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01:57AM | 11/20/08
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I have a few things i need worked on around my home. My concern is i want to get a few good estimates but not get bombarded with calls or people. How many estimates is a good number to ask for?

I have a few jobs i need done and want to make sure i have a qualified and quality contractor

do i go for a speacialist in each area?

Like a few things i need completed are windows, floors, and counter tops

How much do they ask for deposit?

how do i know if i need a pemit and who gets it me or my contractor

thanks in advance i can use all the help you can offer


06:26AM | 11/24/08
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Looks like you need to start by prioritizing what you want to complete and when.

Start with a priority list and a budget.

This will help you when you talk to contractors and chose materials for each project.

For instance low e windows with the blinds inside can cost 5 times as much as a basic window but may be more aesthetically pleasing to you and save you energy costs for the next 50 years.

You say windows, floors, and counter tops. Is that every floor in your home? Every counter-top (kitchen, bath , workshop), Every Window?

Most people don't do everything at one time as it is a very daunting task and may force you out of your home for awhile or at least into a confined area of your home.

Deposit questions really depend on the size of a project. If you are changing your carpeting the carpet store may require everything upfront. Windows you may have to front he cost for the materials. A quality contractor should go over all of this with you and have it in his/her contract.

You can find vetted contractors here:

But be sure to always do some research on your own before signing on the dotted line.

Check their references, do google search on their company and check the BBB.

Best wishes on your project.


02:13AM | 11/25/08
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Sorry for all the questions i guess i was biting off more than i thought. My husband and I actually made a list based on ease of project and cost.

The floors we decided to wait until all the rest is done so we do not incur any damage on the wood floor since we are throwing the carpet out if it gets damaged no big deal.

We are starting with of course painting which we can do ourselves. A quick question on this if you do not mind:

We are painting all inside our living/dining area flows into our family room what is the best way to mak sure the separation is there. I thought we could use the blue tape and where the living room and family meet use the tape as a divider is that ok?

Also thank you for that link to get contractors.

With the BBB when i looked i saw an awful lot of same contact person and phone number but with different company names some had bad reviews some had good ones. This type of contractor my husband says is bad news seems like they change thei company name a lot is this common and is he right? You know he will be hard to live with if he is HAHAH

When we are done with painting

we are staring with the Windows.

We looked at low E and seems like the best way to go and they are also very eco-friendly. I know there are larger window firms as well as the large retail stores who have installers. Is it better to go with one of these companies or go through a contractor and have them buy the supplies.

Thank you for your help I hope i am not to much of a pest i just want to make sure i get a great job done for a reasonable price.

Again thank you


07:59AM | 12/15/08
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You may want to read the blog here:

And the Article here on surviving a remodel with your spouse:

I regards to the paint I would suggest putting up a piece of trim or something to define the separation of the rooms otherwise go to the corner before changing colors.

In regards to the contractor versus you buying the windows. Just remember if you buy the windows you probably will be the one dealing with defects if there are any. If you chose a contractor who is also an authorized reseller they will also handle the warranty and repair.


11:22AM | 02/05/09
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If you have not already completed your painting I suggest you visit some new model homes in your area and see how they accomplished this. Although I am going to bet that what you see is the same color on adjoining rooms. A lot of different colors makes your home look like a patch work quilt and like you say needs some sort of break between rooms.

We are in the process of building a new home and the wall colors will be common throughout. As well my wife and I are getting ready to sell our present home and the colors will be common except for bathroom which will stay semi gloss white. What most interior designers now seem to be doing is going with one color on the walls and the ceiling one or two shades lighter of the same basic color with white enamel trim on door facings and base boards.

1 Call Improvement

12:13PM | 12/09/10
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I don't like responding to forum threads with promoting business interests; however, your comments and concerns are very common and what we specialize in solving.

Other members have already posted helpful information and it seems like there are many knowledgeable people here to help.

If we can offer any help, please don't hesitate to contact us personally through our profile.
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Miami AC Repair

04:50PM | 01/29/11
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I would start by contacting only professionals.
Get recommendations from friends, family, and co-workers
who have possibly used the type of contractor that you are looking for. I would also structure payments as the work is being done so that you have not paid in full for
a job that gets partially finished. I am the owner of Indoor AC Solutions and that's how I structure my installation agreements with my customers and it always works out well. Hope that helps.


08:05AM | 05/09/11
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Hi, the best i could suggest for you to find the best contractor is to ask for recommendations from your relatives. You could also ask for true or closest friends recommendations.


10:01PM | 08/11/11
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ask around locally. ask your neighbors, co-workers, anyone. you could always google your area on good contractors.

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