07:23PM | 04/30/07
Member Since: 04/01/05
32 lifetime posts
That's real nasty even for an anonymous Kinetico salesman defending his marketing actions by getting nasty.

>>I’m not at all sure what you mean by anonymous. I am not the one who first used my name on this forum. YOU are the one who announced to the world who I am.

So what is your point? How does that make me anonymous? I preferred to remain anonymous and just address water issues, of course using my perspective.

You, on the other hand, decided to use my name—-in an unsavory intention. You are a very hard fellow to figure out. I never announced that I sold any equipment, let alone Kinetico and all the equipment that you deal with as well. YOU made that point clear—not me

And how does this work for, what you call my "marketing actions"? Can you make yourself clear? I understand your frustrations, Gary.>Absolutely NOT TRUE-- In fact, you have criticized me that when I couldn’t sell a Kinetico, I could still sell another type softener at a lower price, namely the same models that you can get from Mr. Mike K. at the Ne***n Corp in OHIO.

Don’t you recall us discussing that, Gary? Or are you just playing some mind game and fabricating some fictitious story to support your flimsy argument? You have known all along that I sell many pieces of water treatment outside of Kinetico. You starting to lose it old boy!!!

Where have I ever said that Kinetico is the "greatest"? And I have never said "everyone should buy one". Again, Gary, you purposely misquote others and say things that are simply not true.>How am I "still being dishonest"? 'Nice' generalization though and, as usual, inaccurate. I have no doubt that there may be some shady characters out selling junk and making promises that hold no water.

I don’t know what the "other forums" you are talking about but since you have often made numerous accusations without support, evidence or credence, then there is really no use in even trying to defend against such baseless allegations. >NO, again! I have stated that we are not limited to just selling one type of equipment. (Stenner, Well-Mate, Fleck, Autotrol, Clack, UV systems, and on and on) In fact, we are not a franchise whereby the franchisee is limited, restricted or obliged to deal in only one kind of product.

Don’t you remember me saying that we can sell everything you can but you can’t sell all what we can. There are certain vitamins, minerals and mental exercises that help improve memory, Gary.>Whooo, Now there you go again. Announcing to the world in my behalf "Who I am, What I do, and now Where I work". It is you, not ME that brings this to others’ attention. So what is your point? Are you looking for a thank you from me? OK. Thank you, Gary. But I really don’t need your help.

I don’t recommend anyone on this forum or any forum in seeking my personal help on purchases, repairs or replacements that have any benefit to me or my company as that is not why I am here…unlike you, however, my friend.

Agenda? What are you talking about? What is it that I can "share with them"? Very puzzling and mysterious. Let me see if I get this enigmatic proclamation right … Since I don’t normally mention who I am, what I do, where I am from and what products I deal with (which you seem to cherish in doing) …. Then I MUST be promoting my personal interests in order to make a profit. That would make it an amazing marketing technique. Have I got that right…Sure…makes sense to me. NOT.

Oh, by the way, what about Wasn’t that another forum that you have been banned from? But of course, it was those crazy moderators’ faults…..again.>Not advertised again here, are we?


05:53AM | 05/01/07
Member Since: 04/22/07
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Well I filled out a form on for a free water evaluation. A rep from rainsoft came out with his portable lab and ran several tests. He found that my water is actually 23gpg hard, and iron content was 1.0 or a little under. The Chrlorine level didn't even show up on his color chart so that was safe. He put my water in a vial, and my water through the rainsoft system into another vial, and then added some chemicals to see how much soap I am wasting, comparing the vials side by side. He also added droplets to magnify what was floating in my non-filtered water (pretty nasty!). I also have that rotten egg smell but its only really bad with hot water (sounds like anode rod in water heater). The price of the rainsoft system was too much for me ($4800) as my budget is $1000.

I have a friend who lives near by that uses a fleck 5600SE system and is very happy with it. I had to make a decision soon so I ordered the same system form which he also sold me the Mediaguard85 filter for the iron. I should have went with a smaller unit (I went with the 64000 grain unit) but that was because I ordered this system before I found out that my water was only 23gpg instead of 37. Total cost shipped was $720.

Was this a wise choice? My friend is supposed to install this system tomorrow (wednesday) so I can post results when done.


