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10:21PM | 02/27/06
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Hi, I am making a kitchen countertop for the first time. The countertop will be tiled. I am using 3/4" plywood as my substrate, covered with roofing paper, and then Hardibacker cement board. I have some questions and hope soomeone can provide me some answers.

1) What should the width of the countertop be since I plan on tiling the edge? The cabinet face frames are 24 1/4" away from the wall.

2) The end of the long run of the countertop is giving me fits. I decided the end overhang should be 1". I have a 1 1/4" overhang of the plywood against the wall but it is 1" just behind the face frame. I cannot get below 1 1/4". I taught myself how to scribe tonight and I have the plywood fitting pretty tight along the wall. The overhang along the face frame is 1 7/16" at the end of the long run and it is 1 1/2" at the other end, 8' away. I think being off about 1/16" over 8' is pretty good but the 1/4" difference in overhang on the end is driving me crazy.

3) The end cabinet is square to the wall. If I set the overhang on the end cabinet to be 1" against the wall and just behind the face frame, I get a huge gap against the wall 8'away at the other end of the plywood. Should I have done this to begin with, and then scribed, or did I do it correctly by setting the overhang off the face frames, scribe, and then just square off the end? I had read somewhere to use the factory ends of the plywood for the front and end of the countertop.

4) What is the purpose of using a wide strip of 3/4" plywood on top of the cabinets? Why can't I just screw the plywood to the top of the cabinets without a 3/4" spacer?

5) The backsplash will be tiled.

Thanks in advance for the tips and help.


07:34AM | 02/28/06
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I found out my problem. The end cabinet was not square to the wall as I initially believed. Once I removed the 2 end cabinets completely and then reset them, viola! The countertop overhang is now within about 1/16" of the cabinets.

What a wonder a nights rest will do for you.

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