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04:30AM | 04/17/06
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I have been dealing with a slow drain in the kitchen for over 1 month. Had Roto-rooter out twice and a plumber scratching his head over it 3 times. I think I need to start solving this myself. It's getting costly and nothing is helping sofar.

The kitchen (ground level)sink is the only slow running drain. Toilets and showers in basement and on top floor are moving well. Flushing any of those toilets ore running the washer (basement) will cause the kitchen sink to erupt.

1st step was roto-rooter - no help. 2nd, the plumber installed an indoor vent on the kitchen drain - no help. 3rd, as recommended by the plumber, did another rooter treatment - no help. The roto-rooter suggested that the indoor vent was too short and should be raised. 4th Plumber came back and raised the vent - again without relief.

Any suggestions?


06:10PM | 04/19/06
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No, we did not get our money back. I guess this was not a no-cure-no-pay deal. Why we need a vent now and not in the past 9 months we have lived in this house is beyond me. I think the plumber suggested that the drain might be slow due to lack of venting thus giving grease etc. more time to stick to the pipes.

I was not home when the rooters came by. I know that hey took off the trap, but I'm not sure what kind of device they used. I don't think they jetted it.

We picked the first rooter because he advertised that he could do video inspection. He claimed that video is only for larger diameter pipes. I would love to have a video of what is going on down there. Could our pipes be OK but have a blockage where they meet up with the city sewer? In that case a video would help to motivate the city to dig up the street.

This is giving me a headache, but I don't think it's sewer gas. I'll hold off sueing the lot.

Thanks a lot!

erik peterson

06:41AM | 04/20/06
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Simply call a qualified plumber....As stated above most "rooter" companies employ un-trained techs. I doubt your problem has anything to do with the venting and has everything to do with poor plumbing skills. I tell friends and family if the company has rooter in their name dont call them. erik


12:15PM | 04/29/06
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First thank you all for your input!

I have found some things that give temporary relief and may help to solve this puzzle.

I removed the Studor vent (indoor vent), left the hole open and turned on the water full speed. No problem, water goes down easily (If there was a clog, would that happen?). Now I covered the hole with plastic wrap - water backs up and stops until I removed the plastic (got a bit of a shower out of the vent hole, oops).

The reason that I removed the vent was to put a $10 drain cleaner bladder down the pipe. This basically is amateur water jetting. I used that for 5 minutes, reassembled the whole thing - IT WORKED - for 3 minutes. Then it was back to the pokey old drain we knew.

Wondering if it was the jetting that gave the relief, I repeated the procedure but without the jetting. WORKED JUST AS GOOD - for 3 minutes. I tested it directly after reassembly, did not use the drain for 3 minutes, turned on the water and found it to be slow again.

What just happened? Did I allow some gas to escape and helped the drain that way? Why wouldn't the vent do the same? Why would this sink work fine for 9 months without a vent? Could something be wrong with the vent to the roof from the main line making the gas go up this leg of the system?

This is diving me nuts!

Thanks again for your help.

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