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10:03PM | 02/15/10
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I know that building a home, or even renovating a home in the US can be an exosting experience, where mistakes on the part of contracters may never get their full accountibility, even with licences and laws meant to protect all parties envolved.

That's why building our home in Egypt, is something I am literally scared to death about.

No BBB, no laws to protect anyone, no grounding of power (WHAT?) and no understanding of construction techniques here, which are very different from the US.

We have just renovated an apartment, and the process has not even ended yet, with money stolen by three contractors, other property damaged in the process, shotty work done on ALL areas, workers that never show, and it has taken 6 months for something that should have taken 6 weeks.

So Handymen and do I prepare to build my first home without fear of being "taken" AGAIN?

Let me say this, there is not really a "professional" group I can go to, not references I can get from friends and neighbors. Most people do not have their own "home" in Egypt. They have apartments. SO what I really need is independant knowledge of all the various processes I will have to oversee when it comes to building, construction, finishing, etc.

Literally, a step by step guide.

A book? An online support group? A complete education on house building?

Please tell me!!

This house may end up being the last home I ever move in to, and I want to make sure it's done right!

Thanks for any advice about educating myself people! It's going to be the difference!



(Background; I am an American born and raised in Baltimore, Md. I recently got married and have moved to be with my husband in who is born and raised in Egypt. We both work in Television, and are expecting our first child in August. I have at least a very vague understanding of construction because many of my friends and family are either plumbers, carpenters, draftsmen, or just talented enough to have built their own homes, so I would not say I am completely stupid when it comes to construction. At least I have that going for me.)


09:38PM | 02/18/10
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What normally happens if the work is NOT satisfactory?

I imagine you can't just say, you messed it up, so I'm not paying?

We had many things not done to any kind of standard (even I could have painted the iron on the outside of the windows without covering the glass in green paint)3 glass doors and two glass windows are ruined.

Unfortunately, at this time, I can't speak directly to the workers since I don't speak Arabic, and the "project manager" lied to us and the workers about payment of things. I would like to be able to pay vendors and workers directly when we build our home (hopefully speaking Arabic by then), and not until completion of each task.

Does that sound like something I can do?

I just know we can't trust even the most "professional" Project Manager. Our original one had been the same one my father-in-law was using for his Nile Cruise boat, and came highly recommended.

He managed to steal from both projects, ours being barely begun, and disappear.

Anyway, thanks for the insight. I hope to learn more about each person and what they are responsible for as time goes on, so I can hold them accountible, and pay them, for that task.


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