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08:56PM | 11/27/05
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I've been looking at the Thomasville cabinets at Home Depot and the Schuler Cabinets at Lowes to use in my kitchen remodel. Both estimates were comparable, but I was wondering if one is better than the other...does anyone have any thoughts?



07:39AM | 06/03/07
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I am trying to decide between these two cabinet makers. Any feedback? I would appreciate feedback and usage experience with any of the two cabinet makers. Thank you


02:08PM | 06/16/07
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I plan on doing my kitchen in the fall and have been looking for several months now.

Thomasville is the made by Materbrand cabinetry. Schuler is made by Medallion cabinetry.

Thomasville has alot more "gadgetry" and storage convininences but thier finish looks cheap and thier box construction is the same as the cheap stock ones at LOWE'S. I have Kraftmaid in my bathroom which are decent (better than Thomasville in my opinion)But after looking for months I will choose Schuler, the finish is nicer the box is screwed together not stapled and the prices are very close. I am not an expert but I know the better deal when I see it. Good luck in your choice mine is clear.

Schuler Hands Down


10:49AM | 05/02/08
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Thomasville is made by Schrock (who also makes Diamond). Schuler is made by Medallion Cabinetry. For my money there is no comparison between the two. Schuler is far superior (sold wood drawer bottom is standard) better glide standard and look at the finish - just beautiful. Buy the Schuler - you'll love it!


12:57PM | 07/07/13
I have about $12,000 budget for 10x11 kitchen. what cabinets (Cherry) would you recommend?



02:59PM | 07/17/13
We just installed Schuler cabinets in our kitchen. We were told they were "top of the line" by the Lowe's representative. The boxes are not screwed, they are stapled. We had some trouble with a couple cabinets coming apart during handling and placement. The kicks are extremely weak as well and pull loose during light handling. We ordered a painted finish called divinity, yes the finish is very nice but apparently they substitute particle board for solid wood in the door panels when you can't see the wood grain, even though there is a substantial extra charge for the finish. All in all, very disapointed with the product. If we had to do it over, we would go with someone else.


09:38PM | 07/29/13
Did you buy the all plywood construction or particle board? Both of these options are available. Schuler is an excellent choice for your cabinet needs.


07:56PM | 08/15/13
We purchased Schuler cabinets about 7 years ago, spent about $25K on them and they have NOT held up as expected. Several of the doors are coming apart and the finish has worn off in many areas. I have contacted customer service to see if they will stand behind their lifetime warranty and I'm currently waiting to hear back.


10:54AM | 09/11/13
For the most part, the multiple trade names for the same company arise when one company buys out or merges with another. They don't want to rebrand 500 dealers on the east coast, so they just keep them humming.


Thomasville is the name that Home Depot licensed (from Thomasville furniture) to put on Masterbrand cabinets (AKA Kemper, Diamond, Schrock, Thomasville).

All the same manufacturing plant, different trade names. HOWEVER the different trade names are not equal. Home Depot "dumbs down" the construction. Thinner cabinet side walls, charging 20% for the plywood upgrade then throwing it in for "free", sneaky things like that. Each of the lines has a small handful of door shapes that are exclusive to that line. The same door shape has different door names between lines. Point is, don't think that because the Thomasville build construction looks flimsy, that a Diamond kitchen will be the same.

Medallion is Schuler. Same company, same plants, same finishes.

Between the two, Medallion/Schuler (owned by Elkay) has different levels of construction. The lower "Silverline" is what I would consider a higher end "builder grade". Limited cabinet sizes and fewer modification options. Keep it simple-stupid. But keep the bang for buck factor high.

When you step up to Schuler Designer / Designer gold, that's where they really start to pull away from Thomasville. Better finish quality, and the ability to do cabinet customization. Where, if you needed something out of the ordinary for lets say a boot bench, or an entertainment center, with Diamond you might have to buy a bunch of parts and make modifications on-site. With Schuler, for the most part, if you can draw it, they will make it. Yes it costs a little more for your materials that way, but you'll have zero waste, it will be finished properly, and you won't have to screw around with a thing when it gets to your project.

Bottom line, you get what you pay for, and educate yourself. An entry level Toyota has a nice paint job but the car's not made to last. A jeep looks ugly to some people but you could roll it off a cliff and it'd still drive away. Be clear to yourself about what is most important to you.

