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04:52PM | 05/21/03
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I have just had an American Standard Freedom 80 Single-Stage gas furnace installed in my condo and I am freaked out that my health and my soon-to-be newborn's health and comfort will be risked.

My main concern is that the plenum (the large metal box on top of the furnace, right?) was made out of sheet metal by the company that installed the furnace and was then covered with fiberglass insulation. The furnace sits in our utility room, right next to our clothes dryer and shelves of food we store. The fiberglass insulation was not covered with vinyl, in fact, the installer cut a big slit in the plenum and put in a filter that he had to roll up a bit on one end since "they didn't make the right size."

I have searched all over the internet and have yet to see a picture of a plenum that is home-made like this (as opposed to manufactured by the same co. as the furnace). I have also never seen a plenum covered in exposed fiberglass insulation.

From what I can tell, the opening he cut for the filter will allow fiberglass particles to be introduced into the whoe duct system (and hence, the rest of the house).

Am I paranoid? Is this standard installation protocall or am I being ripped off? Help anyone?

Thank you !!!!



06:52AM | 05/22/03
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We don't usually install the filters in the plenum that I'm aware of????? Am I wrong? Although, we always install a filter box in the ductwork, so . . .
Was this a certified company that did this? Didn't he get a permit? An inspector would have called that in a second.


02:33AM | 05/23/03
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I'm sure the "plenium" you are reffering to is the cold air return, you probably have a downflow furnace. The insullation was more than likely an attempt to quiet the return air noise of an undersized return.
It might be worth your while to contact another HVAC company and get another opinion.The price of the service call should be minimal, and it will ease your mind...


06:52PM | 05/23/03
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Thanks everyone! I got good responses and it helped me decide to call the manager of the company and insist he come out to look at it. Sure enough, he was not happy with the job the installer had done. He agreed the installer shouldn't have cut the hole for the filter and then left it open, and he agreed the fiberglass insulation wasn't appropriate for the inside utility room application. He had the installer redo the plenum without the slot for the filter (instead putting it in the ceiling return vent where it should have been) and wrapped it in foil bubble wrap.
Much better! (The installer was clearly grumpy he had been caught cutting corners and had to return a second time, but hey, if he had done it right the first time...)

Thanks again for the responses!


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