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I am new here and have a few questions. I have decided to buy a new home and was going to go with a manufactured home but reading a few message boards and seeing some of the problems owners are having with them and having to get a tag for it everyear along with a few other things I consider cons like not being able to design my own I have decided to go modular.

Wow long sentence LOL.

So I guess my first question would be about cost. While looking at manufactured homes I found two that I really fell in love with and they both cost $82,000. The thing was neither was large enough for my taste. So I wanted to put them both together to make one. I was told I might as well go modular since it would probably end up costing me more. Each home was around 2,035 sq feet. So now I am wondering approximately how much would it cost to build a ranch style home on a full finished basement running approximately 4,035 square feet.

I have more but will start with this for now.


Take off your hat and stay awhile.


09:14AM | 09/29/04
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The cost of modulars you are quoting seems incomplete. While you may be able to purchase the modules for 82k each, remember you have the costs of land, foundations, grading, driveways. utility connections, permits, transportation and installation to add. I think you will find the ultimate cost is much higher than just the cost of buying modules. Also, these things don't require tags. They are permanent installations and are subject to property taxes just like any other conventional structure.

Like any stick-built home, the costs of these additions will vary with where you are building (land costs, local labor rates, site factors, permit and tax rates). Imposssible to advise on the second part of your question without knowing where in the world you are building and what level of quality you expect. A 4000+ square foot home on a full basement is huge. If we exclude the costs of foundations, land, labor, permits, and all that was omitted from your cost quote on modulars, it might seem quite reasonable.

Given all the variables, its impossible to approximate the cost of such a home without more information.


10:07PM | 09/29/04
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I'm sorry I guess my post was a little muttled and unclear. The $82,000 was the cost of each of the manufactured mobile homes that I viewed and fell in love with the floor plans. The manufactured mobile homes require a tag I believe it is every year. This was one of the reasons I decided against a mobile home and am now looking into modular.

I had never heard of manufactured or modular homes before but while searching for a house came across a site for manufactured homes and then during my research of those came across modular homes.

The house I want to build would be in NY and would be an L shaped ranch style. If I remember correctly one was 38x76 and the other was 28x72. Origanlly I was going to connect the two homes to form the L shape and make one. I hear there lots of problems that can occur when doing this to two manufactured mobile homes. Yet another reason for deciding to go with a modular home instead. I already own the land that the house would sit on so that wouldn't play a role in the cost.

Basically I was curious as to the basic cost of having a modular home built with those measurements. If I took in the plans and said ok approximately how much would it cost to do this? I have already researched the cost of things like excavation,pluming, the cost of the basement,permits etc.

I know the overall cost of the home will still depend on what type of materials I use and put in the home like cabinetry, tile, flooring, windows, etc. I would go with a level of high-mid to low-high cost if that makes sense. Basically I was hoping I could just get a ball park on the average cost of the modular itself not including all the other odds and ends that go with placing the home on the property.

Thanks for your help.

Take off your hat and stay awhile.


07:59PM | 10/07/04
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Hi, my husband and I have a new modular home in the country in Nebraska. We needed to have a one level ranch to allow wheelchair access for my husband. Our dealer builds homes either 28' or 30' wide and can go up to 70' in length. We have a 30' by 64', with a 30' x 50' garage and workshop built and set at an L shape. We designed the interior layout ourselves, but he had a lot of plans that we could have choosen from. The total house with garage topped out at a little over $165,000, but we went with some upgrades and of course the wheelchair accessible shower etc added to the cost. They build their homes inside a large building, then when the exterior is completely done, they move them outside to complete the interior work. When finished, they back the truck under the house and move it to your site. The garage was a separate unit. Everything is stick built and when set on your foundation, it really is a quality built home. I know the costs have went up since last year when ours was built because of the lumber prices due to the hurricanes, so things might be more expensive. We did compare the modular home to a manufactured home that we liked, and the modular home came in just about $10,000 higher, but with the detail and quality of the modular home, it was a no brainer. I know you're in New York, but if you're curious about our dealers homes, his web address is We really like our modular home and would recommend them to others.


10:43PM | 10/07/04
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Thanks for the information and the site. That price doesn't sound bad considering if I brought those two it would come to that amount and then have to pay to have them put together. I am sure here in NY the price would be a little higher. Everything always seems to be. It seems very doable though. Thanks so much for sharing!

Take off your hat and stay awhile.


06:35AM | 04/02/05
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Hi, go to for info on modular homes and layouts.


06:42AM | 04/02/05
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I work at the Palm Harbor homes site in Boz, AL., and it is, by far, the finest home money can buy. ( my opinion). We have dry wall, ceramic tile, 2-story homes, triple-wide homes, the finest accessories like Moen faucets, ceramic tile showers and tubs, vinyl siding, Hardi Plank siding, Huge porches, attached garages, and the latest 4-half 2-story modular with attached garage ( beautiful home). Try the link, or call 256-593-9193. Tell them Kirt Nugent recommended them for your building needs. I am only a worker.
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