believe it was the iron bacteria building up in the water heater. Luckily I have a recirculation system for my hot water to keep the far off faucets heated.

I spliced in a loop with a whole home water filter (small one). Put in 5 cups bleach for an 80 gal total system (the concentration they to say to sterilize utensils for brewing). Shut off the feed of cold water and ran the recirculation for a couple of hours. After a few minutes I opened hot faucets for a few seconds to get the mixture in there (after diluted to the right amount). Then I turned back on the cold feed and flushed the system for a couple of hours.

No smell at all for a week now. I'll see how it it works long term.


10:22AM | 10/18/20
This is a really old thread but I am poppong in here anyway. I have ine bathroom sink with this same problem. It is the farthest from the water source. 100 year old house. I think the sink was put in before we bought it. It may be three years old. There was no smell when we first moved in but I rarely use that sink. Now when I do use it the water stinks very bad. I have not tried running it to see if the smell goes away. We are charged for our water so I do not just let it run. Has there been any suggestions for how to fix the problem?


07:16PM | 11/24/20
My old faucet never had this smell it started when I bought three Moen faucet and the one up stairs is fine the one in the kitchen is also fine but the down stairs cold water smells if I remove the faucet and directly get water from the pipe no smell. Now what


04:23PM | 01/22/21
Since your wife’s faucet doesn’t smell use hers and make her use the smelly one.


01:05PM | 01/24/21
Has anyone figured this problem out yet? I’ve got it in the kitchen brand new house on city water with a whole house sediment, charcoal, and water softener system on the main line. All other sources of water sinks,toilets, showers don’t have a smell but the kitchen water has a mettelic gassy smell for a few minutes then clears. It’s not the drain it’s the water I turn the faucet on put it in a cup and it stinks. I replaced the brand new moen faucet and lines and still does it.


03:18PM | 02/26/21
Here is my theory: I have a small faucet on the kitchen sink that by passes the water softener. From that faucet and no others, I get the rotten egg smell which goes away after I run the water a minute. This problem started shortly after they remodeled the kitchen. At the time, they kept the faucet, but replaced the water line. I don’t know what type of plastic line was there before, but the replacement was 1/4 inch polyethylene. This line originates from a copper line that also supplies the outdoor faucet. No smell there. So, it is either the 1/4 inch line or a 58 inch stainless steel flex line that is screwed into the faucet. My decision: Do I try for another type of plastic, or go with copper. I know copper will eliminate the smell but it is inconvenient to work with here. And is it the flex line or the quarter inch polyethylene? Flex line is lined with plastic but I have no idea what kind it is. I only want to do this once so I think I’m going with copper right up to the faucet.


11:02AM | 03/13/21
After reading several comments. Seems like moen is the problem! Just replaced the faucet , never had problems before . Will be returning product


10:54PM | 04/11/21
I had problem , I put in new water heater. smell gone for awhile, then smell returned . It appeared to be chemical reaction water heater , water softener and well water. poor quality Anode rods in water heater. I replaced Anode rod in water heater with (corro-protec) rod . It plugs into 120 volt receptacle. 3 years still smell free.


11:32PM | 04/11/21
Sorry just posted Anode rod replacement. before I replaced water heater. I added two shutoff valves to water inlet of old water heater. I would pour 1 pint hydrogen peroxide in old water heater. This would work about 3 months then smell would return . ( Every 3 months I would have to add 1 pint peroxide ) that's when I decided to replace water heater.After replacing water heater . smell gone for a year. then returned . Anode rods in new water heater not for well water. ( ) node rod a must. 3 years still no smell


11:33PM | 04/14/21
I’m having the same problem with a new Koehler faucet. My nephew is a plumber and said it is the new cheaper plastics the faucet companies use for the drain stoppers that is causing the rotten egg smells.


11:08AM | 05/02/21
i had the same problem. Smell on only one faucet on cold. it was the hose. If it is long and coils it seems to trap gases. i was going to shorten it but just move it around and it fixed the problem


03:28PM | 06/07/21
Might try cleaning the overflow tube. It is taking a couple of tries for me but it seems like it's getting better.


03:58PM | 06/08/21
Have the same problem, thought at 1st it was the P trap, open the P trap looked and adjusted everything was clear and fine. Then looked in the drain nothing in the drain everything is fine. Smell was only coming from cold side for one minute and then would go away we realized. Then I took off the faucet and cleaned it and put it back on and still had the smell, replaced faucet with new one, still had the smell lol. So I cut the plastic line going up to the cold faucet and installed a shark bite piece turn off valve and added a metal cold water line. Problem is fixed.....its the stupid water line. Inside the waterline there was a slimy black coating all on the inside and that's what was smelling. I guess it's the bacteria was eating the line or just fartin it up in there lol.


06:24AM | 06/18/21
We had the same issue after installing a new double vanity. Only the cold would smell terrible. Moen sent me replacement faucet internals with no relief. The SOLUTION was to change the hoses from the braided China ones to a vinyl hose from BrassCraft. One of the hoses needed to be 5ft, so I had to junction two of the vinyl hoses with a brass fitting. No issues since.


07:01PM | 07/06/21
So after months of trying to figure out what was causing the foul odor in my double vanity sink. (Moen Tilson faucets) here’s what I found.
Gunk buildup in the overflow drain holes at the drain. Remove the pop up drain plug and inspect the two holes just below the top. I poured some hot water down the overflow and watched a ton of gunk get flushed out. Mind you this vanity and faucets are only six months old. This is obviously a problem with Moen and I’ve reached out and left a message. Hope this helps others.


10:31AM | 07/20/21
Same problem. Hot water only on a single faucet, which is Pfister. We have city water. Smell went away last time after changing the cartridges in the faucet, this time I changed them, it didn't help.

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