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08:52AM | 11/27/06
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Here's what happened I took a shower everything works fine. Wife gets in shower moments later and there is no water to the tub or shower. You turn on the valves and you get a rush sound in the pipes, but then the sound stops and nothing comes out of the spout or shower. I don't hear it leaking anywhere, like behind the wall its like the pipe is clogged. I recently replaced the wall stems before this happened, maybe I did something wrong but it worked fine for a couple of months. Any advice would be great.


08:05AM | 12/03/06
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Sure wish someone would answer you, as I have the same problem.

I replaced the cartridge and that didn't help. I don't think there is air in the line.....???????


09:31AM | 12/03/06
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Looks like I’m responding to my own problem/question

The problem is caused by the 2 turn-off screws (hot & cold) on either side of the cartridge. I turned off the water at the MAIN, released the pressure in the lines, and then removed each of the "screwdriver type valves with a socket wrench. Cleaned them both with a wire brush, opened them up all the way and made sure the grommet was seated and replaced them, leaving them open. Turned the main back on and I had all the pressure that I was supposed to have. My E-mail address –


01:14PM | 12/03/06
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I'll give it a try and let you know if that worked for me.


01:38PM | 12/16/06
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removed the stems and found the washer eaten up on one of them. Replaced it, but still no water. Racking my brain I just could not believe there was no water coming out a facet that was open (both hot and cold). Decided to remove the stem to see if there was water behind it....guess what? There was a lot of water behind it. After getting the water turned off and dried off I put the stem back in, turned on the water at the street. I still have no water in that tub...everywhere else in the house, but not that tub or shower. So here's some new questions is the problem in the mechanism contained within the stems? I used plumber's tape on the threads of the stems (not over the holes though)is it possible that I am getting it too air tight?



11:41PM | 08/04/16
same happens to my house everywhere is water but no water on shower

i am wondering if this is problem with the well pump pressure

i check the hose bee and i notice that i can stop the water flow with my finger

but over all i do not know what the probelm is


11:12AM | 07/05/17
So glad this forum gets answers!! Because the problems you guys have are exactly what is going on at my house!


08:55PM | 12/31/17
I guess bob vila is too busy to reply. The common answer is to replace the cartridge assembly in the valve handle. YouTube has great videos. Search “bathtub faucet no water”
I have this problem at the moment as well.


09:32PM | 06/30/20
Does anyone have any new answers to this issue? We have no water to our shower or tub faucet either. Checked all valves and all are open. Water works fine everywhere else. When we turn the water on, we can hear the water rush sound, then nothing - it stops. It's like something is blocking the water from coming out. We have hot/cold knobs, not a single controller, if that helps at all. The house is about 70 years old. The previous owner was the only owner and did all repairs to the house himself. When he passed, the house sat empty and unused for about a year. Could this have anything to do with the problem? I've searched YouTube for videos, and cannot seem to find the exact issue. When I first began looking though, I was told there was a type of valve in the wall that could have gotten blocked from all the sediment buildup while it was not being used? Does this sound plausible? Oh - we also have a well, if that helps. We've called several plumbers, and they all are booked so far out, and they all keep insisting that it MUST be a shutoff valve somewhere. We traced the lines back from the shower/tub and sink to where they converge into (or from) the main line - the only valves we could find, were the hot line knob and cold line knob. Both are wide open. (Note, they are the type you need a screwdriver for.) The sink works just fine. Will continue looking, but would love some input/help....anything would do at this point! Thank you in advance!


09:38PM | 06/30/20
Another note (I posted as BV022847 above): we tried something related to what Kokomo said. We removed one of those knobs that you need a screwdriver for, and still no water. Will be trying to remove the other soon as well. No need for them really. Can just shut off the water at the main - if necessary. It's a small house.


12:26AM | 09/28/20
Wow I have the same issue. I moved into a house that a man had bought , gutted the whole thing , and finally getting close to getting it done and came down with cancer and passed away. Just wanting you all to understand everything is brand new in here . Pipes . Tubs ,sinks ,faucets. I finished the plumbing to one bathroom and everything works great EXCEPT I have a trickle of water coming from the tub facuet. Everything else has great water pressure. I have no leaks . The plumbing is all under the house . None in the walls. I have made more then a few trips outside down into the crawl space ( this guy was not a small man so the new part of the house he added on is where all the main plumbing is and he made it deep enough I can walk on my knees not my belly.)
He is the one who roughed in the tub area and shutoff valves were already there when I moved in. I was wondering if there was some kind of adjustment on those that could be why I have no water there. Was looking for answers and found all u posts. It is a shame no one found the answer yet. I guess I call a plumber tomorrow


09:33AM | 10/17/20
This is exactly my problem, what could be the problem or cause of no water flow?


03:44PM | 01/31/21
Just finished a complete home remodel. New kitchen, all new tile floors, and the master bath. The guest bath was remodelled three years ago with all new faucets, soaking tub and tile. Today I used the shower, right after that my husband used the shower to bath the pups. Went to rinse out the tub and no water. Checked the meter and it wasn’t running. So no leak. Funny (really terrible) thing, we discovered a broken underground pipe on Monday morning in the kitchen and has not been fixed. So there goes my new floors. Can’t get a plumber out for two weeks! What else is going to go wrong?


10:38AM | 07/18/21
I’m having the same problem. Our village changed my meter to digital Friday. Saturday no water to tub facet or shower. Help


08:24PM | 12/07/21
Sounds like an issue with the spindle assembly inside the valve body itself.


08:24PM | 12/07/21
What type of valve is it

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