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08:35AM | 04/07/05
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Im new to this looks great!

Unfortunately, i dont have a lot to offer in terms of advice when it comes to a lot of this stuff, but im hoping someone will be able to provide some insight for me.

My builder is getting ready to put up the drywall in our brand new home. We noticed yesterday that there is a 2 ft bulk head drop from our 9ft ceiling. We've ordered 42" tall kitchen cabinets to be placed below this bulk head.

Is it possilbe for these cabinets to fit given the 2ft bulk head? We've told the site manager and all he can say is 'dont worry'??

Should I be concerned? Any insight is greatly appreciated!


10:22AM | 04/07/05
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You say your finished floor to ceiling height is supposed to be 9 foot, but the builder has a 2" bulkhead. If you mean a "sofit framed" I'd worry if this is in the location you expect your 42" cabinets to hang. What he's effectively done is create a sofit that will reduce your floor to ceiling height to seven feet (the height that one would want if installing 30" upper cabinets with a counter top below. I'd STOP THE PRESSES right now, because correcting the situation after its been drywalled will be a costly and messy change-order later.

Either someone ASSUMED something there, or didn't read the specifications/plans correctly (framer). simple math here.

Quickly draft a memo IN WRITING and bring 2 copies to your GC...get him to sign and date/time it regards your observation of the sofit/"header" height at the location you desired "full height" cabinets. Don't expect your conversation and his response to hold up later.


04:22AM | 04/08/05
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those 42" cabinets will need to be 54" from the floor to the bottoom of the cabinet. they must have built the soffit for 30" cabinets. you have a problem


09:24AM | 04/10/05
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36 to the top of the counter top

18 inches to the bottom of the cabinets (19-20 if there is under cab light for the valance)

That's 54" (4'6") min. 56" max.

42" for the uppers

That's 96" (8')min. 98" max

If you have crown, with a 3/4 over mount (the bottom of the crown nailing to leave a 1/4 reveal to the top of the doors) & a 2 1/4 crown at the rise (on it's spring angle)that is an additional 1 1/2"

If the crown placed above the cabs on a nailing flange you need the full 2 1/4

With a full crown to a flange & undermount lighting you will add 4"

The total being 8'4" without a soffit.

Correct me if I'm wrong there whit. you do this all of the time. We only do cabs 2 or 3 times a year to complete our projects.

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