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05:17PM | 03/02/99
HELLO IM TRYING TO GET POWER to a light switch thru an outlet ...i have power to the outlet / white to white blk to blk and ground to grnd. then sperate leads to the plug ..
should wires be across from each other on the same plug or should they be to the back of both plugs .... any help would be apperciated thanks


02:27AM | 03/03/99
I don't understand your question. Do you have a problem cramming all the wires back into the outlet box?

Do you have power to the switch or can't get power there?

What is the switch controlling and is the switch before or after it?


08:34AM | 03/03/99
Are you trying to make the outlet power
switchable? Is that what you are asking?


01:39PM | 03/04/99
sorry, i have power at the outlet .i am treying to get power to the light switch thru the outlet . switch just controls a single light . ---- took power from another light switch , i have power to the outlet ..


02:35AM | 03/05/99
In your attempt at brevity, you still leave us in the dark.

Here's what you are looking for, I think.
If you want to have the light controlled by two switches, that is another issue and these directions will not work.

You just want to put power to the switch, then onto a light. You do not want the switch to control the outlet.

Turn the power off at the breaker.
Run 14/2 with ground sheathed electrical cable from the outlet to the switch. If the wires into the outlet are directly attached to the outlet, remove them and replace with short leads. Now pigtail the blacks together, the whites together, and the ground (bare) wires together.
At the switch box, run 14/2 sheathed electrical cable to the light. Pigtail the whites together. Pigtail the grounds together. Attach one black wire to a screw on the switch. Attach the other black to the other screw on the switch.


02:48AM | 03/06/99
Oh No!


05:30AM | 03/07/99



12:01AM | 10/10/15
OK, this is exactly what I just ran into & I wired it wrong it appears. I have a black to the top of the switch & a white to the bottom of the switch. I trip every time I flip the switch. Makes sense now. I would like to ask a question in addition to this. My light is an under-cabinet xenon light bar that I snipped the plug from and separated the 3 wires to attach. Is this going to be an issue? I assume it may not be code.


10:17AM | 10/13/15
I have a similar question. I have an outlet in the kitchen, I want to run with to a new outlet for over cabinet lighting, is there a fixture with a outlet, and a switch that will control the daisy changed outlet.


04:18PM | 03/16/16
never put a neutral on a switch cmon guys


11:01PM | 08/14/16
It seems that the switch is controlling both outlets and light fixture


05:17PM | 03/28/17
I have an existing outlet that has 3 wires - Black, white and a red wire(probably from a split switch or outlet)
At the back of the existing outlet, the black wire is at the top right screw, the red is hooked to the bottom left screw and the white wire hooked up to the bottom left screw.

I would like to run power from that outlet to power a switch to control some pot lights.
How would I take the power from my outlet?


12:27PM | 10/14/18


08:56PM | 10/24/18
I need a drawing of how the wires come off the outlet into a switch


09:49PM | 12/15/18
Im trying to put a switch in my shed and to go to plugs 10 ft away i have wires under ground coming from house try it few times but kicks brakers ..


03:24PM | 02/05/19

As I believe this is how you would wire a outlet to switch to light


10:59PM | 04/23/19


12:56PM | 11/16/19
Bob F or anyone, can you tell me why you should not run power into the outlet then pick up power on the otherside and run it to the switch to power a light? My weekend project.


09:12PM | 01/14/20
can I do that n a 20 amp circuit???

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