Hope this helps.

From a cabinet dealer 18+ years, with currently more than a dozen manufacturers including these two above.


09:41AM | 10/23/13
A raised center panel that has a painted finish is almost always MDF, even if you order All Plywood Construction. Because wood naturally expands and contracts, the MDF center panel is more stable and actually better suited for this application. Sides, bottoms, tops and shelves should be all plywood if you all plywood construction. Schuler is not the only manufacturer that uses MDF on painted raised panel doors, it is common across the industry in semi-custom cabinetry. unless you cut the door in half, you would never know, but your sales representative should have mentioned this.


11:16AM | 11/01/13
Ordered Schuler cabs over Kraftmaid and Thomasville because we wanted to add height to base cabs. Schuler will do that, others won't. Placed order 9-18-13. Still waiting to find out an install date. Nashville, TN.


10:56AM | 11/03/13
we ordered Shuler cabinets from Lowes in August. There is no end in sight to when we will get our cabinets revised, repaired and/or re-installed (now it is early November). After 35K on cabinets we are disgusted. The doors do not match in color. The doors do not match the color of the boxes. There are places on the doors where sanding was not done and glaze is missing. Thinking about ordering Shuler and spending a fortune? Be ready to get disappointed.


10:35AM | 11/14/13
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What about an architectural salvage yard?


08:37PM | 05/14/14
We bought Schuler cabinets from Lowes. We paid for plywood boxes only to find that they have a mdf core, not real plywood. All the cabinets are screwed and stapled, which is not bad. Unfortunately, most of the cabinets were assembled with little regard to being square. In other words no matter what material was used, they were poorly assembled. Face frames were not flat, so putting cabinets together and having the face frames align properly was very time consuming. I cannot wait to see how the finish does over the next couple of years. Yes, there is the "Lifetime Warranty". Lets see how that works when they give you the cabinet and you have to replace it; have fun. I would not buy these cabinets again.


12:29AM | 05/19/14
Getting ready to order either Diamond or Schuler from Lowes. What finish/wood did you use? What makes you concerned about how it will wear?


12:45PM | 11/04/14
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Four years ago I bought a Medallion kitchen. Then we moved and bought cabinets from Schuler.

Perhaps the quality of "both" has gone way down. But one thing is clear.

The Schuler cabinets are NOT the quality, as the Medallions I previously bought.

My comments are based on the Schuler cabinets which arrived and were installed about a month ago ( 10/2014 ). I don’t have the patience to list every problem , but here’s a few examples.

-The sink base's upper panel was 1" too short and held in place by a pair of plastic brackets which in were held in placed by crudly position STAPLES! (until the staples failed ).

- The interior sides of the cabinets are not "square" resulthing in a highly visible gap growing from being flush at the rear and becoming a gap of over a 1/8' at the front. And the bottom of this panel looked like it had been cut with a chain saw.

-On the back face of the drawer boxes the are notches that probably have something to do with the slides, but they look like they were crafted by a hungry beaver. (cracks, splinters, its hard to describe how BAD it is. )

The dove tail joints on all drawer boxes were never glued. ( NO glue in a Dove tail Joint ?) The portion of the dove tail joint coming from forward face of the drawer box has "no " finish on it. . All alone the back of the cabinets back ... a row (?) Of staples looks like it was done with an out of control machine gun.

And on and on….

Quality Control? I guess when your base quality is so bad .... Quality control becomes pretty much irrelevant.

The Schuler Rep. visited last week and while he was a nice guy. I got the feeling that his corporate manta did not embrace a feeling to do it "right." His focus seemed to say …. " it can’t be fixed and instead focussed on “easily” ( low dollar ) fixes. Issues like the lack of glue on dovetails joints were resolved that by saying … it's not a problem and you have a "Life time Warrantee”.

While Elkay Cabinet divions makes some thing like 9000 cabinets a week ….. And this is “supposed to be one of the top lines”
Schuler .... Never again. The same with any part of Elkay.

