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01:54PM | 06/06/05
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I bought a rehab house with floors that had just been redone. The previous owner I am told had tons of cats. Now there appears to be moisture coming up through the floors in various places. I poked a hole in the wall and in the subfloor (from basement) and cannot find any source of water.

Is it possible its "locked in" the wood flooring itself? If so, is there a way to get rid of it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


12:06PM | 06/11/05
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A couple of tests for you to try. Before you can fix it, you have to know what it is and what it's source is.

a moisture meter can be handy, to compare moisture content readings top and bottom and at diff times of day.

Cheaper yet - get a piece of plastic, and tape it down to the loor for a few days and observe. If the "sweat" appears on the top surface of the plastice instead odf on the wood there, it is from condensation - meaning that your air is humid and the floor is cool so moisture is simply condesing out of the air in the same way that it does on the sides of the glass when you have a cold drink on a hot day.

But if the moisture you see is appearing under the plastice, it5 is coming from below the floor surfacce and more investigation is needed.

Also, are there any odors?

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06:04AM | 06/15/05
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What is the finish on the floor? Unless it is bare wood the water is not coming from in the wood.

Is there a cold AC duct under the sweating spots. Maybe a cold water pipe. If the duct is leaking cold air or the pipe is touching the floor the resulting cold spot could be just sweating from being cold. Just like a cold drink forms water on the outside of the glass.


08:15PM | 06/27/15
What did people do?? We are experiencing the same thing.


05:49PM | 06/29/15
we are having a similar problem. we have an old house built in the 40's. we removed the carpet and padding which was full of pet stains and odor. we then cleaned the floor several times and painted it with wood floor paint. it is now 4 months later and the renters are saying there is a liquid seeping up through the cracks of the wood floor that smells like pet urine. I am attaching a picture here. they clean it up, but it keeps coming back. any suggestions would be awesome! can old pet urine actually seep back out of the wood?
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05:53PM | 08/18/16
Same issue here, previous owner had a dog that peed in the house continuously. initially tried baking soda on humid days and that did leech a lot of it but it kept coming. Next we tried hydrogen peroxide. I let it sit on the floor for about an hour then mopped it up, repeated a couple times. The next time it got humid the areas I had treated didn't seep anymore. I'm going to treat the whole floor then seal and hope this does the trick.


05:32PM | 12/10/18
HELP! I have lived in my home for approximately 25 years. I have had vinyl “wood look” strips for the last 10 years. Approximately 2 years ago the floors in my entry/dining area began sweating. We bought a dehumidifier which has helped but the floors are slightly sticky feeling if you walk across that area without shoes. My house is over 4000sq ft & I would like to sale it since both my husband an I are retired. WHAT can we do to fix the problem?

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