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03:43AM | 07/05/05
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I live in a 1960's split level with double insulation. Condensation has collected in the walls over the years . How do I get the funk out of the walls without tearing out the wall and replacing it. Or is that my only solution.


07:49PM | 08/01/05
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double insulation shouldn't condensate badly provided that you had a proper vapor barrier of 6 mil to stop the warm moist air from inside heading out easily into the walls and condensating against the cold outer wall. vapor barrier should also be around the outlet boxes too.

don't know what type of funk. but one problem in construction with plywood and osb is that when sheets are hung from top to bottom without the air space inbetween sheets(expansion gap), the moisture leaving the house has no where to go but sit in the wall. if the gap is on a stud ,then no vapor release. if the gap is 90 degrees to the stud ,then venting can take place.

if this is mold ,then you have to remove the drywall and the insulation and clean the stud bays.if its major mold then you should have an mold abatement specialist do it to avoid getting sick.(also know as abestos removal company). and check that the sheathing has some air gaps or holes to allow air to move out.

craft face batts or not a substitute for vapor barrier in colder climates. evey stapled joins allows moist air to mave past.

then with a sealed home you need a heat recovery ventilator to control the vent air contaminats in the house as well as moisture.

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05:26AM | 08/02/05
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But since I am not a contractor some of what you are saying is greek. Can you babyfy it or simplify it for me.

How can I determine what is in the walls.? So I probably need a vapor barrier for this winter. I do have a mold specialist coming to my house but wouldnt I see mold ? Thanks so much for responding, this helps tremendously.

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