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01:42PM | 07/25/99
I have a Craftsman Garage Door opener and I can use the remote to open the door, but the remote does not work when I try to close the door. The garage door opener light simply blinks on and off 4-6 times and then shuts off. Someone at work thought I might have a bad circuit card that needed to me replaced inside the motor assembly. I'm siply puzzled... Thanks if anyone can help.


03:37AM | 07/26/99
Do you have the infrared saftey light at the bottom of the tracks? All openers made after Jan 1, 1993 were required to have them. Something is blocking it, its knocked out of alignment, or a wire is loose.


01:15PM | 07/27/99
To add about the “sensors" mentioned above, you should have two; one mounted on each side of the garage door. They are really not both “sensors”. One of these units is a sender, and the other is a receiver. It is somewhat difficult to determine which is which, but I think I can walk you through. I just installed two openers myself. Most likely one was accidentally knocked out of alignment.

Each of these units should have a little green light on them. The light on the sender is always on when there is power to the opener, that is, when the opener is plugged in, not just when you try to operate it. The green light indicates it is sending. Now, the receiver, on the other hand, will only have it’s light on when it is receiving, that is, when it is picking up the signal from the sender.

So…with the opener plugged in, look at each unit. If one of the lights is on but not the other, then you know which one is the sender, the one that’s has its green light on. You may want to mark it for future reference. Then, you will need to adjust both of them until both lights are on. It’s not as hard as it sounds. Each unit looks like a small camera, so simply loosen the set-screw of one or both, point the lens of one towards the lens of the other, then re-tighten the set-screws.

Now, if neither one lights up, the problem is a bit more in-depth. Either you have a loose wire, or one of the units is broke. Each one has two wires, and your owner’s manual will cover their hookup. Check to make sure they are properly hooked up to the opener unit, and that they are not broken anywhere between the opener and the sender or receiver. If that does not work, either the sender of receiver could be bad. At that point you may want to call Sears, or whoever installed the system.

Good luck, and feel free to post the solution or additional questions.


01:17PM | 07/27/99
I forgot to add that, when aligning, the goal is to get both lights to come on. When you have done so, you are ready to use your garage door opener again.


07:19PM | 06/26/13
It depends if the door will close with a hardwired button. I have a similar problem with my garage door (model 41AC175-2A). It closes with hardwired switches, but not with the remote. I may try reprogramming

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