Img 0795


04:25AM | 02/10/18
We were also told by the Lowe's representative that Schuler was "top of the line" in their store. I am sorry that I went with them. Many doors that were painted had to be replaced. After just one year, you can see where the paint is separated at the seams and can see bare wood. Personally, I would stay away from big box retailers for cabinetry and go to a reputable dealer. You might pay more, but in the long run, you will be happier. I'm ready to tell Lowe's that I want my money back and they can take them out. The cabinets were over $30,000!


10:13AM | 10/23/18
We are in the middle of a kitchen remodel with Lowes using Schuler cabinets. I would not recommend. Contract signed in March and we paid full cost. Project started June 25th, kitchen gutted, still not finished end of OCTOBER, stove could net be installed, waiting on mismatched cabinets. DAMAGED CABINETS, CABINETS NOT MATCHING. SENT ONE CABINET BACK 4 TIMES.


11:07AM | 09/25/19
I bought schuler cabinets...NEVER AGAIN!GARBAGE ..STAY FAR AWAY!...the finish is chipping at seams the cabinet paint is bubbling ...they are garbage!


02:14AM | 10/06/20
Hello Ted,
My childhood home which was built in 1978 still has the original Schuler brand kitchen cabinets and they have held up very well after all those years .

I know you would be very happy with them .
Sincerely Rich


02:21PM | 10/16/20
I recently ordered $20K of Schuler cabinets with "all plywood construction" for my kitchen and am hugely disappointed in the construction quality.
Wall cabinets have 1x4's on the top and bottom of the back of the cabinet, but are otherwise only 1/8" plywood on the back of the cabinet.
The Pantry has 1/4" plywood on the back supporting the heavy duty guides of the shelves (which simply plug into two holes in the 1/4" plywood - so much for heavy duty...).
I went with Schuler thinking they were the best. They're not even close. My previous kitchen was Thomasville, and the quality of the construction was far superior. Heck, even my Chinese made commodity cabinets for my baths were of far superior construction.
Given a choice between Schuler and anyone else, the choice should be anyone else.


09:51AM | 11/21/20
Stay away from Schuler Cabinetry! We recently renovated our kitchen using painted raised panel cabinetry. Much to our dismay, after 2 years the paint on the center panels are "bubbling" due to cheap MDF panels. They also don't warranty their product. Buyer beware!


02:50PM | 12/09/20
As of today, 12-9-2020, Schuler cabinets was purchased earlier this year by cabinetworks. Cabinetworks is the same company that purchased Kraftmaid cabinets last year. So in 2020 Kraftmaid and Schuler cabinets from Lowes have the same parent company. They are however made different, finishes applied different and construction is different. I have sold Schuler cabinets at Lowes for over 15 years, way back when only one store in district sold them. They were quality cabinets with quality customer service. When they went nationwide in all Lowes stores the quality of both was greatly reduced. I would never have told anyone that the Schuler cabinet was "top of line" but they did offer custom built cabinets if needed. For several years now Diamond and Kraftmaid have been offering many more features that can "custom" a cabinet where needed and personally either one of them would be on the preferred choice when picking new cabinets. Each of these companies offer several different "lines" to choose from so do your homework and ask questions. Ie: the painted door with MDF center is preferred by companies because with wood expanding and contracting the painted lines will crack and show that change-MDF will not expand and contract therefore the cracks from the wood frame will not show up as much. (for this reason many cabinet companies offer all MDF painted doors - because they will never show cracks and have a smooth finish. I live in the South and again personally would never recommend this for a well used kitchen) Hope some of this is helpful. When you go to a "big box" store, ask questions do not take all things said as "truth". Different reps for different companies will tell new designers stretched truths to get them to sell a certain brand. Ask the designer how long they have been designing, what qualifies them, how long selling these brands??


12:59PM | 02/15/21
Question for BV023986: I renovated a kitchen in 2000 using Kraftmaid cabinets. I don't know if Kraftmaid and Schuler had the same parent company back then or not. I moved from that house in 2008 and I never had a problem with the Kraftmaid cabinets. I am now wanting to renovate my current kitchen. With the quality of cabinet makers for big box stores being what it is in 2021, which company would you recommend for quality and longevity? Thank you in advance for your thoughts and reply.


05:16PM | 09/25/21
Our Thomasville bought in 2006 still looks like new. I hope they maintained quality

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