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07:10AM | 10/24/10
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We have had a smell coming from our upstairs bathtub drain for several years. We built the house 7 years ago so it's quite new. In the past 3 years, we have had 3 different plumbers out and they couldn't find anything wrong. We ran two smoke tests....and they were both fine. The p-trap is working good and the vent seems fine. They seemed to feel it's the products the boys are using, so we tried all different stuff and it still smells. It's almost like a urine smell but I assure you they aren't urinating in the shower. The smell seems to show up about 10 minutes after you use the shower. We have also tried taking the drain apart and soaking the pieces in bleach. We have cleaned the drain with a variety of solutions: baking soda and vinegar, bleach and over the counter drain cleaners.....nothing works. And, no it's not the toliet, we replaced the wax ring as well. We also have two bathroom sinks in the room which don't smell at all. I'm ready to rip out the bathtub, but then what do I do? Help me


11:59PM | 12/16/10
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My tub, we only have one bathroom in our house, had a smell for awhile and we finally ended up pumping the septic tank. We also don't have any vents in our sinks or toilets, They were never installed but have had no smell since we emptied septic tank. Toilet was installed on top of pipe.


08:14PM | 12/14/14
you did every thing
not exacly
if you had hair inside the plumbing and it built up for years,
and one of these days you decide to clean it out and the smell start coming out nesty smell, what happening is that while the hair built up inside your drain so dit the level of the water too and allso very bad and stinky bacteria that ataches to the pipe and try to gllue itself there ,but bacteria is under water so dosent smell what it dows it grows bigger and smelier, now is the day that you remove hair out or you put the snake in and cleane p-trap and now water level goes down to the level when the house was build brand new so the water level goes down and bacteria exposet to oxyge it dosent like it and starts smelling bad , all you have to do is go buy some brushes with long flexy wire and start brushin inside the drain eithr from the water fllow or directlly from the drain dipend how they build it clean it like never before
1 you can throw some hot boiling water and let it dry than take soft bottle and fill it up with baking soda and spray it inside the pipe let it sit there for half hour and than throw vinegar and see it will bubble that will crack the bacteria let it do so for half hour and you can rub with brush again and throw again lots of hot water do it twice and i promise you you will be STINK FREE.


03:57PM | 08/16/16
We had a drain smell that was like body odor. Drove us nuts! We cleaned the drain with products. We cleaned the canister trap. We cleaned the backs of all removable chrome fittings with bleach. Still that smell persisted! This went on for months.

Finally out of desperation, I removed the somewhat new large rubber bath mat to take it outside----and whoa! That was the smell! Finally the mystery was solved. What a wild goose chase!

I cleaned both sides of the mat every week so it wasn't dirty or was the rubber it was made out of.

Bought a new mat made by a different company. Aired it outside for a day. Problem solved.

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