10:15AM | 11/14/05
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building a new double bed (mattress size 54" X 75")for my son in our home -- idea is a cross between loft and hanging bed. basic box frame built out of 2" X 8". I'll make the interior box dimnension 1" bigger on each side -- so interior will be 56" X 77", and exterior will be a true 60" X 81" (using true 2" maple to match other furniture). Interior corners of the box frame will be braced. As well, interior of frame will have 2" X 2"'s strapped to the 2" X 8" to support the 3/4" or 1" plywood matress platform. The concept is to attach the head and one side to the studs, using 3 1/2" screws. the other two sides of the box will not be attached, but will "hang" from the ceiling joist via welded chain.

Wondered if anyone had any experience with a similar project, or any input into the concept.


07:44AM | 12/05/05
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hey Ian,

ran across your post. This is exactly the idea we had for a bed in our son's bedroom. Bolted to the wall on two adjacent sides and supended from the wall.ceiling on the other two by chain or cable. Did you ever make this bed? and if so how did it turn out? Did you run across any unexpected situations?


Frank Wilkins


09:37AM | 08/28/06
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I would like to know if anyone ever constructed bunk beds that hang on the wall and fold up when not in use?

Mark Hammond

07:57PM | 08/30/06
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Having a studio apartment, I once built a king sized loft bed out of full 2"x10" inch clear pine for the box part of the frame. I am a 200 lb. adult so it needed to be fairly strong. The posts were 4"x4" of the same clear pine and the upper corners were braced at a 45 degree angle with 24" 1"x6" pine. Now here is where the strength comes in. The deck of the bed that held the mattress was held in place by (I know), 2"x4"s of the same clear pine. They acted as the bed slats. They were set in place on edge into regular joists hangers. The same hangers that you would use on a house when building a deck. They were covered with two sheets of 1/2" plywood layed side by side for easy removal. The whole bed was assembled with 3/8" lag screws and bolts. We are all adults here so I will say that the bed easily held two adults and was easily dis-assembled when moving. It was later given to a friend who cut down the legs to a standard height bed. MJH


04:38AM | 07/11/07
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i want a hanging bed in my room but i wanted to know about how much it would cost? the cheapestbut best quality materials? and every material needed? if any one can help that would be great


07:25AM | 02/13/08
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Did you ever made your hanging bed?


08:48PM | 03/06/08
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I made two such beds in for my two boys (ages 5 and 3 1/2) for the room that they share. The room was barely big enough for them, their beds, dressers, toys, etc. This was what I came up with, based on a similar free standing design that I designed in college. It took about $150 and seven or eight hours for two beds, rails, and ladders. Way cheaper, and way cooler, than bunkbeds! When the rail is off and the bed is made, the cable is nearly invisible, giving a illusion of beds floating about 30" from the ceiling.

For each bed:

1) Mount two 2x4s in a corner -- one was 72" in length, the other was about 32" (the length and width of the mattress). Screw these into the wall studs using 3 1/2 inch screws.

2) Cut a piece of 3/4" plywood slightly larger than the mattress; nail it to the 2x4s from above, and secure it from below using angle braces.

3) Drill a hole in "outside" corner for a large eye bolt, fender washer, and a block of scrap wood, and a nut.

4) HERE'S THE COOL PART. Secure a 3/8" steel cable, with plastic coating, about 5 feet long, to the eye bolt using two cable clamps, and put the other end through a small hole in the ceiling.

5) Take a piece of steel pipe (Mine was left over from a plumbing home improvement job) and put it over the rafters in your attic, perpendicular to the rafters. The piece of pipe that I had was 1" pipe; I tacked it down with some little pieces that I have no idea what they are called, but look like half circles with flat parts with a screw hole. Wrap the cable around the pipe and secure it with two cable clamps.

6) the bed can be leveled by adjusting the clamps, or by turning the eye bolt. It helped to prop the bed to the exact height while I was in the attic so that I didn't need to make massive adjustments once I got back downstairs.

