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09:10AM | 11/07/13
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I've read so many of these posts and still don't feel I got enough information one way or another about the saltless softeners - also I'm looking for a good whole house filter to filter out the usual contaminents and arsenic. Thoughts?


08:35AM | 12/08/13
For me big question is health effects of hard water (20 grains or higher), otherwise best solution will be non-salt water conditioner not a salt base water softeners. Non-salt water conditioner still claim to protect appliance and your plumbing see example simply soft from Aquasana or Pelican which is using name softener. This is misleading simple test will show hardness will not be reduced by any of non-salt base systems magnesium and calcium will be still present in its original amount but with change structure of minerals to prevent build-up. I'd like to find some reliable source confirming hard water effect on health and reliable test by independent body to confirm effectiveness of non-salt water conditioners on appliance and plumbing.


02:43PM | 03/13/14
I have installed magnets in three hotels. The last the "hardness" level was 1 prior to and we have raised it to 3 to save the copper pipes. Guess what? the sheets and towels are noticeably softer (as reported by our regular guests). Those of you who are foolish enough to state that magnets don't soften are either mentally blind or are seeing brown.

Patrick Shelley


09:59AM | 05/05/14
I am a firm believer of this product and company LifeSource. When you purchase the whole house filtering unit, you need to add the ScaleSolver and Pre-sediment filter. This is a complete package. Looks like LifeSource was approved the NSF/ANSI 61 for the ScaleSolver unit on 2/4/2014. That is great news.

I have been a LifeSource customer for 5 years now. I only had the 2250SE Tank bought back in 2009. I saw that they added the new Pre-sediment filter and ScaleSolver. I was interested in learning more about this product, so I researched online for hours. I liked what I read.

When I emailed the company on a Saturday evening, not even 2 hours had past and David called me. He came to my house that Sunday night and sold me the complete unit. Since, I had a tank, he discounted my account over $600.00 and I bought a completely new system, which consisted of three items. He also threw in a box of 3 Pre-Sediment filters.

David is an awesome sales rep. He is very nice, someone you can trust. I read people like a book, since he was honest about my questions, I bought the system on Sunday night and on Thursday afternoon that same week, it was all installed by a very nice, professional installer that works for the company for many years. David and him work together on the installs. He knew what he was talking about regarding the units and how to install them the proper way without cutting corners. He is very smart and an actual license plumber. He even showed me how to maintain the units and asked me where I would like the units, and pipes to be located. He spent 4 hours to install these. Took his time and didn't leave till I was pleased. He cleaned up his mess, actually he cleaned my entire garage floor. Now it looks better then when he came. WOW, is all I can say.

Now for the best part: About the water. WOW again. It is super soft, really it is. My wife and baby notice a HUGE difference. The ScaleSolver really does the trick. My dishes have no more spots at all. My showers look very clean, no more SPOTS on my Shower doors. I almost cant believe it. For the best part, they added a Spicket in my garage so I can wash my car with the filtered water. Well, I did just that. My car cleaned very nice with no more hard spots. The soap, WATCH out. Just use half what you normally used. It spreads like crazy. My skin is super soft now. When I washed clothes they are cleaner and brighter. All in on weekend. I put this system to work and it really works. I am a firm believer and sold for life.

Thanks LifeSource and thanks David. You are an awesome rep. Just in case if you are wondering, there was no charge for Installation or delivery. I do not work for LifeSource nor got paid to write this review.
I am a customer.


04:38PM | 07/10/14
The Pelican salt-free water softener is a scam, and we fell for it. Our house is new construction, and our water heater was brand new. Yet, despite after only using it for 8 months, the heating element failed. When a plumber came out to look into the problem, he found the bottom heating element literally coated with minerals. "This is the worst I've ever seen," he said. We bought a real water softener, which was installed 10 days after the water heater was fixed, then called Pelican to inquire about returning the useless salt-free water softener. "We need visual proof that it doesn't work," the representative said. This requires draining our 80 gallon water heater (the complete opposite of "environmentally friendly", especially with water shortages happening everywhere) and hoping that ten days of element build-up will be enough "proof" for them to return this quack device. I'm guessing it won't be. An affidavit from the plumber wasn't enough, and we had already tossed the broken, mineral-coated heating element days before, so we can't use that.

Frankly, I am appalled at Pelican's customer service, in addition to being appalled at their product. I'm guessing this review won't be posted by the corporation, but I'll cross-post it across as many sites as I can find to prevent other people from making the same thousand+ dollar mistake we did.

Regarding the review system on Pelican's website: I also notice I cannot post how many stars I give this product, yet when I look on the product's page, every single review posted has five stars? How did they get those stars? Something smells fishy, Pelican.


08:18PM | 08/03/14
I have a knetico system in my home for years only to find out it was installed incorrect by the service tech. When I contacted them I got no response.


09:33AM | 08/07/14
Salt free water softeners are not real water softener, they are called water conditioner or descaler. I personally used a salt based water softener. I referred to this site before getting my water softener. Great resource


09:22AM | 03/27/15
I have a Kinetico which I disabled because it made our water too soft. We were sold a softener and didn't need it. It corroded our bathroom fixtures. I did several water tests through the local health department and this is what the environmental specialist told me. Have had no problems with additional corrosion since I am not using the Kinetico. Still have the scaling and rust staining problem however and don't know what to do.


06:01PM | 04/27/15
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I want to know what unit that Arvidd decided on? i am looking for something that takes the scale out of the water [white stuff that leaves buildup on my dishes, on my shower doors, ring in my toilets] but not crazy about using salt, my parents drinking water tastes like salt to me even though they have filters and I've heard salt water softener are bad for the environment.
I also want purified drinking water throughout the house too.
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