02:32PM | 10/22/08
Member Since: 04/01/05
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Here we go again...

Come on fellow. These are NOT water softeners but even the widest stretch of the imagination and to advertise it as a softener is fraud.

Clearly you have been dooped. These do not replace a normal water softener in removing hardness minerals and ferrous iron.

They are marketed toward people who are lead to believe they will accomplish great water treatment feats and are left very disappointed.

We have been doing wateer treatment for more the 3 decades and if they worked, we would be selling them. Instead, we are replacing them due to very poor to no results.

Good luck in your cheap investment.


08:38AM | 12/17/08
Member Since: 12/16/08
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I checked their site, they sell shark liver oil as well. I am guessing that is the equivalent of 21st century snake oil.

"A sucker is born every day"

W.C. Fields


01:18AM | 01/06/09
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With anything one knows little about, the internet is both very helpful and very confusing. What to accept as truthful? Whom to believe as knowledgeable?

I'd like softened water, but I don't want a bunch of sodium in it. Also, like many, I loathe the slimy feel of salt-softened water in the shower. So what to do?

Several suggestions have been made here (I've read the whole string), including Pelican and Easywater. I've also read the interesting exchange concerning Kinetico. I wish I knew a bunch of reliable people who lived around this neighborhood, each one of whom had purchased a different system three or four years ago and were willing to be absolutely truthful in describing individual experiences.

Even that might be hard. No one likes to admit to having made a bozo decision, so someone with a really lousy system might glide over the bum choice so as not to appear stupid. But neighbors with experience would be about as good as personal testimony gets.

Sadly, no one around here has anything other than Culligan or similar salt-based systems, so they're no help (I already said I don't want a system that uses salt, or at least very much salt). Most of these folks are tepid in their "endorsements" of whatever system they have, so I'd not be impressed even if I wanted to dump endless quantities of salt into my water forever.

Has anyone found a forum where huge numbers of people have posted their experiences with various sorts of water softeners? Or is there a site where some sort of official, scientific analyses and comparisons might be found (yes, I've seen, but it's hardly unbiased)?

It's a hard world (full of hard water) out there, and good information, as always, is at a premium, especially when nearly everyone who sells nearly anything is prepared to say nearly anything to sell it. With apologies to Joe Friday, I'd just like the facts, ma'am.


08:27PM | 01/09/09
Member Since: 01/09/09
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We had a home in Montana with a Kinetico system. It used an enormous amount of salt per month. Maybe it was not set up correctly.


04:12AM | 01/12/09
Member Since: 09/02/08
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I to had the problem of trying to sort through all the confusing contridictions relating to water softerners.I have chosen the pelican no salt,and i have well water.I did not want to taint the tast of my water with a salty tast.My water tast was excelent and tested for very good quality, except for the hardness. The pelican did take away that hard to clean build up on all our faucets and my wife and i notice a big difference in the feel after taking showers.Skin feels not as dry as before and all water appliances now stay very clean.I have only had the system installed for about 6 as far as longeventy we will see???I am not in anyway assoiciated with any company.I do however wonder why there isn't more research and proof reguarding this all important topic.i find reading all the information reported by the many water filter companies to be in many cases only self serving. GOOD LUCK.


12:35PM | 01/12/09
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Kinetico is considered a high efficiency softener, so it may have been improperly set.


01:04PM | 01/12/09
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We also ended up purchasing the Pelican no salt softener, and have had it for two months! we are on hard city water, in so. calif.

So far we are using less detergent for clothes & dishes, the soap lathers better in the shower, and there is no slimey feeling.. the best part is no salt to purchase or deal with! we are private parties with no affiliation with anyone. hope this helps!


10:52PM | 01/13/09
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I also live in San Diego and I bought a Pelican water conditioner in March of 2008. I love it! I really notice the difference when I wash my hair, and especially around the house - like in the guest toilet which doesn't get used so often. There is no hard water residue in the toilet and around the faucets and that was a problem with my old salt conditioner. Everything feels cleaner. I only wish that I had also bought the charcoal filter as well.


04:59AM | 01/14/09
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Hope everyone reads this, I have a Kinetico system $2700, and its junk, nothing but plastic parts, we had a service call last month because the water just kept running thru it and out here, in New Mexico you just cannot waste water, went out in the garage yesterday and its doing it again, the bill for last month was $96.00 and who knows what it will be this time, its all plastic parts and boy its expensive to maintain, I would not recommend it to anyone, buy something else for hard water
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