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12:18PM | 03/02/07
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My son threw them down there and it flushes but not like it use to and you know if u go to the bathroom number 2 :) it dont wanna flush that well so i noticed so far what should i do i dont want my plumbing to be messed up should it just flushed down his sun glasses


05:54PM | 03/03/07
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i took my toilet apart and i couldnt find anything when my son threw his glasses down there should i still be worried even though it still flushes


05:32PM | 03/08/07
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Today I dropped half the roller that the toilet paper hangs on. You know - you got the little posts that screw into the wall, and the roller that's made up of 2 halves with a spring in between. I guess all these things have names but heck if I know what they are. Anyway, I was holding one half as the toilet was flushing, and the other dropped down the toilet. I heard a "clink" which is I assume the roller half hitting the ceramic at the trap and - hopefully - lodging there.

So ... my question is whether something this size would fit through the trap. If so, then I guess my only option will be to take the toilet out because I don't want it to go through. If not, I am thinking it may be a lot easier to use the closet auger and try and pull it back. I guess it all hinges on whether I may accidentally push the roll through the trap or not.

Please ... help! Thanks.


07:04AM | 03/09/07
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your trap could be as big as 2.25 inches. That roller could be gone for good. or clog up the piping somewhere else downstream.


06:37PM | 10/14/15
my buddy just flushed a lens from his sunglasses down the toilet. We flushed a few times and it seemed ok so we tried some tp and it definitely is clogged. Can a lens make it past the trap?


06:08PM | 05/08/17
I accidentally flush my glasses down the toilet , it felled off my face into the toilet while it was flushing. Is there a way I can still retrieve it?

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