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10:21PM | 08/24/06
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I got a leak in the kitchen ceiling.

We have bathroom right above the kitchen.

Eventhough we shut down external taps and

faucets in the toilet upstairs, I

still see water dripping.

Can some one tell me

a) a probable cause for leak

b) how much it typically costs? The house is

'99 built, not sure why so soon?

c) does the ceiling need to be ripped

and repaired?

Thanks a bunch for your quick advice. I am

a total novice here


06:12AM | 08/25/06
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It is really impossible to get even a guess as to the cost to fix this.

First cost vary drastically around the country and also from repairman to repairman.

And is it a simple leak that can be fixed from a 2x2 cut off of the ceiling and a handyman can do both the plumbing repair and a drywall ceiling patch.

Or the promblem might be up in the wall and require a carpenter to remove the cabnets, a plumber for a tricky repair, the carpenter again to repair rotted walls from a long time leak, an electrican to remove and replace wiring in the rotten wall and a drywall specialist that can match the ceiling texture.

In a low cost area and if it is the type that handyman can do maybe $300-500. But worst case it might be as much at $5,000 or more.

Most like it is is of the simplier type, but no way of telling.

The fact that water is sill dripping is not do indicative of the problem. Water can be trapped in the ceiling and it takes a long time to dry out.


10:07AM | 08/25/06
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Thank you for your kind reply!

I drained out the rest of the water in the

toilet bowel, and the dripping stopped.

The technician from rescue rooter services

wont even come until monday.

Now I am most worried about the following

a) how it costs to replace the watermarked

kitchen ceiling ~2ftx2ft? Mine is not a

fancy ceiling.

b) How do I protect myself from mold.

willing invest a little now (but not in

thousands $$). Can I do it now? How much

does it typically costs?

I live in dallas Tx.

Thanks once again!


10:45AM | 08/25/06
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I would think $200 300 for repairing the ceiling.

But you might have to look around for someone that will do a small job like that.

As far as the mold, should not be a problem unless this has been going on for sometime.

But you want to get it opened up as soon as possible and let air circulte (a little fan will help) to get it dried out.


04:22AM | 08/27/06
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Thanks once again for your kind replies.

I have a small Q: Some of my relatives

are visiting me for the long weekend,

can I start the opening of ceiling work

for drying and putting any bleach inside

for protecting against mold till then?

From outside it has already dried out.

Ofcourse things will be more clear on monday

when technician has a look at it.

In summary, will a week's delay matter?

like 'mentioned 'am a newbie here.

Besides AHS/Rescueroorter kind of services

can someone point me to regular yearly (half-)

maintenance services at an affordable rate

in Dallas--Thanks


12:41PM | 07/28/14
It would be best to get a plumber out there to take a look. It's hard to tell what the problem really is without being able to see it. The plumber will be able to quote how much plumbing repairs might cost to give you an idea. Don't wait too long or else the problem might get worse.
Shelly Slader |


01:04PM | 07/28/14
"Don't wait too long or else the problem might get worse." Look at the date on the post. LOL

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