After the initial construction, I framed the rest of the plywood w/ 2x4s, which makes it a little stronger. My kids LOVE them. I've been up there with all three of my kids (I also have 2 year old daughter) at once (about 250 lbs total) and the bed didn't even budge an inch -- it's rock solid. The cable alone is rated for 800+ lbs.

There's more nuances to this. (How high is it off the floor? How did you make the rails? How did you make the ladders?) Reply if you want photos or more information. I'm happy to share. Good luck!

p.s. I saw this post prior to making the beds, but with no info -- I hope this helps you out!


09:15PM | 03/07/08
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your plans sound exactly what im looking for. would pics be available or a lil more detailed intstructions would be helpful. thanks in advance for your help.


07:06AM | 03/09/08
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Here's photo of my son John's bed. Notice that you can't see the steel cable that secures one corner -- it's not really "floating" in the air!
4845 photo of hanging bed


03:10PM | 03/09/08
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That bed is too cool. My daughter is looking into getting a loft bed and when I showed her the hanging bed, she said she wanted that instead.

Her room is very small so this is a perfect solution. Thanks for the pictures. Jenn



07:39PM | 03/09/08
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Here's a photo of my son Roland's bed (on the opposite wall of the bed in the first post) Note that the ladder is attached at the foot of the bed, rather than at the head of the bed. You can also see the 10w hallogen lamp in the corner. The lamp has an in-line switch so the kids can turn it on and off.

p.s. The cat on the bed is not included in the plans :0
4847 loft bed alternative


06:53AM | 03/27/08
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We had to modify it slightly as it wasn't going in a corner but your design was perfect for what we wanted to do. As is was to be a spiderman room, we added a web shaped rope ladder :)
4855 we borrowed your des


05:11PM | 07/24/08
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This is such a great idea. I'd like to know how you made the ladder and if it is able to be taken on and off (for storage). Also how high is the bed and your ceilings. My boys would love this.


05:23PM | 07/24/08
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The bed, from mattress to ceiling, is probably about 30 inches. I measured by 5-year old while he sat on the floor, from the floor to about 6 inches above his head, and used that measurement. This is so he can sit up in bed and read a book.

The ladder is made with 2x4s and 1-inch thick wooden dowels. Its secured to the frame with metal brackets that are normally used to secure wall studs during home construction. The ladder cannot come off for cleaning or storage without the aid of a screwdriver, but there is enough 'give' that it can be lifted up a few inches for vacuuming. Would you like a detail photo?


05:25PM | 07/24/08
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love it! using two cables was a good idea for those that don't want the bed in a corner.


07:24AM | 11/02/08
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Hi! I am trying to make my daughter a custom bed for her birthday this month.. I need a bed large enough to hold her full size bed side ways to make a reading room there to housing her 3 ft wide tiger rug.. So, measurements approx. 90"L X 87" W.... Could you send me blueprints to help make my bed sturdy enough to hold her? Thanks so much!


06:05PM | 11/16/08
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Hi! I have a king size platform bed. I am wanting to add 4 legs to make it into a loft bed for my daughter's birthday!!.. Could you tell me how to stabilize this with the four legs?
4980 king size loft bed


05:13AM | 12/18/08
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i would like to know more about the rails. i have five children... so we need to get a little creative with our four bedroom home.


09:19AM | 12/31/08
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Here is a photo of the rail. It consists of five pieces of wood and two shelf brackets. Flatter brackets work better because they do not push up the mattress. The wood to wood connections are reinforced with screws and glue, the wood to metal connections are reinforced with screws and gorilla glue. The length of the rail is about two feet shorter than the bed. The length of the portions going under the mattress are about 3/4 the width of the bed. Good luck!
4997 rail for hanging lof


07:06AM | 02/20/09
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fivelbbass, your design is very nice! Can you give details of how you attached the cable to the bed frame? What type of bolt did you use and how did you attach it to the frame? Thanks!


08:06AM | 04/16/09
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I love the bed you designed! My husband and I will be moving to our very first house, we have two boys who will share a room and this would save so much space and they would love this. Do you think you could email me plans or ideas?
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