07:26AM | 05/01/07
Member Since: 04/25/07
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You should have gotten a complete water test from an independant lab. The Rainsoft SALESPERSON didn't bring a "portable lab" they brought a sales kit. You got a free water test and it was worth exactly what you paid for it.

You've made a smarter choice than a Sears softener but if it's not correctly sized, properly installed, and setup you are wasting your money.

When you do it yourself there's no one else to blame.

Hope it works out well.

Gary Slusser

07:21PM | 05/02/07
Member Since: 02/17/04
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Justalurker, what tests would have to be done for it to be complete? I thought with city water, they tested that for most everything that might be harmful.


Quality Water Associates


Quality Water Associates


07:35AM | 05/03/07
Member Since: 04/25/07
25 lifetime posts

My position is that one should get a water test from a certified independent lab. They are techs and not sales people. They are trained in the lab procedures and chemistry to arrive at accurate results rather than using a test strip and a reagent solution. They are certified as to their competence and are not interested in selling water treatment equipment.

It is not that any water treatment seller would do the test wrong or misrepresent the results but by using a certified indpendent lab that possibility is eliminated and would expose a less than honest or incompetent water treatment seller.

As far as the reports from municipal water departments, they are legally required to maintain a specified level of quality and those levels are measured at the output of the water treatment facility NOT the service entrance of the shopper's home. Lots can happen to the water in the miles of pipe and valves between the water treatment plant and your kitchen faucet.

Getting the water I consume tested right at my faucet is a no brainer and just plain common sense.

Local certified labs are easily found at

I should have been clearer and thanks for bring that to my attention.

Gary Slusser

06:16PM | 05/05/07
Member Since: 02/17/04
112 lifetime posts
You didn't answer the question; what tests comprise your "complete water test" advice?

You should simply admit you don't know and move on.

Labs S E L L water tests. If you were in the water treatment business you would know that plus, some sell water treatment but... some provide sales leads to water treatment dealers.

And you keep telling everyone to go to a lab for a "complete water test" that you can't define when many are on city water and now you defend that position by making it sound as if the water gets harder going through the pipe from the treatment plant to the houses!!

Olympic target rifle accuracy is not needed when dealing with hard water and the need for a water softener; a shotgun approach works every time. But there is still something about testing that you are missing, I'll let you come up with what it is on your own.

In the mean time you're leading a lot of people astray.

You have set yourself up to sound like an expert when you are only an upset customer of mine that has not been able to get along with either of the two dealers and the one manufacturer you've dealt with over the last 10-13 years.


Quality Water Associates


06:23PM | 05/05/07
Member Since: 04/25/07
25 lifetime posts
Shotguns are fine for hitting a moving target and are also an easy solution for people who can not aim at a stationary one.


01:18PM | 05/16/07
Member Since: 05/15/07
2 lifetime posts
To give you MY input. We had a Rainsoft guy come out & give his DEMONSTRATION & the funny part of it all was his little "filter" was not a match for our 51gpg of hard water. Then he tried to sell us a $5000 system without being able to do an accurate water test!

I worked at a Kinetico dealer in Southern MN for a short time. Our sales rep was going on & on about the softeners & R/O systems & I thought he was just trying to sell me a unit.

After hearing customers rave about the softeners, I decided to put one in our new home. Afterall, I didn't want to destroy our new pipes with hard water deposits! I did get a small discount (because of employment) & they installed it free of charge & also had checked on it one more time free of charge.

We have had our K-60 in for 8 years now with absolutley no problems. We just sold our house & are building again. We are leaving our K-60 behind per the buyers request. I was offered by our dealer to get it removed & installed to our new home -again free or little charge, but we will only be needing the K-50 this time.

I have experienced water thru a few big name softeners (staying with relatives & friends) & I have to say, I will never use anything except a Kinetico!

Mandy- New Ulm MN


02:40PM | 05/16/07
Member Since: 04/25/07
25 lifetime posts
Hi Mandy,

In my opinion first hand experience from people who have spent their own money is always valuable feedback. I expect the reason there seems to be so few people inquiring about problems with their Kinetico water treatment equipment on self-help forums is that they have little to complain about ;)
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