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07:37AM | 08/26/07
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It seems that usually first thing in the morning, when water is turned on almost anywhere in the house, there is a loud whistle. it seems to come from the basement, possibly the pressure regulator. everytime I get close to pressure reg, and we test it first thing in the morning it never happens. can a pressure regulator cause this kind of noise. Is this a bad thing? the pressure regulator is about 4 years old. the city recently

had our water meters replaced. could this be related (its next to the pressure regulator). any help would be appreciated.


06:40AM | 09/02/07
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Likely the city, when they worked on your water meter, installed a back-flow prevention check-valve type device in keeping with the clean water act, and EPA regulations for municipal water supplies they must do this (to protect the water supply from contamination issues from your plumbing system).

You may need an expansion tank installed on the cold water main just before your water heater. When your water heater cycles the water expands, excess pressure backs up into your hot water lines, pushing beyond the heat traps if any, and back into the cold supply line, probably also used to push pressure back into the city main beyond your old meter. Now with the recent work at your meter, it cannot. This could lead to a dangerous situation (not least of which is a premature water heater failure or other failure of your home's plumbing).

(An expansion tank is often required after the city installs a back-flow preventer which protects the water supply from contamination from a plumbing problem in a home, a pressure regulator is usually not enough).

As you know a home's water pressure needs to be regulated, usually below 80 psi, and for a water heater to function properly it is usually advisable to maintain static pressure at or below 70 psi.

The morning whistling is not a good sign (pressure building overnight between calls for hot water usage) When you first open a hot water tap do you get any spurting? strange smells? If you have a fuel fired water heater this might also be the sign of further troubles.

Additionally I'd look into testing and inspecting your TPRV (temperature, pressure and relief valve) on your water heater (this should be done at least every year). Also check the temperature setting on your water heater, and the temperature of hot water at the nearest tap (after you've ran it for enough time to clear standing water in the lines). There might also be an issue with the temperature sensor not cutting off the heating cycle as quickly as it should.

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