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11:18AM | 12/12/99
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Several months ago the lights in my daughter's room starting dimming irregularly as if there was a power drain. In fact, her computer would reboot itself. One day, all power went out. I went to our breaker box and the 20 amp breaker to her room had not tripped. This breaker was a two pole breaker and the 2nd one was open. I fed the hot wire into the open breaker and power was restored. This led me to believe the breaker was bad. Several weeks later it started to happen again and once again the power shut off without the breaker being tripped. I replaced the 2 pole breaker with a new one and everything seems okay again but I am now wondering if there is a bigger problem. I have looked in the attic at the junction boxes and see no obvious signs of a problem. The wiring in the room is done with 12-2 three wire. She has lots of appliances obviously but I don't think it could be too much for a 20 amp breaker. Even if it was, the breaker should have tripped, not gone bad. Any thoughts ?


07:02AM | 04/17/00
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I've had a similar problem in my computer room. One day i had the usual amount of items plugged in my surge protector,then i plugged in a lamp. About 5 seconds later the power flickered off in the room i was in and the room next door. I check the breaker but it wasn't tripped. Just wondering if you found a solution to your problem?

Chris MIller

12:19PM | 04/23/00
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It sounds like a bigger problem I cant say for sure what it is so I would recomend you hire an electrician. There are always problems that occur that only experience can fix. Fire is a big danger with faulty wiring dont let this go. I have been an electrician for 10 years and I have seen people wait only to end up having a fire. Not all projects are DIY. Electrical work is not a hoby !


10:21AM | 05/04/00
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If you are comfortable doing so, I suggest tightening all connections on that circuit. That is, on each outlet and switch, tighten the screws and visually inspect for burns. Do you have aluminum wiring? It has known corrosion problems.

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